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  1. Actual moving limbs Project_15-Finishing-5.mp4
  2. More sketches About to lose his temper And Reading a book
  3. If you have a real computer that can run real games, then yeah, Roblox is not really that fun I just now realized that its a substitute for the potato and F2P PC users
  4. I learn how to use skeletons and circles in traditional sketches Practicing before I continue animating These are the results Im quite happy with the outcome
  5. *laughs in F2P games and knockoffs on Roblox*
  6. These are just WIPs of Project 15 or Manehattan Kirins part 3 Basically to show what to expect from the final product and to convey the idea of what I've learnt so far in animating ponies
  7. I finally got her head to turn Cool Project_15-Finishing-3.mp4
  8. I always hate those ads on Youtube about TikTok and crappy mobile games I always see them as cringy
  9. Same goes as in real life, the appearance of a person kinda influences the first impression of said person On the internet, that profile picture is your face. For me personally, I sometimes make some basic assumptions on the person based on their avatars, like what possible fandom they're in, what their interests are. Of course, it is not the most determining factor when judging a person, you wont be able to know one's full personality and story from a simple picture which is their pfp. In conclusion, profile pictures or avatars act the same as your face in real life. They give someone a first impression about yourself before interacting further with you. But of course, the wise saying of not judging a book from its cover still applies when interacting with people on the internet.
  10. I made a small animation today Expression-1.mp4
  11. Hmmmm....... This angle is weird
  12. Call in the SCP Foundation Im pretty sure they can handle the situation The portal would be kept secret and observed carefully pls dont take this seriously
  13. Someone.....asked whether I accept commissions or not.... :sealed:

    Oh my god... :blink:

    Idk what to say 20200625_025323.thumb.jpg.8bec65e41cd76bd1e7f4a701107b3989.jpg

    1. Tacodidra


      Awesome! :pinkie: I'm not surprised, the animations I've seen from you have been amazing! :rarity:

    2. Kevin Tang

      Kevin Tang

      I gave a really vague reply to the person tho

      So.....I guess Im not doing it....probably

  14. Doing useless things, being unproductive, and probably regret doing all of those