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  1. For me, it should be cold enough so that I don't have to sweat, but not to cold so that I need only a cozy blanket but no clothing. It also should be a silent night. I have sometimes problems to sleep when there are noises out there (like the Highway besides my home village which I hear when the highway is really full). A little bit rain is ok, but not to heavy. Hmm, I guess that is everything.
  2. get up early using public transportation programming writing exams holding lectures in front of a crowd to clear of weeds
  3. That depends on the fact if I had university or not. When I have university, I get up at 6 AM, when I have no university, then I get up at 10 or 11 AM.
  4. I was two times attacked by a wasp in my live. The first when I was a little child and the second a few years ago when I walked trough my garden. Luckily I am not allergic on wasps.
  5. The clothes I own are usually black, gray, green and blue. I don't care which color I wear as long it is not to colorful.
  6. Hi Oleks, thanks for the response. Yeah, I was thinking about Twisted because of Twister. But yeah, Twisted has also not so nice meanings. Hmm. Twirling would also be a possibility. Or amybe Twirled? But to be honest, I find Twisted sounds better. And Tornado Love or Twister Love sounds not so good and a little bit martial. XD There is already a fandon named Pony with an reference to a real place: Pearmain Worcester Worcester is a City in England. But I was adverted that Carribean Dream is not so nice to speak out. I never known that. I always thought that this is the name for the Ride. In this Case, I guess Carnival Ride wins. XD meh, I should known this. -.- And to be honest, Constructicorn is a really stupid name in my eyes. : / But on the other side, we also have two cloud chasers. XD
  7. Mega Thread

    I am not tired, but I am sick. I have a cold and can not go to the university this week.
  8. hi there. I have here ideas from me for names of a few Backgroundponies from different episodes. Picture bigger Pony 1: She has a Tornado with hearts as Cutie Mark and another name for a Tornado is Twister. So I came to the idea with Twisted Heart or Twisted Love. She is from "Viva Las Pegasus".Pony 2: She is usually seen in the Ponyville Spa. Her usual CM is a Palm Tree. Palms reminds me on the sea, beaches and the carribean. So, I came to the idea with Carribean Dream. Another Idea is "Ocean Dream".Pony 3: Yeah, she has a Ferris Wheel as her Cutie Mark. So, I came to both ideas (really simple, I know, but I find both names fits). She is from "Viva Las Pegasus".Pony 4: All Nurse Ponys begins with Nurse in their names. Heartstick cames from her Cutie Mark. She is from "Where the Apple Lies".Pony 5: I wanted that not all Ponies are named after their Cutie Marks, so I came to the idea with Lavender Sky. She has a violet mane (like Lavender) and is a pegasus (therefore Sky).Pony 6: A Jackhammer is a typical building machine and I found that this name is good for a road worker.So, are you ok with the names or do you have other ideas?
  9. Here a selfmade vector of Lyra while she jumps happily. The picture on DeviantArt
  10. Here a selfmade EQG vector of Cayenne, Sweet Biscuit, Moonlight Raven, Citrus Blush, Sunshine Smiles and Pretzel. The base was a screenshot of the mane 6 from the EQG short "Perfect Day for Fun". Picture on DeviantArt
  11. Here a selfmade vector of Golden Harvest (aka Carrot Top) and Daisy while both transporting hay with a cart. The base was a screenshot from the episode "No Second Prances". Picture on DeviantArt
  12. I wasn't really happy anymore with my Ponysona and his batpony design (I am also not so a big Batpony fan anymore) so I came to the conclusion that I change him into a Pegasus (which is still my favorite pony race). His CM is a quasar.Biography:Name: Gamma RaySpecies: PegasusResident: CanterlotJob: AstrophysicistGender: Male
  13. Mega Thread

    in my room in front of my computer. What are you listening at the moment?
  14. ok, you can eat the chocolate, but, I want to go sleep, so can you please go out of my bed?