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  1. I loved this episode! all the new expressions, luna , just all around a great episode!
  2. so this is it, the beginning of the end. not gonna lie i'll probably shed some tears when G4 ends. I have been with it since the beginning "technically before it since pony tales" and it has been a fun and wild ride and I am going to miss it when its gone. they sure did pack a lot in these 2 episodes, it's a good start to the end and I loved it, especially since I am old enough to remember when the ponies fought Grogar the first time back in G1.
  3. im not, i cut out McDonald's and pop and i am losing weight.
  4. this has been figured out since the 8 foot candy cane
  5. Happy birthday~!

    1. simba86


      thank you!

      gonna be fun

  6. Happy Birthday!

    1. simba86


      thank you !

  7. I like your style you have earned a bat thumbs up
  8. pretty sure it's more about the general "be yourself" message and not really specifically about LGBTQQIP2SAA
  9. that's gonna be Yoshi's island for the snes and sonic the hedgehog on sega for me
  10. she was in the original G1 show she was a silly pony