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  1. Are there any video games similar to the original Quake? You know, with the Gothic feel and the monsters.
  2. Whenever I go on a family trip, the one thing I don't like to do is to pack and unpack.
  3. Which classes would the MLP Characters be? here's my list. Twilight: Sorceress Applejack: Warrior Rainbow Dash: Ranger, Rogue, or Thief Rarity: Cleric, Duelist, or Mage Fluttershy: Druid Pinkie Pie: Bard Spike: Rogue Shining Armor: Knight or Paladin Sunset Shimmer: Knight Starlight Glimmer: Mage Princess Celestia: Sorceress and Paladin Princess Luna: Sorceress Discord: Warlock Flash Sentry: Knight Princess Ember: Warrior Big Macintosh: Knight Coloratura: Bard King Sombra: Death Knight Spitfire: Paladin Soarin: Ranger Fancy Pants: Duelist What are your choices?
  4. Pinkie Pie: Dino Rider.
  5. Spoiler

    Well, it can't be as uncreative as Seaworld. Although, they could have named it Lemarea, as a reference to the legendary sunken continent of Lemuria.
  6. What comes to mind when you think of cats?
  7. Hasbro started production of the Movie before Season 6, right? And Rainbow Dash became a Wonderbolt in season 6. So, I hope they don't bring up Rainbow Dash's dream of becoming a wonderbolt in the movie, but not bring up her status as a Wonderbolt, either, for the sake of the movie's continuity, since Rainbow Dash didn't become a Wonderbolt prior to Season 6.