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  1. I see.
  2. 'Cause and effect'?
  3. So, really, why are we claiming that Starlight was the one who saved the day?
  4. From what I heard, it was more of a team effort than simply Starlight.
  5. Not that I'm all concerned about their neverending hatred for an innocent TV series, but is the hatedom still active?
  6. Not sure if this was already posted.
  7. So it didn't do well because the title wasn't gender neutral?
  8. (absolutely shocked) YOU MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. spoilers

    So there's no evidence that the animatic was showing a flashback.
  10. Other than after season 7 ends.... no idea. Hopefully really soon. Sooner than Season 7's trailer, that's for sure.
  11. Honestly, when it comes to villains' backstories, fans' have way too high standards. It's like some fans expect something out of Hamlet or something.
  12. As we all know, in the Season 8 automatic, Queen Chrysalis disguised herself as a photographer and took pieces of hair from the Mane 6 and pictures of them. The pictures could have just been part of the act, but if she took pieces of hair from the heroes, it must be involved in whatever revenge plan she has. What do you guys think she's planning with those hairs?
  13. spoilers

    Indeed. Last time I checked, the school was never in season six.
  14. A villain that spreads darkness wherever he goes and turns living beings into creatures devoid of hope and happiness (misery-zombies, if you will), and plans to end all of the joy in Equestria.
  15. spoilers