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  1. Happy Nightmare Night guys

  2. EndtheRaven

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    She is love. Praise our beautiful goddess.
  3. Got poked in the eye by the corner of a box at work today.
  4. I'm 21, though haven't dated anyone in over two years. My last relationship was rather upsetting and made me give up on dating people all together. And I'm too nervous and shy to find anyone else anyway. I've just been learning to accept that I'll always live alone, just don't see the point anymore. I don't want children, and marriage seems less and less appealing to me everyday. Now if only Fluttershy was real...... ;.;
  5. Because the fandom is a complete sausagefest basically. haha
  6. I agree, it's just all about money really. Micahel Jackson was a great artist, but now people just use his name and legacy for profit.
  7. Hey! I posted on here a few months ago, but my name is FlutterRaven, and I'm just looking for new people to talk to. Been a bit lonely lately I suppose
  8. I wish there was a way to meet other bronies in my area. Never met another in person before.

  9. EndtheRaven

    Technology Any Linux users?

    Well, a few months ago I finished my desktop build, and I've been running Arch + Openbox on my desktop and laptop for the past few months and I'm in love with it. Pacman is phenomenal.
  10. I've been using Arch, and have native steam games, as well as windows games running under wine, and it works great. Linux gaming performance is pretty impressive. I guess distro doesn't really matter all that much, as long as you have capable hardware though.
  11. Been having a hard time with depression lately, basically missed most of the latest season because of it. But I'm trying to get back into ponies and be happier. I love all you guys

  12. I'd take a copy home with me <3 But hopefully she'd be the same. Drowning in Fluttershys sounds lovely though.
  13. Rainbow, obviously. You must.
  14. I've always been open to new things most of my life, and ironically enough, I felt drawn to ponies the first time I saw them. haha
  15. EndtheRaven


    All hail Trixie. I swear to my filing cabinet, I'm going to be angry if season 4 doesn't get some Trixie in it.
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