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  1. Razersnake

    Fire Breather PMV

    So if i were to make it more clean, lower the amount of screen effect like the disco ball one for example. Would that make it easier on the eyes ? Anything else you think i could improve on here ?
  2. Razersnake

    Fire Breather PMV

    I made this short PMV I could use feedback on it, not about the lenght but of how it came out and if it would have been success full if i made it 4 minutes long. Im also be starting another PMV, featuring . . . Rarity it will be a while until it's finished but ill post about it here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eoqNxtLwZM&list=UUpiAsKwR7YpCxdsM3L7nocA&feature=c4-overview
  3. Razersnake

    S04:E04 - Daring Don't

    This episode was good, some things i didn't like, ex. how the mane 6 were out of character when daring do needed help fighting off those guys. Some say rainbow dash wasn't in character because of how she acted when with daring do but people forget that most anyone would act that way if they saw their favorite character pretty much come alive and real. There was some adorable moments with Rainbow Dash which i liked. I hope to see more adventures of Daring Do for who knows her next book might include raindow dash again.
  4. Razersnake


    That is already looking good! I envy your skills man, that is awesome. I would display that with pride in my house. her mane looks great too ! [ entry for giveaway ]
  5. Razersnake

    Hey im Razersnake

    Thanks for the welcome Nikki XD two things i gotta say, 1 i love that profile picture, who ever made it has talent and pulled off the black mane really nice. I tried to make a pony version of myself but i failed the black mane coloring and also i couldn't draw properly lol so i gave up on that, even though i really like art. and 2, i read the about me on your profile and i liked it, and i started to crack up on the bottom part of it xD. im going to hit you up to chat because its always nice to talk to a fellow brony, Feel free to also hit me up because i always gave good advice to people and i listen well, now that i dont really talk to old friends i just give advice to anyone. Even people on a game i love playing (Warframe) i help people with real life problems, like the last person she started telling me her personal life and she couldnt believe an internet stranger could be helpfull, she even thanked me which felt great knowing you can assist someone and not even physically be present. Kind of like being "god" but you know..actually answer back -.- ( atheist FTW ) PS: my bio is on the wierd side because i suck at making [About me] on any social network/forums lolol i should probably change it and make it a more friendly introduction.. hmm i ended up making it more depressing. But fuck it, its raw and real.
  6. Razersnake

    Hello! ^^

    hi StarStreak, how are you enjoying your stay here? Also i have a question did you make that avatar pic yourself? because its pretty cool, wish i had drawing skills. Im more of a twilight organize skills with the leader ship of rainbowdash lol at least according to this pony test thing
  7. Razersnake

    Oh hi there

    Hey Gordon, hows it going so far in the mlp forums for you? Be sure to check out all the different places you can post a topic and share your thoughts with other bronies theres places to even talk about gaming or real life stuff not having it be related to ponies at all. iv been a brony only a few months and this is the first brony forums iv joined i like it alot
  8. Razersnake

    I'm BronyBrine!

    Hi BronyBrine, i wish i still had my xbox but sadly i short circuited it on accident. if i still had it i would already have gta 5 and i would have been interested in joining a crew for it as well. But other then that how are you enjoying your stay in MLP forums so far?
  9. Razersnake

    Hello! My name is DubbyDash!

    Welcome to the MLP Forums DubbyDash Im new to the forums as well and so far i really like how active people are in here and so friendly ! Hope you enjoy it here as much as i
  10. Razersnake

    Hey im Razersnake

    hahaha, that is awesome way to welcome someone to forums Shadow
  11. Razersnake

    Brand new Blaze

    Haha yeah i could tell, i havent tcried since i was like 14 and that time i cried because i hit my head on a porch step made outa rocks and my head was gushing blood lol so i freak out cried cuz i didnt know how to react, then i went to the hospital and i felt great 20 min later. I tend to bottle up my emotions, i did that soo much that now amazingly i dont feel bad anymore. i overcame negative emotions after years of bottling them up. I dont recommend anyone do this because i gets you to suicide point for a while BUT i managed to conquer it somehow without help from others and i got reborn into the logical person i am today. I reached a level of i dont know what to call it but bad things dont bother me as they used to, reaching this will literally change your view on the whole world greatly like you doubled in brain smartness. ITS AWESOME, BUT DANGEROUS AS HELL. So remember im just sharing how i dealt with my pain. If crying works for you then im glad because its a million times easier then what i went through lol
  12. Razersnake

    Brand new Blaze

    oh yes you kill those deadric wizard dudes and take their hearts, i remember my friend anthony saying he got the full set before all of his friends lol they called him no life. i was the one guy who didnt care about the game lol. mostly because iv been playing Warcraft at that time ps: im listening to that song right now
  13. Razersnake

    Brand new Blaze

    punching them to death using brass knuckles with spikes on them and poison that burns flesh as well?
  14. Razersnake

    Gaming Warframe anyone?

    Im guessing you are under rank 3 since by then you would already have killed stalker, which btw is one of my favorite things in the game. i already built his weapons, mastered them and sold them a while back to make room for new weps (this was before i bought founder for plat) So now when i see stalker instead of getting worried i get exited because he is my little pet that follows me around :3 with his little bow and his little daggers gawwwww. as you may have read my game play hours on it. im a pretty hardcore person, even joining after update 9 was released im now nearly rank 11 mastery and its only update 10.3. But each time they update its a #.1 and goes up by 1 and if its a hotfix for bugs it will be like 10.3.4 which is the current. Theres lots of people and once Nov1. hits our calendar they officially release it to ps4 and stuff and i heard something about cross platform gaming! so maybe we get to play with ps4 people from pc which would be epic!
  15. Razersnake

    Brand new Blaze

    Really? huh..id like to see that. riding a bad ass dragon in the air as you watch towns people flee and hide in their little cottage as you command the winged beast to roar its fiery breath upon the weak and feeble minded fools!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHA!!!