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  1. ((Sorry for slow posting, School)) "Seems it's quite a hefty amount actually, dunno if they actually like the people we have though..." I snicker in, while looking at the fool who is named Erin, messing with one of the dudes, myself completely ignoring the taller one. On purpose of course, we all have to stoke a fire at some point to be alive. "Hmm, so boss, do you want to take the phone with the..." I lower the phone, looking at the bunch with a, fake, dumbfounded expression and then brought it back up, continuing, "Buyers? Anyways, don't get too high or drunk there, I can tell that you're having a blast" I chuckle as I get ready to write on a napkin, in case I need evidence of anything too... weird. Now that I'm thinking about it, this smaller dude in his suit seems a bit squeamish to be here to do this, couldn't of they just call the boss, or maybe even just leave a memo? Meh, I guess I might be thinking it over too much. With the man I've been thinking talking, even threatening, if that can be a thing. He wants to sue Erin, but he's the type to sleep with a horse than go to court with a Sue, although he is drunk. I'll think to help him, if I can, if I can fight instead of be talking too much.
  2. "Sure I'll call you in if you want. By the way, why do you want this place?" I replied as I was grabbing the phone, dialing the boss's number. Looking to the side, with my peripheral vision seeing competition, competition in the form of dudes in Suits. "You seem high strung, need help fella?" I say as waiting for the Dial tone. "We got some drinks for that" Leaning on the counter, my free hand gripping the wooden counter, feeling the steel hidden under there. I finally connect, before he talks, I speak, "Hello, this is Kelly, your employee at the Bar, it seems two guys-" I look at them again, looking back in the general direction I was looking before, "Scratch that, gentlemen. It seems that they have money for the bar." I lift my free hand, resting my head on it, whilst leaning on the counter, waiting for a reply from the boss.
  3. "Hey did you hear there's a new city that floats next to Japan, Kelly" I reply back, "uh... No I didn't whats it about" I hear a sound, creaking. "well i-" I close the phone, not being able to read anymore of the text. The thing making me close my phone was... Erin acting like a bafoon, again. I look up, seeing the bafoon on the ground and the silhouettes of two, no, three guys. Looks swish. He asks me then if my boss was here, I replied with a shake of my head and finally stand up. "Are you guys here to buy the place or something, because I contact him through phones. I look them over, the one with the colorful hair looks... Interesting, only people I know that have hair like that are from otakus, and freaky party people, but these people look like neither. "However if you want to try to take the place without the bosses word I'll ask you to leave" after saying that, I throw a bag of ice we had in the fridge toward Erin, with a sticker on there reading "With Love" we found a bag on the table with what was probably someones lunch, so after Erin ate it, we cleaned it and put it in the fridge for times like this. Well, I say we, but it was really just me, Erin was 'supervising'. Looking back at the men, shoving up my chest, "Hmm? You going to speak?" I may be aggressive, but wuwt do you think scared the IRS agents, well me and the shotgun under the counter.
  4. Greg, I told you in chat... that I saw it right when I posted...
  5. After I gave some drinks to a few guys, I was oh so rudely interrupted by this drunkard. He keeps bothering me, even if he is a senior to me. "Can I help you, oh yes... You wanted a drink?" I gesture to the bar, "There's the tap." This job's annoying, although it provides. We haven't been able to get many customers here lately. That's mostly because the bar from across the road, yup, woo-ed them with cheap beer, wings, and skimpy waitresses. I gotta tell you it is hard to compete with that when you're a guy. As I was pondering such, I walked past the decaying dark wood in this delapitated bar, toward the cash register to wait once again, until either something else sparks my intrest or happens to met by another customer. Till then, I guess I'll go on my phone, it's old but it still have texting and calls, so it suffices. I sit down in a chair behind the counter, phone in hand, sipping some soda, since it'll be bad to drink alcohol here, especially when Erin's here.
  6. So... when's God gonna start? In other words, I'm wating... again... :okiedokielokie:
  7. @Aerodynas I just threw it in... But it is something I want, for Kelly to be able to be a cracking shot. Alsof, I just made it sound magic XD, really it's just the scope doing the work, but if you want it to change, I can. Maybe that Kelly can fire in succession accurately for the shots?
  8. MUAHAHAHAHA I'm back fellas! Well, the new people won't know me, but whatever. Ahem... I am here to send in MY character into this. I have a certain... secret inside my character. Name: Kelly Georgeson Age: 19 Height: 5' 9" Hair Color: Dark Brown Hair Length/Style: Bangs with short hair. Sex: ??? Gender: Male Sexual Preference: Homosexual (Even though proclaiming otherwise) Ability: The ability to hit anything in sight within 0.75 Miles by use of Rifle. Requires a Scoped Rifle for use. Eye Color: Hazel with tiny amounts of blue. Background: Kelly was a baby born to the CEO of a grand Company, however due to some dissatisfactions with the baby that he and his wife produced, disowned it and placed it in the care of his Brother who lived in the countryside, even though he had a small ranch, he was usually abroad doing business deals for his division of the Company of HardenCo., the company of which his older brother ran. Due to him being away, Kelly was told to work the Cattle and pigs with some of the Employees that Gregory, Kelly's uncle, hired to keep it together. By the Time that Kelly turned 18, the farm slowly lost most of the workers, and the few that stayed for sentimental reasons. So the farm went by slowly, Kelly working more than she's done in her life. That didn't work out however, because the Farm and Farmhouse she lived at, were foreclosed. She then had to live with an impoverished family in abandoned buildings, as her real father gave no support whatsoever, and her Uncle hasn't been seen since the amount of workers decreased. She then began to be a Varmint hunter, using a rifle that was found in the house before foreclosure. She then fled for the city away from her decrepid place of living. Kelly became a bartender, and has been there ever since, living in a Run Down Apartment in LA Greater.
  9. I think... I'm addicted to Anime again... Such a happy captivity XD

