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    Weak Freak
  1. Maudelina Daisy Pie

    such a nice name! -:3

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    2. The_Gobo


      Oh hey, thank you :D

      Wasn't expecting that lol


    3. Weak Freak

      Weak Freak

      that's because I'm me, I make unexpected things unexpected! -xD

    4. The_Gobo


      Fair enough I suppose XD


  2. I´m gonna start a shipping war with Discord and Trouble Shoes! who´s with me?!?? >8D

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    2. Weak Freak

      Weak Freak

      he´s a character from MLP, he was the main plot in an ep. google it I3

    3. The_Gobo


      Ahhh, okay, I forgot his name :V

      been a while.


    4. Mysterious Soul
  3. I consider stopping the MLP fan animation series I was working on :/ or atleast put it off for a while.

    the reason to why is because I haven't had a proper education to make an animation with lipsync, and I dunno what program I should use to make the best quality that I can. I will study 3D games and animation this fall, so I'll be using the first year to learn how to animate. I dunno by how far, but atleast I need to learn the basics from a teacher so I know what I'm doing is right and not make a mess for my hard work.

    1. ooBrony


      animation can be pretty tough i've tried it couple times and its tougher than i thought :hug: =)  i hope best of luck to you and your project=)

    2. Weak Freak

      Weak Freak

      thanks. I'll just have in on a hold for now till I get some more input about animation. I'm a perfectionist lol xP

  4. what if there´s a crossover between rebooted Ducktales and MLP? that would be weird at so many levels xD

  5. really? huh. well, then I do hope they´ll put her in the background atleast. it´s really annoying when they make toys based on a show or movie if this character´s not even in it :/ omg that would be epic x,D I kinda imagen him to be an owner to a prank shop with all the most basic pranks to some of the most epic ones. it would suit him nicely
  6. hey guy whats up?

    1. Weak Freak

      Weak Freak

      in bed, watching some FNAF videos on YT before sleeping. you?

    2. Nightshroud


      oh not much just got through talking to ex

    3. Weak Freak

      Weak Freak

      cool. hope it goes well.

      X are X, not much to do about that. if you try to have a good or mellow relationship even after breaking up, it´s good to have a mutual ok-feeling about eachother

  7. I think this video deserves more views, it´s so well made. I can´t help it, I love this series of FNAF xD


    1. The_Gobo


      Well... that was a thing O_o


    2. Weak Freak

      Weak Freak

      come, join the fuuuuun:) you want to have fun, right? *pulls the soft jelly creature to the pizzeria*

      you want to join, riiiiiigh? 8D

  8. totally agree on that, they deserve some attention to them. it´s possible it´s because these characters are so great and unique and us fans love these characters that it might take the focus from the main characters of the stories. but hey, let´s just hope it´s possible if they even get in the background, it would be neat hehe. yeah, I agree to that. they´re all awesome, but they might get too much attention by being at the front or next to the main characters. so just to see them in the background is something we all would enjoy to see a human version of them specially Discord, I´m curious how he would look like when being so mixed up. yeah, they blew it on the first movie, they even had a chance in the third movie with the Equestria games. so I do hope they won´t add them in the next one, it´ll be too much of a mess between the movies. and I totally agree, it was such a great chance. but it´s better not to have her in the next movie, I´m worried if a human version of her would make a stereotypical impression for people to see her being from Africa like it´s so obvious, mostly worried because of her way of talking. but if she´s in the background all mute, I think it´ll be more positive that she´s no different from others. but that´s just me. if Zecora do get a greater role in the next movie, I hope it´s in a way that´s positive
  9. had to rewrite something, ignore this one plz I,D
  10. hey everyone! just curious, is there any good place on the web that releases some good MLP comics? I´ve seen many collects them, so I want to give it a try. if I´m taking a liking to the comics and if there´s any physical version of them, I can buy them to support the release, so no worries ;3 -Weak Freak
  11. ok, so drawing on photoshop instead of FLASH program was a bad idea, since photoshop makes the art layers I use for the animation at the same size as I have the file size in.

    luckily the 1/3 of the first episode´s mostly simple animated, so I don´t need to use the movements too much with the same parts that I made. still, kinda sucks to notice this so late x,D

    1. The_Gobo


      Lessons learned :D
      I hope to see the finished product.
      Showing progress like this really hypes stuff for me :3


  12. Mega Thread

    banned because this banning is pretty ban confusing for me .3.
  13. what do you guys have in the background while working? I need something that´s not too much going on to be distracted by, but not so boring that it frustrates me. working on the animation is boring and I keep hearing the same videos in the background and I´m going bonkers! D:

    1. The_Gobo


      Generally: Mystery Skulls, Caravan Palace, Sabaton, or Queen.
      Sometimes a bunch of other stuff. o3o


  14. uuuuuuuuugh........

    making animation takes so much time ,=w=, gotta make the motion right and put it together, and the worst is the lipsync. I just hope I get this first episode out before June

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    2. Weak Freak

      Weak Freak

      yeah, I´m more the type to make a mess on a stallion ass :P

    3. Mysterious Soul
    4. Weak Freak

      Weak Freak

      *wiggles my eyebrows* TwT

  15. thank you, everyone :3 I feel very welcomed here *big hugs everyone* I´m a hugger, the most evil thing to do! muhahaha >8D