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  1. Not bad. I wonder what that pearl in the Queen's fin is, though.
  2. Spoiler

    I wonder if she'll be like Zuko.
  3. I said most, not all.
  4. Twilight would be Gryffindor, because Ravenclaw is too predictable. Actually, I think most of them would be Gryffindor.
  5. Rarity just saw the final episode of Samurai Jack:
  6. Behold! Twilight Sparkle! Royal Archmage of Equestria!
  7. Behold. More Vampire Sunset.
  8. What would be good names for a moon colony?
  9. I still think they could do more with the Mane 6.
  10. Well, I guess I am a fan of Russian culture, myself.
  11. Twilight was clearly the main character of Celestial Advice, even if it was in part about Starlight. (Still refuses to believe that the Mane Six can no longer grow as characters)
  12. I dunno. Some people think the writers just can't tell new stories with her, anymore (even though we had Celestial Advice and A Flurry of Emotions).
  13. Again. Everyone thinks the Mane 6 can't have new story arcs.
  14. Why does everyone insist that the Mane 6 are getting pushed out of the spotlight?