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  1. Bday shattered by everyone in rl.. Suicide

    1. Malinter


      how have they managed that?

  2. Better just rot to the ground for tomorrow..

  3. Pure hatred i got in rl before my bday *sigh*

    1. lolololol


      what happened to you?

    2. TwiliciousAlkoi


      I had been treated like a slave to others and they are all hating me for no reason.. They never even care about my life! Suicide is my biggest option

  4. 2 days before my meaningless bday *sigh

    1. Kyoshi


      I can relate to this, mine is tomorrow...Woopity doo I suppose..

  5. Brony Daleks:Love and tolerate!! Love and Tolerate!!

  6. If you like it,then you shouldve put a ring on it

  7. Great to be noticed again! ^^

  8. omgomgomgomgomg go check ur Da :'D

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TwiliciousAlkoi


      Long time no see CD :3

    3. ~C. Discord~

      ~C. Discord~

      Yeah :P I've been around, just not wherever you are I guess x3

    4. TwiliciousAlkoi


      Yeah x3 I was just drawing and tf2 throughout the year x3

  9. That Rainbow Dash episode is *insert ninth doctor quote here*

  10. Life tends to get worse every day.. Help

    1. SCS


      I would recommend doing your best to strive to maintain a positive outlook on life. Doing so brings clarity, which subsequently makes it far easier to overcome the problems you are going through. Allowing yourself to dwell on negative thoughts only compounds the problems you are going through, making them more difficult to overcome.

    2. CloudMistDragon


      Sorry about that, but there'll come a time when it will be good again. :)

  11. Back from watching new episode. Annoyd of Appledash shippers though..