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  1. Midnight_Aurora

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Cacora's PoV: **Cacora knows there is always reprocutions for every choice but life will live on. The creature will find another to carry on it's kind.** "In honesty all things deserve a chance to live life to its fullest. Besides, this one might love somebeing and the loss of love could affect how the love flows. On another note, this is an interesting setup. Were we expected?" **Cacora looks around for the hostess, hoping to finally better understand what it is she is supposed to do and what her path will be.** @Blitz Boom Silverwing's PoV: **At firs
  2. Midnight_Aurora

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Cacora's PoV: **While being curious, but also wanting to help with her now slightly taller form, Cacora decides to help the small one reach a higher place of being.** **Cacora motions holding up a chittin covered hoof to and for the creature trying to climb her shark pony friend. Her body language shows something a kind to Fluttershy's nature with other creatures. She also says, using her natural affinity for emotions to better understand the creature, in a very calm and gentle voice,** "Here, let me help ya with that problem. Why don't you come rest on me. I am a bi
  3. Midnight_Aurora

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Cacora's PoV: **Cacora shrugs to her response about her thought, not knowing if the being can read thoughts. She however looks surprised and of a bit happy to see such a place.** " It is beautiful in its own way. That much is certain." **Cacora continues to follow after the being. But cautiously avoids the more preditory looking creatures.** Silverwing's PoV: **Silverwing follows Vivid and continues to ignore the voices. Knowing that they bring the shadows of Mother void against those who listen and he has long sense been done with that.**
  4. Midnight_Aurora

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Cacora's PoV: **When she starts talking about a two in one cacora looks confused. It seems she didn't notice when the other had taken over.** "That's odd. I know I don't have two souls inside. That honor belongs to another, I have heard about, that serves the Night Princess. But there is a legend among Changelings of an old being that doesn't have a true physical form. She tends to use others, according to the legend, to speak and enact her will. You may have referred to her probably." **The eyes only glow for a second after Cacora speaks and the being, making use of
  5. Midnight_Aurora

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Cacora's PoV: "Sadly that isn't something I can do. Nor will the first mother allow it." **Cacora says, following when she speaks of forgetting what was.** **Her eyes suddenly glow with a pink light and another voice speaks through her,** "It's a reminder of a mistake made long ago. And we mean very long ago. Back before the three pony tribes and even before the first Great Shadow War. We, the first mother, had given life to a special race meant to protect, preserve and help grow the essence of our power. But part of that race broken our most sacred of rules. That ru
  6. Midnight_Aurora

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Cacora's PoV: **Cacora actually chuckles and says,** "No, my new little friend. I have no qualms with your mom. My shark pony friend there actually said she smelt her scent and I was curious if she would know of what I have become. I know I use to be a Changeling under Queen Chrysalis but now, after having been exiled for so long, I don't believe I am entirely Changeling anymore. Plus my memories aren't very organized right now. There use to be an outpost for the hive here in the Everfree Forest. It was where I was posted by The Queen as an infiltration Changeling. But th
  7. Midnight_Aurora

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Cacora's PoV **It takes a few more moments before her current pony form fails completely and her now more Changeling like form surfaces. One major difference between her form and a common Changeling's form is the lack of holes throughout her form. And while she does resemble a pony one can tell, when her slitted eyes open and she no longer holds her head, she isn't either a pony not is she truly any variant of Changeling currently known.** "By the first mother, that was one memory I had hoped would remain lost to me. I never want to experience what it's like to be without
  8. Midnight_Aurora

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Cacora's PoV **Cacora follows her new friend. She however thinks about what kind of being could have made this one. She knows for a fact only godlike beings have the power to create. But beings of chaos can alter. As she continues she lets her sense of smell wander making sure she doesn't pick up any of those Changeling based scents that she knows of. Her memory recalls the scents common to Hive Chrysalis.** **However, as they draw closer to the old castle, another memory comes to Cacora's mind and it ain't a good one. It's a memory of why she isn't with the other Ch
  9. Midnight_Aurora

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Cacora's PoV: **Cacora thinks for but a moment, an old memory flicking to the forefront of her mind, before saying** "Sure. We can. I am curious as to who this friend of your is and hopefully they may know a thing or two about what I am. It's a story not worth much to share. A past I am afraid will make me more enemies than friends." **Cacora then guestures for her new pony like friend to lead the way.** @Blitz Boom Silverwing's PoV: **Silverwing shakes his head and says,** "That won't be a problem. I intend no harm to the little Alicorn. For a matter of fa
  10. Midnight_Aurora

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Cacora's PoV **Cacora observes the actions of those around her. She also observes via Empathy their emotional awareness. While her path does lead her to the castle. Those who left drew her curiosity. But something more draws her further forward.** 'I'll Check on these ones later. First this path. Curiosity requires completion.' **Cacora thinks to herself before continuing on.** **Cacora says to the being,** "A potential friend? Maybe they may know what I seek. Why don't you lead? You know the scent better than I do. I would like to met this being you describe."
  11. @Blitz Boom As for Cacora's action. She is newly reawakened to her true form. Thus she isn't sure of what she should be. She has been a pony for a super long time and just now relearning she is a Changeling. But because of the more dislike/distrust that ponies have for Changelings and her not yet knowing of the Metamorphosized Changelings to which they would know she is not one. The Metamorphosized Changelings would also be able to tell that something about her makes her unable to become one. Cacora's concept is based on an older OC of mine and I built Cacora as a non-directly-cannon conn
  12. Midnight_Aurora

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom **Cacora's scent is much different than the ponies as she also smells a bit like insectoids, with a hint of something akin to emotional awareness. If any other scents like that are around, it seems Cacora doesn't directly know of them. However, due to Cacora having been around ponies most of her life, her scent has a stronger hint of the ponies she and her new friend are around. Cacora doesn't know it but it could be possible that one such being she is looking for is around as well. Cacora continues her search, she says,** "It could be a friend's smell. There is still muc
  13. Midnight_Aurora

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom **Cacora recognizes that she isn't as normal as one would believe. Cacora continues and says,** "It's not really a honey hunt per say. The scent isn't like the others around us. It's different. Almost like I belong with what's generating the scent. I want to know why and how. This different kind of scent may hold the answers. Imagine every scent one can smell and it doesn't belong among them. I might have a similar scent." @Blitz Boom "I doubt this world knows of demons, other than that which little Cerberus keeps away. Also, I don't desire to corrupt or de
  14. @Califorum Can't really do that yet. But all needed to be known of him is listed in my previous posts back a few pages.
  15. @Blitz Boom Yeah, I had to rush the post. So her personality didn't really shine through. Working from a phone isn't easy. Especially when one tries to quote parts of a post and it won't let you easily do so. @Califorum Once Blitz Boom gives his official approval of Silverwing, Cali and him should have an interaction. Being as they are both technically similar. Silverwing though only has three forms right now with a fourth on lockdown. The fourth can't be accessed except when all of existence would be threatened by a grouping of beings or an Individual being. But all of them but
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