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  1. What is Cider? Is it alcoholic?

    Is cider alcoholic? The rest of the world sure thinks so.
  2. This current generation of MLP does not have a Complete Monster

    Some fans seem to want these kind of villains. Don't see why.
  3. Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    Rainbow Dash: I'll give you one chance to leave. If I were you, I'd take it.
  4. Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    She's a funny girl, that Twilight.
  5. Thoughts on Generation 5(2020) (Potential spoilers)

    Maybe he'll be the comic relief character.
  6. Spoiler New round of Leaks have been released

    So, Tara Strong will voice act rarely?
  7. Spoiler New round of Leaks have been released

  8. Spoiler New round of Leaks have been released

  9. For me, it's Celtic languages. The words are difficult to pronounce.
  10. General Who's the most attractive pony

    Now that you mention it, it's amazing this classy earth pony hasn't made the front page of any Equestrian magazines.
  11. Spoiler Season 9 potential villains (SPOILERS)

    How is this hacker able to get so much accurate information? This is starting to feel like a sci-fi movie.
  12. Sunset Shimmer brainwashed?

    Some people think Sunset was brainwashed at the end of the first Equestria Girls movie. What do you think?
  13. Norse Mythology

    What comes to mind when you think of Norse mythology?
  14. Most over-hated episodes?

    Crusaders of the Lost Mark isn't over-hated.
  15. Spoiler Rumored G5 and other Stuff.