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    Weak Freak
  1. made a teenage version of Spike. very proud of myself of this one, I guess I´m better at proper bodies and not baby sized ones x,D

    Teen Spike
    1. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      (Stares in awe.....):wub:  Wow, he's been taking care of himself!

      @Weak Freak

      Beautiful! How long did it took you to do this?

    2. Weak Freak

      Weak Freak

      thanks, glad you like the style -:) wanted to keep it as close as possible to his original design but to give him a more dynamic body structure.

      and it took me about 3 hours to do. 1 hour of sketching and 2 hours of lining, coloring and shading.

  2. Starlight Theory: she might be the element of equality.

    it´s kinda weird, since her past mistake was the make everyone equal by force. but after watching episodes where she´s the focus, she doesn´t treat other characters of the show any different, not Maud or the princesses or Spike. she treats everyone equally, not higher or lower. so this might be something in this.

    what do you guys think?

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    2. Weak Freak

      Weak Freak

      as long as she is not a flat character like the main 6, I´m happy :P

    3. Phirun Natela

      Phirun Natela

      Apart from Rarity, how is the Mane 6 flat? If this is not an attempt at trolling I'm genuinely interested.

    4. The_Gobo


      As long as there is more Maud in the end, I will be happy =w=

      Ya can never have too mu-... I'm not gonna finish that statement lmao


  3. third fave of the MLP cartoon, and the one I relate the most to, Spike. this guy needs some more love in the MLP community!
    also, the hardest one to draw for some reason -:I

    in all seriousness, I relate to him alot because I've lived with my mom and older sister for 18 years (before moving out ofcourse) and I was struggling about being "the one who has to fix things and don't get any credit or being appriciated for it" sorta thing over the years just because I was the only guy in the house, ever since I was a kid. and if my mom or sister was wrong about something when I was right, they still say I was wrong. and last, when I do my best at doing something but still getting yelled at by doing exactly what they told me, ofcourse it's frustrating.

    besides, this is one of the only characters in the show I can actually consider a character. he makes alot of mistakes and takes things the wrong way. but we see that he learns his lessons one episode after the other and grows from it. plus, he has proven he's more usefull than the main 6 ponies, so I'm all proud and happy he's my third fave of the show! -: P




    1. The_Gobo


      Heh-heh, you relate to a baby :3
      Seriously though, keep up the good work, your style suits the show very well :D

      Wait, or does the show suit your style?

    2. Weak Freak

      Weak Freak

      well, it´s honestly hard to fit the mlp style into what I draw. I´m not used to draw them with this sorta bodies. I´m used to human or animal sorta bodies, but so hard to make the lines right -x,D

      I might make an older version of Spike later, having him short with a big head just looks weird to me ...

    3. The_Gobo


      Well you could always try gryphons :P
      They have at least fingers to draw, unlike the trotting others :V


  4. remade the Fluttershy drawing with a simpler style. works way better -:P



    1. The_Gobo


      I am okay with thi- Wait, no, still contains pink.

      Throw it out the air lock :V

      Kidding, obviously, good work :3


  5. did a fanart for my fave MLP character, Pinkie Pie best pony! hehe -:P

    I changed the style abit to be simpler. the drawing with Fluttershy was too complicated. this simpler style works so much better -:)

    I wonder if there´s a topic place that can put fanart in. it seems like I did it wrong last time, so I dunno for sure where to put it.

    Pinkie Pie


    1. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      Looks good, Pinkie is awesome :)

    2. The_Gobo


      So yeah, you're close.

      Not far off.

      Maud for best pwny.



  6. oh? where should I put it? sorry, I'm still new here, so I don't know all the places and where topics or art might be suited to be posted in ^^; but I'm glad you enjoy the art I did, I just need to hear if there's a topic place to put this in. if not, I can delete this so it's not in the way. I appreciate that you're telling me this
  7. I did a fanart of Fluttershy, if you like to see it here, you can either look at it here on MLP forum or DA. your choice!




