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  1. Esom

    Forum Instability (2018-03-31)

    Well glad to hear things were taken care of in time.
  2. Esom

    Why FIM should not be canceled

    Because Because and Because
  3. Esom

    Will mlp gen 5 suck

    I'd bet so. Way I see it, without someone with a creative vision like Faust, and without a genuinely skilled writer, G5 will be just another extended toy commercial on the airlines. That's curious, why do you hope that?
  4. Esom

    What's a Hobby of Yours

    One of them is going for walks, it's simple and a little repetitive but it clears my mind and it's free.
  5. I think it was about 1.2km took me something like 5 hours to travel all that, what a memory, maybe I will try to beat my record someday.
  6. Esom

    General What Is Your Religion?

    Apatheism I guess, though that isn't really a religion I guess in practicality I'm an atheist.
  7. Having known the kind of company of company Hasbro® is, Flurry Heart didn't surprise me all that much.
  8. Esom

    Comment and I will...

    I don't see what could go wrong, go right ahead. I hope the lack of info on my profile isn't too bothersome.
  9. Esom

    Felicitations malefactors!

    Welcome to the forums cjhoward. I'm curious, how do you think the later seasons stand up in comparison to the earlier ones?
  10. Esom

    There is Hope.

    Well I do believe this calls for a victory tune
  11. Esom

    What's Your Favorite Thing To Drink?

    Has nobody said this no? Water, yep I'm a good ol' rebel alrite.
  12. Esom


    Wow, really makes me think of just how he found out about MLP G5 in their place, was MLP even around when he was born, I wonder.
  13. Esom


    Maybe one day, also nice idea naming yourself after Alexander's companions. Also we had someone joining the forums just yesterday, who was also from South Africa, makes you thing eh.
  14. Esom

    Hi... I'm new...

    3 brothers? I have one, and it's already enough for me, I'll never know how some people can support having 3 brothers, but anyways hope you enjoy your stay in the mlp forums.