  10. Man, I am really staying up late for my drawings...

  11. Wait, Wait, Wait, You're LDS too?!?! Woah! I am too!

    1. yayayayayala :3

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    2. notten1
  12. My head felt weird, it wanted to Both hurt her and hug her and cry. Instead something slipped out, and I'm not saying me. The sonofabitch fat stallion stepped out of the back. He was fat, brown small strips of hair that looked combed over, his cutie mark being a cider mug and a single pre-war bit. As I said, he was a sonofabitch. He was my boss someday back. Caught me drinking on the job. It seemed like he was wobbling with his weight, hitting the bar counter sometimes. He then said in a snobby, pig like, deep voice, "Line Plucker... Aren't you banned here, remember?" I picked my head, and gave a sarcastic smile, "Well, hi to you too, Mug, how's your ribs." He then put his hoof on his ribs, yes I broke almost all his ribs. He said to me in a far deeper, darker voice, although still disgustingly like a pig, "You will pay, and I told you to get out, Line Plucker" I then picked up my face, and smirked, "I am paying, you see my caps, I'll add a cap for each one of my Next drink. I know you like them caps, don't ya" He then darted his eyes from my purse to my eyes, then he said, "Well... You can stay if you keep up with your deal. i don't want you messing with my new bartender." He then walked over and looked at Caprisha who was... Nuzzling me. He said, "Why, what a beautiful Mare, do you want to see a real Stallions is like in bed." I then darted to the occasion, "Fuck off or I'll break more bones!" He then gave a sneer and walked off. I then looked to Caprisha, "Don't listen to the fucker, he'll rape you, drug you and sell you." I then started to tap my hindleg hooves on the wood, I then saw behind me... A stallion trying to drag Libby out while she was passed out, book still in hoof. I pointed my rifle at him, "put her back over here or I will hurt you bad, raper..." That stallion then did just that, although the earth pony Stallion said back in a angerful voice, "Fuck you, Bitch!" I calmly replied, "come back and see how that turns out!" He then huffed off, mad. I hope they understand what I just did for them. I then realized, a little better now that I got to release steam, which is rare. "hey, sorry about them. It's just, I don't feel right. I just don't wanna talk, let's just talk about other things... Please?"
  13. What does that mare think I'm doing. I want a drink, maybe a talk, but not sex. I tore her off of me, took all Of her off of me. Using the butt of my rifle, forces her left foreleg in, making her fall, her things sliding on the floor. Looking down on her, saying in a voice that I've heard today from a... Forget it! I said, "I just want a drink... Maybe a talk, but I AM NOT in the mood for that. Don't fuck with me now, I'm in a bad mood." Moving back towards the seat again, caprisha and, the now drunk Libby on the floor. When I sat, downing another shot in the dusty post apocalyptic bar, still looking forward, magic still on the 3rd shot, talked to her again in a low, sad face, "I'm not to be tread on, so don't or I'll buck you..." My face then hit the splintering wood, not caring what happens to my head or the speachless ponies watching us. My tone suddenly changed by the sudden change of heart, not by forgetting... Him, but by being Sorry, remorse, Guilty Mind. My face on the old Oak wood, eyes closed said in a sad, sorry voice, "I... I'm sorry, just... Please don't talk about that, I just... Need to drink." I then slowly put my head up, and downed the last shot, laying my head back down again in my forelegs, trying to think of nothing...