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    Washington, USA
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    Everyone has good in them, You just need to dig deep enough to find it.
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    I'm a huge Brony, whovian, gamer, and otaku. I play games such as league of legends, cod4, minecraft, terraria, half life 2, CS:S, Bioshock infinite, planetside 2, surgeon simulator, and more. I just like to hang out and have fun, mostly on the internet though. :3

    I watch way too much anime, if that's even possible. My favorites being Clannad, Angel Beats!, FMA:B, Code Geass, Toradora!, "Say I love you", and Squid Girl.

    I, for the most part, care less about politics, and I don't consider myself to be a part of any party.

    I consider myself an Agnostic Atheist, I believe there is no god because I have seen no evidence of it - but I try to keep it out of my relations with other people, everyone should be free to believe whatever they think is right.

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  1. Dddrgn

    What is your gender identity?

    Yeah, but I apologize for being a total jerk in that post, it was uncalled for. I judt didn't understand the difference between one's gender and one's sex. I was raised by conservative Christians, and was taught that all trans people are mentally ill people who need therapy to be "normal".
  2. Dddrgn

    What is your gender identity?

    That post was written during a time of struggle for me regarding my gender identity I wrote it to attempt to reinforce the values taught by my family, I was in denial. I've grown since then and come to accept my gender identity, and I'm ashamed that I wrote that post.
  3. Dddrgn

    What is your gender identity?

    That post was from a different time in my life, and I don't think that way at all where I am now. Sorry about being incredibly insensitive, I was simply spouting nonsense that I had been raised on by my parents, and I've made adjustments according to information that I have found on my own.
  4. Dddrgn

    Technology Windows Re-installation

    Yes you can use that install disc, so long as you legally bought it it's fine.
  5. Dddrgn

    Movies/TV Who's the most attractive animated character?

    No, there is no magic involved in the show. ^^
  6. Dddrgn

    Gaming COD, CSGO, or TF2

    I would vote tf2. CSGO is really fun, but it doesn't match up to the goofiness that tf2 offers. I can sit down and play tf2 without thinking about playing as well as I can and have just as much fun.
  7. Dddrgn

    Technology Best Windows OS?

    I personally love windows 7, although windows XP is a close second. Also, I only see a funny emoticon face when I look at XP.
  8. Dddrgn

    Gaming Xbox, Wii, or Playstation?

    Out of the three? The Wii and the WiiU take the cake. So much more creativity and originality than the Xbox and Playstation pull off, they innovate while the other consoles copy...
  9. Personally, it's all a matter of opinion. I love the way the show is animated, It is NOT poorly animated. Remember, there's a total difference between disliking an animation STYLE, and it being poor. The randomness is entertaining, It keeps you on your toes, keeps things interesting, and doesn't follow generic storylines and such. No, it's not in depth, no, it's not trying to speak some huge message, but it's embracing something we often like to forget about in our stress-filled world - fun. It's embracing imagination, adventure, and most of all, creativity. The world is actually extremely intricate when you get down to it, each character affects the others, the characters all have their own personal flaws and fears, and the characters all develop over time. This is all wrapped up in a package that is easy to understand and is good for a quick laugh, especially when one is down. It's not meant for you to try to get a ton out of it, it's meant for you to enjoy the FUN. That's honestly why I love it, because it brings something interesting and simply fun.
  10. Dddrgn

    Gaming Anypony play League of Legends?

    I play on the NA server, and I main support. We can play sometime.
  11. Dddrgn

    coffee or tea ?

    Tea for sure. Coffee is gross.
  12. Dddrgn

    Web What browser do you use?

    Well, it is almost always slower than other browsers. It lacks customization, often displays web pages incorrectly, has many many spam toolbars, etc. It simply doesn't do the job nearly as well as other browsers like Chrome or Firefox.
  13. I don't have any coping mechanisms. I bottle it up and leave it there and never tell it to anyone. Then I try to forget about it.
  14. Dddrgn

    Gaming Worst video game (by your opinion)

    Worst game? That's a real tough one... Probably superman 64.