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  1. @Blitz Boom To be honest, I never intended for the meaning to be a place as much as an action. But NVM. I'll just look at the post again. I had never intended for her to be inside some random location. I had always intended for her to be in ponyville. 'In this manor', as in the action she was doing. That's the intention of that part of my post. Sadly I had stated before I ain't good at spelling and I guess I forgot to reiterate that point. Please forgive if my post had confused you.
  2. Midnight_Aurora

    Open Casual stroll

    Wherever she were, there seemed to be someone stalking her. Lurking in the shadows, following her steps. No word were given, yet every so often, she'd be able to see the outline of someone following her in the shadows. Unwilling to show themselves, as she made her way around wherever it is that she were. Perhaps she were just being paranoid, if she were to take note of this? Or perhaps she were being hunted? There were plenty of options as to what might be the case, though the fact remained that there were one here, who would not be played off with a simple goodbye, and wanted to get hold of h
  3. @Blitz Boom She ain't wandering in a mansion. She was actually wandering around town. Sense she was fully approved, I had her right in the middle of town just wandering around.
  4. @Blitz Boom Actually I had already set it up for you. If you look at the post. He has a makeshift camp, off the beaten path, away from Ponyville as if heading towards Manehatten. It puts him away from others, however, it also puts him in a bind. He can only do one thing right now and that one thing won't be very effective for him, sense the majority of his abilities are currently unusable. I was adamant about his need of a specific thing to become stable. Thus as he is now, he may not last and that won't be a pretty thing. Magical overload isn't ever pretty. But that's upto the interactio
  5. Fixed the post. Silverwing is off the beaten path. Cacora is just wandering for the time being as if looking for something or someone. That should be better.
  6. For Cacora's part, her's should be fine. She just wandering around Ponyville. I can edit out Silverwing's part to place him away from town. But not within the Everfree.
  7. I hope having them just wander around is okay. One actively avoiding things the other being more secluded than just avoiding.
  8. Midnight_Aurora

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Cacora's PoV: Cacora is currently avoiding others having recently discovered a past she seemed to have forgotten. She keeps to the background and well hidden from her point of view. But those with preceptive eyes can tell she is nervous. Any non descript ponies, who do engage her, are given the quick greeting into farewell. It seems to be her go to when wanting to avoid those not interested. But she is looking for something or somepony. She continues to move about in this manor for some time. (Is open to any who want to interact with her.) Silverwing's PoV: Silverw
  9. @Blitz Boom I said he acts the hermit type. He avoids because of what he knows. Other than that he tries to stay out of events that, to him, have not yet happened. As for getting a feel for him. That's fine. It's actually how I wish to present my Chara's. Let those who interact with him determine if he is by said interaction op or not. I never let the cover story judge a character. And currently he is just lounging around. Not hard to miss when he looks like he doesn't fit in well where he is. Most would consider him a outsider just enjoying the sites. So having him anywhere is fine. He d
  10. @Blitz Boom Hopefully my previous message was understood. And as I said If needed, I could provide more information. Just say the word.
  11. To answer that, I would have to delve a bit into Philosophy and Mythology, aka The Chain of Memories and the Cycle of Rebirth. And I wouldn't desire that in an OOC that is meant for the RP. But I can give this: All beings follow one particular way of existing, Learning lessons of all kinds. For this, one's core essence or soul is what I am refering to. The chain of memories is an amalgamation of all the past existences that the soul has had. Each containing a certain amount of lessons, to which the soul has learned inorder for it to develop and grow, becoming more than it was. The fo
  12. @Widdershins, @Blitz Boom, Well it was the same group that tried to revive her, that summoned Silverwing originally. As for the glue part, nope he doesn't hold anything together. Time itself holds things together and all Silverwing did was play his part in it. His three Infinite Spell Matricies became three important items for Equestria and it's allies all on history's own terms. Plus, he had a promise to keep to the being trapped inside one of the three. The three Infinite Spell Matricies are, in order of appearance to Silverwing's Knowledge: 1. Living Spell Matr
  13. @Widdershins @Blitz Boom I understand your definition of mary/gary sue but I am a bit old school. By your definition all OCs in some way unless their story contains no connection with cannon, even via cannon helped the chara out of a bad spot, or they are considered making the world revolve around them too much. And that's the first thing that always comes to mind when things are brought up. Yes, Silverwing can get very powerful. Yes Silverwing knows how he fits into the world via something that links him to the form he is in. The winged unicorn form has way more signif
  14. What I gave is a basic thing. And he isn't the only OC I am bringing back. I didn't write his tale to give everything for a fully developed character right from the start. Silverwing himself is a very Old Unicorn who has had some strange things happen to him. And the whole human part. Silverwing is Me, the shadow who plays, in the world that is and I only have him currently with three things ability wise. Also, being old-school also means believes things a bit different than now. And sense the PoV on more is less for opinions and the mary suing commenting stuff that made me leave without warni
  15. Second OC, this is a more complete and updated character sheet for him. Name: Silverwing Race:Unicorn/with magically gifted wings. Cutiemark: a pony shape spell matrix (and yes, I finally fleshed that out.) Background: Was once a Human from a planet called Earth. Was brought to Equestria by an occult. When they summoned him, they didn't realize what they had summoned. And when they tried demanding his help with their plans, he told them to buck off and after a confrontation, he left to explore the world he may likely be stuck in for a long time. However, a deeply hidden and
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