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  1. To answer that, I would have to delve a bit into Philosophy and Mythology, aka The Chain of Memories and the Cycle of Rebirth. And I wouldn't desire that in an OOC that is meant for the RP. But I can give this: All beings follow one particular way of existing, Learning lessons of all kinds. For this, one's core essence or soul is what I am refering to. The chain of memories is an amalgamation of all the past existences that the soul has had. Each containing a certain amount of lessons, to which the soul has learned inorder for it to develop and grow, becoming more than it was. The form given for Silverwing isn't just a random form, as his return to a magical capable world awakens the magical energy of his soul, once again, to physical being. The direct connection to the Crystal Heart wasn't actually the main focus as a limiter. Silverwing discovered something, about what he was either given or had gained in some way. The three spell Matricies that he either had within or gained were all, in and of themselves, connected. Together, these spell matricies held a way to access infinite magical potential, something no single being should have. That's why the three spell matricies are called, as a whole, the infinite spell matrix. The spell matricies held one of three aspects of all magic. 1. The Infinite Sphere Spell Matrix held the aspect of form for all spells. 2. The Everblooming Rose Spell Matrix held the aspect representing the infinite potential of combinations to modify and create spells, or the knowledge of spell components. That which makes up a spell. 2. The Living Spell Matrix held the Aspect representing the very flow and infinite energy required to power these spells. So, with this Silverwing discovered the infinite potential of all spell matricies and had thought of what would happen if such knowledge and power were to fall into the wrong hooves, so to speak. Silverwing's use of the forbidden time magic had severed his direct connection to these spell matricies that's why his unicorn reborn form can't use magic until he aquires again the knowledge of them. But hidden somewhere within his being is the knowledge of how to destroy any one of the Matricies belonging to this group. Now on the note of why he wasn't reborn in a version of Equestria, that's simple. His essence isn't bound to one single world or place. This goes into the previously mentioned two topics of Mythology and Philosophy/Religious Belief. His essence had lessons to learn that could only be learned on a world completely locked off from, even the potential of, magic. He was reborn to said world via the only access point capable of this, the astral. Also, to this world, the show is just that. And the world itself doesn't even directly exist within the normal bounds of one dimension. On that note, a soul isn't bound to just one place. It can be born anywhere life can even potentially exist, even another dimension or universe. As a final point of note, while he is me as a character, I wasn't going to play him as me directly. I was going to play him as the character a shadow who plays would play. That's why I added in the flaw of fear of what may know to be futuristic to the world. On another note, as his forced rebirth by being summoned is finalized he will lose the memory of his only world. Unless a force beyond himself needed him to be aware of things. I left so much for you, the GM to decide on that's why his state of being is unstable. Now onto the abilities he has. Silverwing's abilities and skills are as follows: 1. Creative Casting or Spell Weaving. This is both a benefit and a detriment. His Spell casting ability is only limited by the availability of things to allow him to get creative with spells. However, the downside is he can't use his horn as a direct forming focus for spells, except as a component to the flow of energy needed to cast said spell. He will require a means to form the spell physically, as his mind will not be able to directly form the image needed for a single specific spell. His mind will always have several spells created within based on a single set of components available. Example: give him the knowledge of the components needed to create a spell and he will create spells, like a seamstress weaves and makes clothing. 2. Skill: Multi-tasking. Self explanatory. 3. Skill: creative adaptation. He will be able to adapt to a situation given a small window of time to think about what's happening around him. 4. Spell Matrix Mastery. His ability to utilize a spell matrix as a focus for creating/weaving spells is just under that of Twilight's mastery of magic in general. However, his horn is rendered useless except as a means to channel power into his spells, and the rate to which he cam channel power into his spells and how much power is limited, like all Unicorns. 5. Jack of all, Master of none. He doesn't have a true special purpose. That's why his cutiemark is just an image of a pony shaped spell matrix. It's a mark of a mark. He is capable of learning to do anything he puts his mind to, but can never truely master a given skill set completely. Only one exception, Spell Matrix Mastery. 5. His knowledge and capability with flight is a magical gift and a mark of his greatest achievement and first failure. His first spell matrix was the cause of this. This has left the form marked, by making permanent a spell that was beyond the spell matrix's ability to hold. And while he no longer has the matrix itself, it's mark will never be gone from him. He has never actually applied the knowledge and thus can't currently go beyond basic understanding of flight theory. He still needs to learn to apply his knowledge of flight. And even then he will only ever be a basic flier. That's his powers. If more details are needed. Just let me know what needs explaining and I will do my best to enlighten you.
