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    I love to write, draw, read, sing. I also my have an unhealthy obsession with roleplaying but do I care...Hell no!
    Also I ship FlutterPie/PinkieShy so hard!!!

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  1. ~Natural Beauty~

    Hello fellow Herdmates

    Welcome to the herd @RainbowDash9901
  2. ~Natural Beauty~

    The New Elements Of Harmony (Reboot) OOC

    Hey fellow ponies. I'm very sorry about not being on so much. But I will make up for it. I should have a reply up to day. With Love, @~Natural Beauty~ I approve it~
  3. ~Natural Beauty~

    The New Elements Of Harmony (Reboot) OOC

    I'm so sorry guys. I have been super busy with life. I will reply as soon as possible!
  4. ~Natural Beauty~

    gaming Outlast 1&2 Fan Club

    Hello fellow bronies and pegasisters.... WELCOME TO THE OUTLAST FANCLUB!!! I have fallen in love with these games, and one day will play them. In this fanclub you can share videos of people playing the games, fan art, fanfics, your outlast crush (Mine is Miles), and confessions. Watch you step as you enter Mount Massive Asylum.
  5. ~Natural Beauty~

    Describe the avatar above you with only one word

    Derpy Princess
  6. ~Natural Beauty~

    The New Elements Of Harmony (Reboot) OOC

    @nx9100 @Star48955 Would you guys be interested in a Youtuber Mlp roleplay?
  7. ~Natural Beauty~

    The New Element Of Harmony

    @Star48955 "Well Big Mac means a lot to me, and I want to make sure he is safe." Myst said. "You like him don't you." Fairy Blossom asked. "Yes I do." Myst replied to the filly. "I suppose we must start to plan to free the enslaved ponies." Myst asked
  8. ~Natural Beauty~

    The New Element Of Harmony

    @Star48955 Mysterious hopped off the statue and pushed her way through the ponies. She made it to Zecora. “Lady Zecora, is Big Macintosh part of your rebellion?” Mysterious asked Lady Zecora. Fairy Blossom limped over to Myst. Myst bent down and let Fairy Blossom climb on her back.
  9. ~Natural Beauty~

    The New Elements Of Harmony (Reboot) OOC

    Will anypony play big mac for me, he is going to be Mysterious Soul's mate?
  10. Could you make a sig that says Markiplier's Girl
  11. ~Natural Beauty~

    The New Elements Of Harmony (Reboot) OOC

    No, I didn't know if she rhymed all the time. Sorry I i came off mad, that is not what I was trying to do.