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  1. I kinda skim through most of the stuff I read. Not sure it's because I've spent to much time on the computer, or if it's because of my Attention Deficit Disorder.
  2. Still good, but it'll be difficult to rewatch seasons 6, 8, and 9.
  3. How did Queen Chrysalis capture the Mane Six (beyond shape-shifting)? Who is Cozy Glow and why is she evil? Where is the real Grogar? Who are Spike's real parents? Did Twilight know that the Tree of Harmony could talk to ponies and other creatures using a magical doppelganger of her?
  4. From what I've heard about it, all I can say is 'what a waste of a perfectly good character'.
  5. Sounds like a violation of privacy. Or am I reading into it wrong?
  6. Twilight. She used to be a unicorn, so she counts.
  7. Yeah, I'm not sure what that guy meant, either.
  8. Eh, in my opinion, people who want to be feared will eventually be afraid, anyway. Two words: Angry mob.
  9. Why do they wanna do that? ..... are they run by a pedophile?
  10. None. I'm unemployed (but there are moments where I wonder that was a good idea)