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  1. Changing my name back. Keeping the image tho.

    1. Erethiel


      (Also, anyone else wanna contribute or watch a challenge run of pokemon leaf green? Right now, its gonna be an only magicarp run, it looks like)


  2. Can I at least train it till it learns tackle, and only have any other mons as HM slaves? Also, which starter?(gen1) How far do I go?(beat e4, catch all mons, beat sevii islands, solo against your friends fire red party, etc.) Do you want commentary, or no? Sorry for all the questions.
  3. So, in celebration of pok'emon day, I have decided to partake in a pokemon challenge of you all's choosing! I would prefer it to not be the grindfest that is Nuzlocke, but instead something less well known, such as all one type or only common 'mons instead. So then, what shall I do? I shall make recording of any and all important battles(unless you all want me to record the other bits aswell), and keep this as a running blog until I complete the challenge under the rules you guys and gals set me under. So, suggest away! Make it unique! I'll be waiting~ (Commentary optional, based on what y
  4. Erethiel

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned because potato candy was not mentioned here yet.
  5. Erethiel

    General Media Yu-gi-oh discussion thread

    Excluding the red-eyes deck(i only have the cards for chaos REBD-BEWD deck in that department), same here! If i knew you, i would challenge thee to duels- with all the decks i can make at once, i can have a 16 great deck tourney, or possibly a 32 deck decent tourney. And that excludes my friends who play! Perhaps we can meet on dueling network orr somesuch, using a copy of our irl decks. All in good fun, of course!
  6. Nice little slice of life, other than a few grammar errors, I can't say there's anything wrong with it! Ya done good, Hypno.
  7. Erethiel

    General Media Yu-gi-oh discussion thread

    Despite the manga being the original, I prefer most of the anime arcs, excluding parts-few and far at that- of 5ds and the duelist kingdom arc. Mostly because Pegasus wasn't -as much- of a gay stereotype-he was less camp gay, and more manipulative mastermind in the manga(the only problem I had was the stereotyping, not the camp gay part). As for 5d, I just liked parts of the manna better. Not sure why. But yeah, I'm really glad this thread started taking off, and I'm looking forward to nostalgia a filled chat with all of you!
  8. Erethiel

    General Media Yu-gi-oh discussion thread

    -if I tagged this wrong in any way, my apologies- So, yugioh. That card game that was once on motorcycles! I couldn't find a thread on it already around, and I think I'm not the only one here that likes it. Whether it be the anime, the movies(yes, there are a few), the manga, the animations, or just the plain 'ol card game, here we speak of it. This can also double as a YGO PRO discussion and meet, as well as any fan made cards you make! Just have fun, and play a few rounds of a children's card game, or just remember when Pegasus just was a strong duelist!
  9. Erethiel

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned because its all flavourless pellots
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