  2. @Widdershins, @Blitz Boom, Well it was the same group that tried to revive her, that summoned Silverwing originally. As for the glue part, nope he doesn't hold anything together. Time itself holds things together and all Silverwing did was play his part in it. His three Infinite Spell Matricies became three important items for Equestria and it's allies all on history's own terms. Plus, he had a promise to keep to the being trapped inside one of the three. The three Infinite Spell Matricies are, in order of appearance to Silverwing's Knowledge: 1. Living Spell Matrix 2. Ever Blooming Rose Spell Matrix (Which also houses his first love, Rose Luck but not the current cannon character, who is said matrix in physical form.) 3. Infinite Sphere Spell Matrix Silverwing's essence is forever bound to the fate of the Living Spell Matrix. He can't truely know death unless this matrix is destroyed. The three Matricies above are linked to the names of the following items. 1. Crystal Heart 2. Elements of Harmony 3. Hyppogriff Peral Now with that done and please don't say that sense he used a spell to place these three into the past, from his point of view (1000+ years before fim s1 e1), that I am trying to make him more important than what he is. All he will need is a basic Spell Matrix to do several things. 1. Regain access to his magic 2. Permanent solution to his overloading issues 3. To know he will never be able to regain access to the power and magic he had, so long ago, held. And his wings are a remanent effect from his original past. He lost everything when his first spell matrix technically backfired on him and turned him into the Living Spell Matrix. He is no more an Alicorn than Rarity is a Butterfly Queen in pony form, see Sonic Rainboom episode. (Personality wise: once he opens up, he is usually friendly and outgoing. Always helpful when needed. But very protective of any who he considers like family to him. He don't make friends he makes family. He isn't the most social of ponies most of the time, a hermit if you will. He doesn't care for much except to live life to it's fullest. A dark secret hides within his mind that could be destructive for even him. And thus he doesn't make friends easily. (A.K.A. having used said forbidden time magic.) He can be considered wierd for his point of view on things by most. He avoids Lyra Heartstrings like the plague. More for the fact he was once human. What knowledge he has from when he viewed the show where he had been born again into, also keeps him from making friends. Because of the unknowns hidden behind having knowledge that actually may have or will happen. Fear is common for him. And most importantly, His original ties to raw magic and essence's past also makes him seem more than he desires to be.) Hopefully, this helps make him more understandable. Just ask if you need anything else about Silverwing. I have changed him allot sense I originally thought of him and discovered more about him in relation to me and my past rebirths, chain of memories stuff. If you want me to explain the chain of memories in more detail, it will have to be in PM for obvious reasons. Also, Cacora and Silverwing were active within the RP originally back around page 240-ish on back. Cacora longer than Silverwing.
