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  1. She was incompetent enough to not consider Starlight a threat. And to not restrain Twilight before she could free Cadance, thus allowing Cadance to break the spell that Shining Armor was under, and to not restrain Cadance and Shining Armor.
  2. heavens-champion

    Can anyone imagine Twilight without wings?

    You're right. That should make it easier, but apparently, it doesn't.
  3. Which is exactly why she does fail.
  4. heavens-champion

    Can anyone imagine Twilight without wings?

    ................ What? I think I may have gotten too used to her having wings. I meant besides the first three seasons.
  5. heavens-champion

    About Cozy Glow...

    Was that really necessary?
  6. Does anyone have trouble imagining Twilight without her wings, because I do.
  7. No, she is not. She's so incompetent, it's a miracle she wasn't kicked out of the hive a long time ago.
  8. heavens-champion

    About Cozy Glow...

    What are you saying? The Cozy Glow was never planning on ruling Equestria, because she kinda was.
  9. heavens-champion

    About Cozy Glow...

    Well, we all have our personal tastes.
  10. heavens-champion

    About Cozy Glow...

    That's the problem. The evil little girl thing is usually done for comedy. Here, it's played dead serious.
  11. heavens-champion

    About Cozy Glow...

    The same thing happened with Sombra.
  12. heavens-champion

    About Cozy Glow...

    Except they beat her by stopping her from escaping. A difficult feat when stopping ponies with magic (Starlight).
  13. heavens-champion

    Movies/TV What shows do you want cancelled?

    Family Guy. I've seen promos for it, and I did not laugh. it's gotta go. Seriously. It's horrible.
  14. heavens-champion

    Tumblr to ban adult content starting December 17th

    Eh, if you ask me, this is what they get for not giving us options to filter out the adult content (basically, forcing us to see pornography against our will). But, I haven't really gone to tumblr, much.
  15. Do the new writers watch the older episodes?