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  1. Commander Frost

    Post Post what you're wearing right now!

    Post what your wearing! I'm wearing black sweatpants and a grateful dead rainbow shirt.
  2. Commander Frost

    God I love fedoras

    Like seriously. I want one of my own. Fedoras are fucking awesome!
  3. Commander Frost

    Edit option for status

    I think there should be a way to edit your status update. Because alot of the time you can mess up on a status and then have to repost the entire status, which can get annoying to you, and others who get the notification that you posted a status.
  4. Commander Frost

    Ask Bon-Bon and Lyra (Roleplay)

    Sweetie Drops: Hello there Everypony! My Name is Sweetie drops (Bon-Bon), and I am here to answer any questions you may have. Lyra Heartstrings: And I'm here to! Sweetie Drops: Oh yeah and Lyra is here. We'll answer any questions you may have. Oh Yeah and me and Lyra are having a little debate. Which one of us is better background pony?
  5. I've tagged this thread as SPOILER for anyone who hasn't seen either of the 2 movies as a warning to anyone who doesn't want a spoiler. If you are okay with continuing to read this please proceed. How many of you were excited when Equestria Girls came out? How about Rainbow Rocks? Are you excited for Friendship games soon? Well, what if I told you that Hasbro is so low on ideas that they are recycling their own work? That's right people, Hasbro pulled a Toy Story 2/3 move. They recycled the plot and put it in a new way so that you wouldn't notice that it was basically the same movie. So enough talk! Let's get on with the comparing! Here we have 12 Reasons why MLPEG is the same movie as MLPRR 1. Both movies begin with shots of the moon in almost the EXACT SAME SPOT 2. Both movies have Antagonist(s) that are limited in the world they are in and are trying to gain power to get a big population (EG:Equestria RR:The human world) To follow in their rule. Also we've NEVER HEARD OF THEM BEFORE THEIR MOVIE 3. Every time there is a problem for the main characters it is resolved easily within mere minutes of the problem being announced (EG: Twilight being framed RR: The band breaking up) 4. At some point in the movie all the main protagonists are angry at each other 5. Antagonist uses said anger to their advantage (EG: Sunset shimmer broke them apart so they would hate each other; which she liked RR: The Dazzlings fed off their hate to gain power) 6. Antagonist(s) gets the entire school to play in accordance to their plans (EG: Everyone feared Sunset Shimmer and she used it to get what she wanted RR: The Dazzlings use the students to gain the magic inside the mane 7 by spreading hate through everyone until they find who isn't arguing, and then try to make them argue) 7. Both movies have a song sung in the cafeteria where one of the performers is on a table for a point of the song. (EG: Rainbowdash stands on the table RR: Adagio walks on the table) 8. Both movies have that one jocky guy who wants to be with the main charachter (Flash) 9. There is a big event coming up that requires the ENTIRE school to be there for it (EG: Fall Formal RR: Battle of the Bands) 10. The Antagonist(s) gains the power they were searching for before loosing it a mere 5-9 minutes later. 11. Antagonist(s) Use said power to control EVERYONE who goes to the school 12. After the antagonist(s) is defeated, Just for good measure, There is one more new song* song. *By new I mean one that isn't reused for the credits So you see? The SAME movie! You just didn't know it because it was showed to you in a different way. My theory for Friendship Games is that it will somehow be the exact same as it's first predecessors, So, what do you think of all this?
  6. Not to you. I quoted someone else as well.
  7. What does being a female have to do with anything? O_o
  8. Hey Did You Know That Not Every Word Has To Be Capitalized? :3 Thank you kind sir
  9. Commander Frost

    Web I Hate Everything vs. Derek Savage

    Derek Savage: Hated by everyone now. Sign this petition about it. If they get 1000 the video will go back up. (Supposably)
  10. I'm not sure why everyone thinks this is me trying to make a big statement. I did this for fun. The points are silly becayse they're supposed to be.
  11. Commander Frost

    Ask Commander Frost

    Hmm....I don't know. I'd have to think hard about that.
  12. Commander Frost

    Ask Commander Frost

    Well, Everyone else has made one so I thought, Why not? Could be fun. So here it is: Ask Commander Frost Anything.
  13. Commander Frost

    Announcing MLP Forums official Waifu ... Makusu2

    This is just...glorious XD
  14. Commander Frost

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now This song is stuck in my head
  15. Commander Frost

    Apply to be a moderator

    Sounds like you've got your hands full.
  16. Commander Frost

    Ask Commander Frost

    The band? Yes. Disconnected is my favorite song. Usually listening to music like this: (omgsenpainoticedme )
  17. I'm not making this to help me. I made this because these are the things I noticed.
  18. Well gee thanks for shattering my dreams ;~; Just kidding. Your opinion is your opinion. I wasn't trying to put down the movies in any way, because I love both of them, I was just comparing the two.
  19. Well NOW they are! You jinxed us! And yes I realize some of these are very minor, but it's still repeats
  20. Yeah, I think she'll switch over to Canterlot High.
  21. Commander Frost

    Apply to be a moderator

    This is magnificent. I must request arts from you sometime in the future.
  22. Commander Frost

    The Avatar Above You Is Out To Kill You - How Screwed Are You?

    Hmm...nope I think i can handle this.
  23. Commander Frost

    Rate song, then post another!

    6.2 It's okay, I just don't perfer it It's a song right...?
  24. Commander Frost

    Apply to be a moderator

    It's okay. Accident's happen. As for me, I've resubmitted mine now so I'm waiting patiently in the line of applicants now. Good luck to all applying!
  25. Commander Frost

    Apply to be a moderator

    I've applied. Good luck to all else who applied