  3. @Widdershins @Blitz Boom I understand your definition of mary/gary sue but I am a bit old school. By your definition all OCs in some way unless their story contains no connection with cannon, even via cannon helped the chara out of a bad spot, or they are considered making the world revolve around them too much. And that's the first thing that always comes to mind when things are brought up. Yes, Silverwing can get very powerful. Yes Silverwing knows how he fits into the world via something that links him to the form he is in. The winged unicorn form has way more significance to Silverwing's backstory than to anything Equestrian related. And I use the term other world because of other reasons. Dimension or another planet doesn't matter. It is a scientific fact that multiple worlds could exist in all universes. Plus, Celestia and Luna aren't the, well for the lack of a better word, Makers of their world. While yes they are treated with a certain divinity by their little ponies. The show itself leaves out so much. Creating a plausible insert into cannon was the idea behind one of the Charas I made. However, sense said chara was never given a chance to shine as who they were, and judged by the book's cover that wasn't read. And to read the book one only needs to meet the character. "And while I believe my importance great to those who knew of me. The current modern world is not what I saw coming. Spell Matrices are the strength and weakness of my power. Without their knowledge, I can't even use the most basic of spells. But that's not the point to be made." ~Silverwing Silverwing being me in Equestria is more of a me being an explorer into something that once was/is apart of our own world, but has been lost due to our own problems. I never desire any of my OCs to be important to how the world develops that's why most if anything in Silverwing's past is only a Plausablity. Also I didn't wish to bring up the name of the being. But it was either what I described, The over used discord method, the impossible rifts idea (to which would have meant instability in the world was way larger than shown at any point in the show) or the unlikely tech transport invention that found Equestria's location (and this falls under all scientific terms for it. Be it another planet [most likely], another time[least likely) or another dimension [can be even considered like going to another planet, but it unlikely.) And if the fourth one was used, the humanoid form would be sustained and it would be a true self insert. The creation of Silverwing isn't just a random i wanna be in Equestria insert of self. Silverwing falls under what I referred to as the chain of memories. He is a memory within the soul that I can recall and if you think I am Crazy, don't care. That's all Silverwing was. Yes he did help further the Equestrian way but as his final request, all knowledge about what he brought to the table had the potential to bring ruin to everything. He knew the younger/more primitive Equestria couldn't make proper use and thus took most of that knowledge with him. The knowledge being advanced spell matricies. The basics could still be out there. And with discovery of said Advanced Spell Matrices, it would simplify everything and every spell. No limitations. The mary sue aspect of power you spoke of before. In essence one cam say that Silverwing isn't important to events but can be suddle in the crakes between events. One what's the origin of the crystal heart before it was discovered by the crystal ponies. Two what's the origin of the Hippogriff peral before it was known as such? Three the tree of harmony wasn't just not there one moment and then there the next was it? Things like these are where the Anomaly of Such OCs exist. And yes Anomaly was the name I was refering to before, when describing how Silverwing got to Equestria.
  4. What I gave is a basic thing. And he isn't the only OC I am bringing back. I didn't write his tale to give everything for a fully developed character right from the start. Silverwing himself is a very Old Unicorn who has had some strange things happen to him. And the whole human part. Silverwing is Me, the shadow who plays, in the world that is and I only have him currently with three things ability wise. Also, being old-school also means believes things a bit different than now. And sense the PoV on more is less for opinions and the mary suing commenting stuff that made me leave without warning is still around, I am going to withdraw Silverwing, this time permanently. As many says, don't list a fully developed character with no weaknesses or we call it mary sue automatically. To be honest, that's how the instant Mary Sue calling makes this shadow that plays feel. Like they should have never even came up with the idea for said OC in the first place. Also sorry for wasting your time. I will respectfully remove all requests to join as I don't desire further sudden Mary Sue commenting without first interacting with said OC.
  5. Second OC, this is a more complete and updated character sheet for him. Name: Silverwing Race:Unicorn/with magically gifted wings. Cutiemark: a pony shape spell matrix (and yes, I finally fleshed that out.) Background: Was once a Human from a planet called Earth. Was brought to Equestria by an occult. When they summoned him, they didn't realize what they had summoned. And when they tried demanding his help with their plans, he told them to buck off and after a confrontation, he left to explore the world he may likely be stuck in for a long time. However, a deeply hidden and sealed secret rests within him. A power that is ancient and connected to the world at large. His current form is that of a Unicorn with magically generated and permanant silver colored wings. He keeps his knowledge of the worlds beyond Luna's Sky to himself and opts more for an amnesia effect when pertaining to what had happened to him. Currently, Silvetwing's magic is sealed and is capable of causing massive Magic Surges. These Surges can be quite disruptive. However, a strange call and a forgotten memory will guide him to breaking this seal. Well, last time I remember and have read of the two, Cacora was heading towards Thorax's Hive following her escort and Silverwing was making his way to the Archives in Canterlot. Silverwing had seperated from another character at the time.
