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  1. So, I've been gone for a long time, a years or more here. If you should know, I was in love with a person here who got banned. But I learned better. Got my heart ripped out, twice. And I might add, brutally. Hell, I was suicidal, but she.. damn, she wasn't the girl that I once knew that was kind. Anyways, I didn't want to come back here for reasons. Mostly Admins I guess. But Now I'm back... and well... nothing has changed really. But I was expecting some changes here... but alas, it remains a dream. For starters, there are still enclaves in the forums. And I don't mean the enclaves in Fallout. Small groups that will revolve around themselves only and defend their kind only. It's I guess good, but to a public forum, it will cause flame wars left and right. And I am man of peace, but will fight for the rights of all. So yeah.. I do wish we would be all friendly. Next I guess, some attitudes I see here, connected to the first one. Favoritism is hard. You know? I think I speak for a lot when I say that some are experiencing stuff in their hearts or their minds. And being mistreated here, where they consider a haven and be friends with others safely because they have the same wants, it's tragic to see that they are treated that way. So I do hope some will be light heart'd to others, not judge. Those are all I observe here, and why I left this site the first place. I mean... really, the sence of love and friendship is really lacking... So yeah... That's all for today. -Guardian Braveheart
  2. *sigh* I may need some new friends. No one cares anyways

    1. SCS


      I care. Feel free to PM me any time.

    2. TheLegoBrony


      you feeling alright

  3. Whyy is this site soooooo boring now?

    1. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      Something wrong?

    2. Kyoshi


      As in, in general or at this moment in time?

    3. Guardian Braveheart

      Guardian Braveheart

      In General. Like really. Nothing is happening. Not so much interactive events.. Yeah..



      Also Sick and in college atm. I feel terrible

  4. Well, it should ring a bell friend. I just had a long break since college. And yeah. Shoot a PM my way and we can talk
  5. Shoot me a PM and we can talk about it. I'd love to have any 1x1 rp. Either in pm or thread I'm up for it.
  6. Thanks. I've been out here for a year so I forgot. Now I can revive my old characters
  7. Heya. First time to question this. And I dunno if it's already answered. So.. I made characters in the past here. But now I can't find it or I can but it's long. Is there another way?
  8. Character, depends. If you wanna date a mare or a stallion, then I'll pick one. Anything in particular? I'm open-minded, we can mix in action or comedy or Alt Universes Like Fallout. Where? In here or in PM, I'm good. Want it to have NSFW, I'm ok with it, just in PM though, we can talk about it. Anything so long as we all have fun together.
  9. Anyone up for a romance/ SoL RP with me? It can mix with scenarios. Or even mix with other genres (I think it's Genres) Like Romance and Sci-Fi or Romance and Action. Just.. no Horror or the like please? PM so we can discuss it. (Advance note: If I'm late in replying, don't worry. Life or college is in the way of this. Hope we'll get along well)
  10. I'm back after a long hiatsu!!

    1. Kyoshi


      Welcome back. :D

  11. Sorry if I don't post that often anymore. Started college... and Blacklight is... not even posting... even LineTrotter