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    Practice makes perfect! You'll get better if you practice
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    Hobby : Online games especially Roblox, reading anything interesting, and drawing random things
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    Interest : MLP and economics

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  1. Kevin Tang

    Will generation 5 be 3D

    I actually prefer 2D animations than SFMs
  2. Kevin Tang

    General Are you currently learning a new language?

    I'm currently learning English (IELTS), French(extracurricular), and a bit German(school hours). Also, I used to learn Mandarin, but I rarely use it nowadays.
  3. Kevin Tang

    Crushes: Share Them HERE! Don't be Shy!

    Forum : I don't really know if I can pick one. The internet is not a truthful place. Pony : I may like them, but having them as a waifu or crush... No thx, just no. IRL : real life... I don't really focus on that, because I'm still very busy with school works. Am I answering this correctly? Crush : Person you like and/or attracted to. hmmm... I guess yes.
  4. I didn't know that I was actually really tired.

    I relaxed at my bed and suddenly slept from around 1PM to 7PM. :sealed:

    I wonder if I can sleep tonight.

  5. Kevin Tang

    The Geography Game

    Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.
  6. Kevin Tang

    General What's your biggest flaw?

    This kind of thing oddly resembles a further relationship than just being friends. Good luck on trying to fix it! I hope you'll make it.
  7. Kevin Tang

    General What's your biggest flaw?

    Mostly stage fright, unable to manage time, and procrastinating
  8. Kevin Tang

    The Geography Game

  9. Kevin Tang

    The Geography Game

  10. Learning French is actually pretty fun. :fluttershy:

    From all after-school programs I had, French class is the most enjoyable one. :squee:

    1. Wannabrony


      I'm glad you enjoy it, because so do I! ^_^ I agree that French is indeed really fun to learn, I'm not fluent by any means, but I was in Paris for the last week, and the locals there could still understand me, so it's good enough for me. :P I plan to keep getting better though! 

  11. Kevin Tang

    General British and American English

    My phone's autocorrect system is in British English. I usually use both versions at random times.
  12. Kevin Tang

    I'm not looking forward to the next story of MLP

    New characters will be great but I hope they will include the connection with the past generation
  13. Kevin Tang

    The Geography Game

    Wladiwostok, Russia
  14. Kevin Tang

    The Geography Game