  6. Also, Here is the last post I have on record for what was happening with the two. https://mlpforums.com/phone/110191-casual-stroll/?do=findComment&comment=4960823
  7. @Blitz Boom Hello again. Sorry for the long hiatus. Did I withdraw from this one with my OCs or is it still possible to rejoin?
  8. Hello everypony. After what I felt was a needed hiatus, from around the block, I am back and feeling all the better for it. If I am currently in an RP with any of your characters and your still active, please let me know. If my characters have been removed for continuation's sake, that is fine. I am jist trying to figure out where I stand now after so long. Good luck to all and May the stars watch over and guide you.

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  9. @Blitz Boom, @Amys-pmvs, @Widdershins, Actually @Widdershins, Delta's strengths is also her limiting factor. And not really. Normally, her sight is magical and Daredevilish in nature. It's her go to sight type. However, there is normally too much magic for her to see properly with it. @Blitz Boom, as for the experiment thing, Delta's personality world of had her turn him over to the guard at first chance. @Amys-pmvs, I thank you on that. I love to flesh out all aspects of my OCs to a basics and then go from there. @Blitz Boom, as for the AU thing. That's actually how she would have ended up on cannon Equestria. One of her mom's newest inventions backfire while they were working on it and sends Delta into another dimension.
  10. It was Delta's original first RP. However, Delta has gone through allot of overhaul to get to the point she is at now. The only problem I may see with her is the advanced magitech cybernetics she has and the fact that she is also blind by birth with an almost daredevil like sense to see with. However, she doesn't just listen better all of her other senses received a boost. She even gained a form of ESP called magic sight. She can she the different kinds of magic that flows through a being. And this is in the small body of what looks like a Pegasus filly. But she is a full grown adult. But as I said her cybers are what would make things hard for RPs, sense she uses a magical technological based system. A perfect hybrid of magic and technological science to the point of harmony.
  11. @Blitz Boom, Hey. So where did we leave off. If am not mistaken, we left off with what Silverwing did and the reaction to it. We also, left off with Cacora following her escort. I am in a bit of writer's block for Cacora. Can't think of anything. Also, Cacora still doesn't know she is now a non princess royal. So she doesn't know exactly what she can do. She will for now still be as if she is disguised. I also, have to reread the post for Silverwing. So it will be a bit for my post. I don't want to drop. Also, if you have heard of the RP M.E.C.H., then Deltawing would be more revealed. However, I will try to locate her for you.
  12. @Blitz Boom, Sorry about the no reply. I haven't been able to get on for a while. I won't be on long enough to make a post so please bare with me and put my characters' stuff on hold for a moment.
  13. @Blitz Boom (Belladonna), *Cosmic nods in agreement.* "Truely. And I can keep my mana field from overloading better there. With my magic currently sealed, I have to worry about mana overloads more than most. I am gonna guess that when I first woke up in the forest after meeting a pair of mares, one of which is just as missplaced as I am, but more for when, instead of as where, I must have undergone one such discharge of magic." *Cosmic then thinks and then says,* "Those cultists really didn't know what they were getting into when messing with space, time and the dead. First they rebirthed a dead Draconiquis of Destruction and then summoned me. I think they soyls give up before something really bad happens." @Blitz Boom (Rosa), *Cacora follows but asks while in flight,* "You said he wanted to see me? Do you know why?" *Cacora hopes it is because of her earlier message that she gave to Pinkie Pie.*