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  1. PonyEcho

    So, what is your ring tone?

    This is mine but sometime I switch it with Thresh's laugh.
  2. PonyEcho

    Movies/TV Yuri Anime

    I thinks the same as a do anime about Yaoi, Its good when done the right way and not make creepy with things like incest like in Candy Boy or almost forced like in Love Stage. I don't think Yuri work when its the key element in a show, I don't want to watch a show of "these girls really love each other" being all the show is about with little to no development like Sakura Trick kinda does. Now as for a good Yuri show to recommend....Revolutionary Girl Utena
  3. PonyEcho

    Are all anti-bronies bad

    It depends highly on the point of view. Of course Anit-Bronies are bad, If you are a Brony because you look at a Anit-Brony as someone who is against you and we naturaly see people who are against us as bad. Out side that point of view I have seen Anti-Bronies who are just awesome people, and I have seen Bronys who are not so awesome to put it as nice as I can.
  4. PonyEcho

    Will Bronies ever be FULLY accepted?

    To add to what I said earlier I also think the time Bronies will be accepted, is the time when everybody just stops giving a damn about all this. Bronies are just apart of the internet culture along with Otaku and other fanatics, and the creepy part of the fan base will still be there and creepy and still be kinda wrong. Nothings will change whether you cry out for acceptance or not you'll still be watching MLP. So stop caring about the "they don't like us because were different from the norm, when will they accept the fact I love mlp" because you're only troubling yourself with that train of thought.
  5. PonyEcho

    Will Bronies ever be FULLY accepted?

    When there are not enough bad apples to make the entire batch look rotten.
  6. Death Note's "EVEN THE LITTLE THINGS MUST LOOK SO DRAMATIC" thing There is also a scene with a afro replay
  7. PonyEcho

    Going to Bronycon?

    Nah, I live in the UK and I blew all my money on Comic Con. There's also a personal vendetta I have with B-con so I don't see much hype in going.
  8. Well I think we've seen Spitfire do a sonic boom and it's likely that any other pony in the wonderbolts can do one to. To answer your question, Pinkie Pie is all knowing!
  9. PonyEcho

    How do you think gems taste like?

    They taste outrageous, truly truly truly outrageous.
  10. PonyEcho

    Do You Think Derpy Should Be Banned?

    Oh my, have we gone back in time to 2012? (checks calender) Ok its present day that's good. Its been 2 years now, we already no the out come of the Derpy fiasco by now and I honestly welcomed the changes and how she was then kept as the where's Waldo of mlp. @, Yeah Snips and Snails would be more offensive, if they weren't suppose to be young boys. "snips and snails and puppy dogs tails, that's what boys are made of"
  11. Just for today I've watched. Tokyo Ghoul -I re watched the first episode Aldnoah.Zero- Gen Urobuchi being Gen Urobuchi animated by A1 Pictures with a scene that rivals the first episodes of AoT in my opinion. Psycho Pass- I'm watching first series again, good action sci-fi from Gen Urobuchi. Haikyuu!!- I good sports anime about volleyball. Baby Step- Good Tennis anime. Thats just for today,
  12. PonyEcho

    Movies/TV RWBY Discussion Thread!

    -_- I always feel like RT show way to much story wise in there trailers, leave a little to the imagination. Show one scene with the giant mech not 4. I'm still hyped..... but mainly for the soundtrack .
  13. PonyEcho

    Mega Thread Anime Discussion Thread

    http://anichart.net/summer I think this summer is going to be so slim for good anime. Aldnoah.Zero- has such pedigree behind it. created by Gen Urobuch , Katsuhiko Takayama, Hiroyuki Sawano doing the music and A1 pictures doing there first mecha show. To me that's the only new good original anime that's coming out this summer that isn't a continuation like Free! or just a re-airing like what Psycho Pass is doing.
  14. PonyEcho

    Favorite anime?

    Ghost in the Shell : S.A.C Outlaw Star Trigun Digimon Tamers Spice and Wolf ^^ Its definitely one of those five, I'm just not sure which one.
  15. PonyEcho

    Why I am a Anti-Brony

    Yeah I did asked for the thread to be closed/locked a long time back but Swoops declined it. So our only hope is that the thread dies again.