    1. The_Gobo


      See, now you're just showing off :P
      And I, for one, am very okay with it lmao


    2. Weak Freak

      Weak Freak

      well, fluttershy do deserve alittle more attention for being a good character, atleast for my part -xP but I´m glad you like it!

    3. The_Gobo


      Naw, Maud deserves all the attention for being best pwny.



  8. drawing MLP characters is alot harder than it should be... so I drew Fluttershy, my second fave, because she´s good at staying in one place. anyway, enjoy the drawing I did. was making 3-4 different backgrounds, but they all sucked, so I let it be transparent. and I know the pose is weird, just go with it -:P
  9. I like all the characters in the MLP show

    but not Rainbow Dash

    I don´t like her


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    2. Weak Freak

      Weak Freak

      I know it sounds bad I,D

      I guess my problem is her ego. I love it when I see that she can be masculine in her way and make things awesome, and she does stand up so nicely in some eps. but most of the time I see her in the show, she complains, brags and has a big ego. but I know she has her great sides.

      I would have put her on my top 5 with her great points, but her head is so full of her ego that it blocks the view to even feel ok with her as a character. it´s sad :c

    3. Prospekt


      That's why I've never loved her as much as some of the fandom. She's got some amazing starring roles in episodes like Hurricane Fluttershy and Flight to the Finish, but otherwise she's usually the egotistical, complaining, and bragging one. Kinda frustrating.

      Don't even get me started on most of her Wonderbolt episodes, either...

    4. Weak Freak

      Weak Freak

      yeah. it´s good to have faults, but when she´s the only one out of the main 6 characters who has the dream to be seen as one of the best to make herself stand out, the other 5 actually care about others around them to smile and bring happiness in their own way.

      I do like that she´s a main character who´s lesbian (with her design and personality and no interest towards guys in a romantic way one bit so it looks in that direction), I don´t feel like it´s giving kids a positive image if there´s people out there that may act like her but will take it the wrong way. so if her ego was deflated just alittle from this season and up, I think her popularity will go sky high (no pun intended lol)

  10. Maudelina Daisy Pie

    such a nice name! -:3

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    2. The_Gobo


      Oh hey, thank you :D

      Wasn't expecting that lol


    3. Weak Freak

      Weak Freak

      that's because I'm me, I make unexpected things unexpected! -xD

    4. The_Gobo


      Fair enough I suppose XD


  11. I´m gonna start a shipping war with Discord and Trouble Shoes! who´s with me?!?? >8D

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    2. Weak Freak

      Weak Freak

      he´s a character from MLP, he was the main plot in an ep. google it I3

    3. The_Gobo


      Ahhh, okay, I forgot his name :V

      been a while.


    4. ~Natural Beauty~
  12. I consider stopping the MLP fan animation series I was working on :/ or atleast put it off for a while.

    the reason to why is because I haven't had a proper education to make an animation with lipsync, and I dunno what program I should use to make the best quality that I can. I will study 3D games and animation this fall, so I'll be using the first year to learn how to animate. I dunno by how far, but atleast I need to learn the basics from a teacher so I know what I'm doing is right and not make a mess for my hard work.

    1. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      animation can be pretty tough i've tried it couple times and its tougher than i thought :hug: =)  i hope best of luck to you and your project=)

    2. Weak Freak

      Weak Freak

      thanks. I'll just have in on a hold for now till I get some more input about animation. I'm a perfectionist lol xP

  13. what if there´s a crossover between rebooted Ducktales and MLP? that would be weird at so many levels xD

  14. really? huh. well, then I do hope they´ll put her in the background atleast. it´s really annoying when they make toys based on a show or movie if this character´s not even in it :/ omg that would be epic x,D I kinda imagen him to be an owner to a prank shop with all the most basic pranks to some of the most epic ones. it would suit him nicely