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  1. Reani

    Gaming TF2 Competitive Gaming Team

    Aww highlander. I played as a substitute soldier for one of my friends team. It was a lot of fun. I never really had as much fun as I had playing highlander. Not too sure if I should try to join. I'm good, but I don't want to be a bother if my computer starts to be a bitch to me.
  2. I love going to /mlp/. Sure it has its clop threads every so often, but it's fun to go there. Thread simulators are shit. They only display shit posting. Don't let thread simulators give you an opinion. http://boards.4chan.org/mlp/res/11180468
  3. There's a Chrome pony. Someone needs to make a Steam pony.

    1. longgone




      Then a Valve Pony O_o?

  4. The last thing I bought was something you don't want to anybody you know knowing you are buying it. An item that is very embarrassing to buy.
  5. I love the way my friend, DUCK, responded to this. http://puu.sh/343Es.png

  6. Reani


    Remember the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima? That bomb won't compare to that cannon.
  7. Reani


    More Trixies! More! MORE!! I'm getting close to finding out how many Trixies it takes to crash my computer.
  8. If you're a girl, then that means that you have to be skeleton skinny, have as much make-up as a clown does, and you have to be very mean and bitchy. These are the guidelines set by modern media, and if you don't follow them, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are an actual human girl.
  9. The media is out to do their job, get views. So what's the best way to get views? Have dumb people view their dumb, materialistic television shows. And it's very easy for them to get those dumb people to watch their dumb shows because there are more dumb people wathing T.V. than normal people. "Damn man! Look at that nice ass!" is basically most of the morons staying tune to MTV, that T.V. channel that doesn't stand for what it means anymore. All they show in that channel are stupid "reality" shows and semi-reality/ sex education shows.
  10. Everybody loves Google. Whoever doesn't is just weird. I love going to Bind to search up Yahoo, then at Yahoo I look up Google. Afterwards, I look back and see how saddened the other two engines get.
  11. To check to see if I have any luck on any given day, I go outside, go to the nearest tree, run around it 19 times, aimlessly walk in any direction, regain field of vision, spot a leprechaun, murder it using the horn of a fallen unicorn, collect the Lucky Charms spilling out of it's stomach, go back inside, pour the Lucky Charms into the bathtub, fill the bathtub with Dihydrogen Monoxide, then wait for Trixie to manifest from the tub. If everything else besides Trixie manifesting goes well, then that means that I have "okay" luck for the day. If Trixie does manifest, then I would be the most lu
  12. Neumont University is currently the university I'm going to go to when I graduate. http://www.neumont.edu This school really stood out for me because of it's amazing features and it's internship program. However, it's very costly and very challenging.
  13. Dogs are the most absolutely annoying animal I have ever been associated with. Those slobbering fleabags just cause trouble. It seems that their target area for their shit is my floor, bed, or my f***ing uniform. Cats are amazing because they act like people. They stroll around not giving a care in the world. Cats are a very intelligent and independent race, unlike those kiss ass mutts known as "man's best friend". Yeah, more like the Chinese's best course. I think I went overboard a little there.
  14. There really has to be more MLP video games coming out. I want to be a video game designer too, but I also want to help out with the programming. That's why I'm heading to a programming school that offers a degree where you can be in both design and programming.
  15. Ah video games. The ultimate escape from reality. Video games are truly amazing since you can go to another world by actually experiencing it yourself. My passion lies with video games, just like how my future will lie in software and video game development.
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