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  1. minezach1

    MLPforums Ban Survey

    1) I have one friend 2) She got banned for getting into a fight with someone who was bullying her and almost drove her to suicide
  2. minezach1

    *Tumbles through cieling* Hello

    Howdy! Welcome to the forums I hope you have fun, meet a bunch of people and in the long run make friends! If you want to talk I'm her to so. I hope you have a great time
  3. minezach1


    Yay , wizards are awesome
  4. minezach1


    Yea I like playing it all the time I'm really hardcore in all games though. Last I remember I was beating it on inferno mode last
  5. minezach1


    Horror of the crypt would you friend me on Psn? please if you can
  6. minezach1

    Howdy! :)

    Thanks guys for replying talking to me and making me feel better
  7. minezach1

    Howdy! :)

    How's everypony doing out there! I hope everyone is great and will be as happy as they can be so smile, shine on and be the best you can be!!! I wish some pony would come, talk to me and be my friend because I may try to act happy but truly sometimes I am enraged sad or just wanting to give up on life. :'( so I'm T.I.R.E.D.
  8. minezach1

    Rainbow Rocks

    Does anyone know the official release date for rainbow rocks because I was needing to know where to mark my calendar to go see it
  9. minezach1

    Banners. How do they work?

    paste it onto your signature nevermind this comment... how do they work?
  10. minezach1

    S04:E25+26 - Twilight's Kingdom

    YES FINALLY I CAN SEE ALL THE PONIES I CARE ABOUT AGAIN!!! AND HAVE SOMETHING TO DO AND HAVE FUN!!! IM SO HAPPYYYYYYYYY!!! YESH HIS IS GREAT!!! agreed there friend I just hope hasbro isn't trying to make more money. I just love that tree and don't have the same attachment or connection to twilights palace as I did with that tree. R.I.P. Tree (2010-2014)
  11. minezach1

    Greetings from Russia

    Hello and welcome to the forums greetings from the u.s of a. I hope you're enjoying your day
  12. minezach1

    Hello everypony

    Howdy everypony how's everyone doin'? I hope you all are having a great day.
  13. minezach1

    Hello Everypony

    Hi there!!! How is every pony doing on this fine evening. I hope and wish for all of you to have a good day!!!
  14. minezach1

    I just noticed 2 kind of adult things in EqG!

    I don't believe big Macintosh is a student and plus apple bloom is a student and big Macintosh is older than applejack though I think cherilee is older than him. Big Mac isn't a student.
  15. minezach1

    Rainbow Rocks

    My Little Pony Equestria girls rainbow rocks I believe the movie will be good as long as they don't add to many rock stereotypes. Yesterday I watched the trailer for rainbow rocks the song written isn't very good, even though I plan on watching it I just hope the other songs will be better than that one