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  1. You look sad or something but your sister was happy.
  2. Yes hes my favorite too and yeah i dont get why but matt smith was a better doctor who then the others im more into the 11th doctor because it was so touching and had good storys and i watched the 10th alot of times it bored me... i kinda like the 10th a little though but the 11th is better and the first one aint bad even though my dad was bored of seeing the 1st doctor but i did not it was just only one called a unearthly child plus my dad was born on 1963 where the first doctor who was made xD Oh and cool i just like the 11th better and yeah the 10th is ok. Yeah the 11th doctor was the best!!! and yup 10th had great moments. You should it is really awesome but you might like it or not because some pepole dont like some shows try watching the 11th hes da best! Cool im really so into the 11th and the 10th is okay and i also like the first one too Ok Cool my dad was born in the 1963's and the doctor who started out in my dads year and im 16 though...and my dad is 50 and my dad likes the fourth doctor My dad is into the old seris his favorite doctor is the foruth too! plus my dad was born in 1963 when the first doctor who came out plus my dad is 50 so cool your favorite is the foruth too Cool Cool and wow my favorite is 11th better because hes handsome and funnier and has a good story and 10th is ok too me i watched the 10th lots of times... he bored me but i kinda felt sad when he was changeing because he said i dont want too go but i liked that one part about him and i also like the 1st in one video the unearthly child. Yeah 10th is ok too me but the 11th really growed on me alot. Cool and ok so are you a brit?
  3. Im wondering if anyone is a fan of doctor who even you can tell me what doctor you like best.
  4. Who loves flutterbat?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Strawberry Sunshine

      Strawberry Sunshine

      @chikoritabrony yep it was i have a bat of my own called felicia apple bat.

    3. ChikoritaCheezits


      lol that's pretty funny

    4. Strawberry Sunshine

      Strawberry Sunshine

      @chikoritabrony well i could not know of the name and plus janice has lily sparkle bat.

  5. Yup this is were too sign up because a admin told me the signing up goes in rp planning.
  6. I'm still here and i did deactivated my da account and i got it reactivated.

  7. Just sad today feel like leaveing da! because i get pepole hateing me and stuff but you may go see my journal and say words before i go.:,(

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    2. Strawberry Sunshine

      Strawberry Sunshine

      Look at it in my journal:

    3. Celestial Panzerhund

      Celestial Panzerhund

      Listen to them, ignore the ones who hate you.

    4. Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man

      Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man

      Do You need to talk with someone about it? I've sent You PM, but You seem not to have noticed it. I'd be happy to help :)

  8. I join. Pony name:Light Fire Mare Race:Pegasus reference:
  9. So how is everyone doing?

    1. Mr Underhill

      Mr Underhill

      ok..winding down from work,watching "daring don't"


    2. Strawberry Sunshine

      Strawberry Sunshine

      @manicflashgear cool

  10. So does anypony think i'm famous or know's me?

    1. hariyaMakusu2


      What a dumb question.

      xD To be honest, I'd never really gotten to know you until recently, but I can see you becoming a well known member :D

    2. ChikoritaCheezits


      It doesn't matter how famous you are, all that matters is how much fun you have here

  11. Hey, how are you liking the site so far?

    1. Strawberry Sunshine

      Strawberry Sunshine

      I like the site alot i use too be here on my other account that i was trying too recover agin but i had a long email and the recover password would not recover my old account and my account was light fire.

    2. hariyaMakusu2


      Ah, I see. I think. xD

      So, you're not new here?

    3. Strawberry Sunshine

      Strawberry Sunshine

      Yup i'm not new here :P

  12. The pony's i act like mostly and more like:Rarity because i just absolutely love fashion,Twilight Sparkle because i'm usly smart and love reading some books,RainbowDash becasuse i love music and rainbows and loves too be cool and want too fly fast,Fluttershy because i'm more shy in real life i also speak low even on webcam and cares for pony's and pets.