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  1. Twilight just found out that she and Terrance from FHFIF have the same VA.
  2. You can just hear the anti-Josh Haber Club screaming 'no' collectively.
  3. When you think of Greek Mythology, what comes to mind?
  4. I have come to expect reformed villains in a show about friendship, personally.
  5. And there were tons of things in that finale that didn't make sense.
  6. Spoiler

    Fame and Misfortune, Once Upon A Zeppelin. Although, Secrets and Pies should be amusing.
  7. I could start an argument, or worse, resort to petty name-calling, but I'll just say this: YOU THINK WHAT YOU LIKE, AND I'LL THINK WHAT I LIKE! Deal?
  8. The Cutie Re-Mark doesn't count. That happened in the past.
  9. Of course Rarity's your number one favorite.
  10. Yes, because 'Tempest Shadow' doesn't sound threatening. (sarcasm)
  11. It is clear that you are only saying that because of how they were taken by surprise. It's not a matter of strength or weakness. It's a matter of taken the enemy by surprise.
  12. To have grown up with good cartoons (The Ren and Stimpy Show is one of the exceptions, though)
  13. Nah. Canon-wise, they seem happy being teammates.
  14. Wow. It's like I knew this would happen.
  15. I would say that the pacing in some episodes is too long or too short.