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  1. Hello Everyone! I feel awkward for leaving for a year (again) and returning. How is everyone doing? Any Fallout RPs going on?
  2. So I am finally back from my intense testing. How is everyone? And hello loose leaf!
  3. Finally done with testing. So what did my character do while I was gone? Sorry for the sudden and abrupt notification on my status btw!
  4. If the DM could take control of my character to keep him in the roleplay that would be great! I got exams coming up and will be able to post around wednesday next week. Sorry for being silent!
  5. Storm was quite unhappy that the new mare had cut him off, and while admittedly he was quiet for a moment, he was contemplating whether or not this capacitor would be able to work with his weapon. He had decided that the capacitor could be upgraded, he was really good with technology, after all her was a full on cyberpony. "I zink that I'll take za max-capacitor then, however, I won't give za payment until I zee it." he said, before adding. "But if you find the overcharged capacitor, I'll pay 600 caps." he said, hoping that 600 was a price that she would accept. "Zat zound good? Okay good." he said, not caring that she was dealing with the new mare, and not caring to hear a response. He thought that 600 caps was more than enough for the one part, considering the pistol was worth at least 600 caps, however, he had been looking for the part for some time and wouldn't mind going a tad higher, though based on his lifeless facial expression, she wouldn't know that. He turned over to see the red mare reading the book, she was wise to read that book, considering her lack of experience with....just Equestria in general. "I zink that you should practice zat weapon soon." he said to her, not sure if she was paying any attention to him.
  6. Storm walked over to the desk and pulled out the small piece of schematic, it was a overcharged capacitor and he showed it to the mare, he didn't expect her to know what the hell it was, but there was no harm in showing it to her. He had hopes that the mare had an idea on what he was looking for, he didn't expect her to be able to make it though, but she was a shop owner, she had to know somepony that could make it. "I zink what my friend is looking for is a .44 revolver, with a ejector rod and customized grip." He said as he glanced back at the mare, subtly motioning her to the desk so he could see how many caps she had. "Alzo, zhe would like at leazt 30 rounds to go with it." he added, wondering how much that would cost them, he didn't exactly like conventional weaponry, but this shop didn't look like it carried anything advanced. He hoped that the mare knew how to control her magic to use basic levitation, because without it she would have the most unpleasant time with the revolver. It was then that he noticed the new mare walk inside the shop, she looked like she was carrying at least twice her weight in weapons, he tugged his cloak closer to his metallic body.
  7. I'm not quite sure, as it is it's difficult for some of us to post and I'd hate to someone choose over one roleplay or the other
  8. Looks like the whole gang is back from the last RP. Or at least most of us are.
  9. Not quite sure if I want to start up my fallout roleplay now. As it is, this roleplay seems more fast paced than I thought!
  10. @@Ethan Sawyer Storm wasn't quite sure what to do now that the guard was going back to duty but followed the mare anyway, he figured he could ask the gun shop owner for that part now that most of the ponies had cleared from the shop. He walked into the store behind the mare, wondering what type of gun she would choose, however, he also did have concern for her, well not exactly her but for the knowledge she possessed. The mare didn't exactly look scary, in fact she looked like the easiest pony to rob in probably the whole wasteland, and knowing her attitude she would probably get scammed or worse, killed if she ever encountered the dangers of the wasteland alone. He kept this mostly to himself, he wasn't a pony of many words, at least not when talking to regular ponies.
  11. @@Ethan Sawyer @@Child Of Darkness Storm followed the mare as she went back to the town, he kept his distance from her as he was still deciding a name for her. He was quite surprised at how friendly the guard was at the mention of EDEN, it was like not many ponies knew the name of the bot, probably because they were killed instead of being let go. He eavesdropped a bit on the conversation she was having with the guard, smiling a bit as his faction wasn't mentioned, it was good that they weren't well known. "That about sumz it up." he said to the mare, now being part of the conversation. "You zeem to be taking this well." he added, surprised at her lack of concern for her harsh new reality.
  12. Storm watched her fly into the trains and slowly walk towards him and the eye-bot, she didn't care much for her name if she didn't care for his. "I zon't mind not knowing your name, but we'll need a name for you, unlesz you rather have me make one up for you." He said, his eyes still glowing, and before she could even answer he already began thinking of a nickname for her, she seemed quite stubborn and the type that wouldn't care what you called her.
  13. @@Child Of Darkness @@Ethan Sawyer @ Storm was quite interested with the mare the more she spoke, her accent, her cleanliness, her inability to grasp the reality that the great land of Equestria was a wasteland, then again, she didn't even know what Equestria was. " zeem like you're from za future, yes?" He said, his voice with a tinge of curiosity in it, if this mare knew anything about magic, especially magic regarding time, he wanted to know. "You might not understand what this place iz, but its far from friendly, you're lucky we ztumbled into you, zis place, Equestria, was a kingdom for ponykind, but as you can zee, that is not the case anymore." He said, moving a cybernetic hoof to illustrate his point that there really was nothing, sure there were a few specs of settlements here and there, but its far from what the land use to be, at least that's what he thought from his knowledge from the books in the vault he had lived in. "I zink you should come with us, you don't zurvive in the wasteland without friends." he added, trying his best to entice her to tag along with them, he wanted as much as he could from her, it wasn't everyday that you stumble upon this type of magically adept mare.