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  1. 20201014_222725.jpg.1a2d78f4ddbf22fc51f1983fd4e60577.jpg 

    Whoaaaa...1k+ of meaningless notifications! Thats an academy record :dash: , or an indicator that I dont really visit this place as much as I used to ^_^

    Anyways, hello everyone that I know who are still here. How are you all doing recently? :eager:

    If you're asking me, I'm fine. University life is closing in and I have to get everything ready in this final year of high school. :ooh:

    I made some progress in animation, but they arent really that big of a deal. I made an unfinished walkcycle animation and Im currently revamping the head angles again. :mlp_icwudt:

    Hope you all have a nice day! :kirin:

    1. InfernalEnergy


      I'm doing alright today. Nice to hear that life is going well for you! :fluttershy:

    2. Tacodidra


      Welcome back, my friend! :D

      Yeah, the notifications tend to pile up. :adorkable: I'm glad to hear you've been fine! :yay:

  2. Wherever you are right now, I hope you're happy

  3. It has been a while since the last time I posted here Have this WIP! Project_15-Finishing-17.mp4 Now I shall disappear again
  4. Happy birthday Kevin Tang!

    1. Kevin Tang

      Kevin Tang

      Thank you! :D

      Sorry for the late reply

  5. Happy birthday! :pinkie::blue_baloon:

    Hope you're alright and have a wonderful day! :yay:


    1. Kevin Tang

      Kevin Tang

      Thanks for the the birthday card :Rara:

    2. Midnight Danny
  6. Happy birthday, my friend! :pinkie: I hope you have an amazing day! :kirin:

    1. Kevin Tang

      Kevin Tang

      Aww, thanks :Daydreaming:

    2. Tacodidra


      You're welcome! :yay:

  7. Their trip in Manehattan sure was tiring for Cinder, she couldnt even say goodbye to Coco Project_15-Finishing-7.mp4
  8. Ok, here's Cinder! I modified the puppet structure when I was porting her to Flash The result is a tidier and easier puppet to animate I went ahead and tried animating a bit of her, and this is what Ive gotten so far Project_15-Finishing-6.mp4
  9. Actual moving limbs Project_15-Finishing-5.mp4
  10. More sketches About to lose his temper And Reading a book
  11. If you have a real computer that can run real games, then yeah, Roblox is not really that fun I just now realized that its a substitute for the potato and F2P PC users
  12. I learn how to use skeletons and circles in traditional sketches Practicing before I continue animating These are the results Im quite happy with the outcome
  13. *laughs in F2P games and knockoffs on Roblox*
  14. These are just WIPs of Project 15 or Manehattan Kirins part 3 Basically to show what to expect from the final product and to convey the idea of what I've learnt so far in animating ponies
  15. I finally got her head to turn Cool Project_15-Finishing-3.mp4