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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Pulls up after a quick search for "Pon3". Encountered this gem while trying to look for music under an artist with this specific name. Absolutely Fantastic.
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    Web Your Favorite youtuber

    let this educational video show you my most favorite youtuber
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    You are only allowed to reply with a video (youtube links). No conversational text allowed.
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    Thinking about being an MLP fan and NOT a brony!

    Well, uh... Brony/Pegasister = fan of the show that's above age group for the show. I wouldn't necessarily call it a "Culture", it's just more of a fanbase. It's not a religion either (I'm pretty certain *nervous glances*) But whatever floats your boat man.
  10. TheChosenPony

    Man, it's been a while

    Hey guys, have a seat, have some refreshments. If you remember me, hey, nice to see you again. If you don't, its always great to make new friends. It's been a long while since I've been on these forums. Two years?, already? wow. Time really is relative. Anyways, what brought me back here is the fact that I took off without notice. I guess you could say I forgot. about this forum, got caught up in so many things that my brain pushed this all the way to the back. I got really lonely for some odd reason too. The newer episode, "Amending Fences", Is what reminded me... So I guess you could say the same thing that happened to Viva (Immatoonlink), happened to me: so uh hi again If you want to stay in constant contact with me, my steam is TheOneAndOnlyButtonMash, I think I have facebook stuff on my profile or whateverr , Im more active on that I guess. It's just that this forum became much less relevant in my life I would suppose. I kinda just kept to myself and my programming kinda like how moondancer did it. I guess.
  11. TheChosenPony

    Gaming Call of Duty: Black Ops III

    I'm really, really, really, really ,reaaallly sorry but CoD kinda went downhill after Black Ops 2 it kinda have been a record player on repeat since Black Ops 2, but hey, theres new content (but really, it feels like the same thing each game since then) I mean seriously with the ghosts theres no ghosts its just a guy
  12. TheChosenPony

    Should WayForward make an MLP game?

    Yes Yes Do we need any other answer? I mean seriously It's freaking obvious YES
  13. TheChosenPony

    This Just In: MLP Created by Satan to Confuse Men

    Basically me about a quarter in
  14. Become an Engineer or something, Build stuff. I'm a programmer so I'd probably build a supercomputer or become a scientist.
  15. You didn't post a video @user above But I have a ringtone you will love