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  1. Mosquitos are my personal animal enemies. Everytime in summer, they bite me. I hate it when I lie in my bad or sit on a chair in the garden on a warm sumemr evening and hear that icky noise. And since the winters become warmer and warmer in germany, I even have mosquito bites in winter. Luckily that dangerous mosquitos are rare in germany, but the number of them is growing.
  2. Nah, I don't think it is a good idea to live there as a bisexual atheist. At least in some countries like Saudi-Arabia or Iran. I would like to visit maybe someday the Oman ( I have the posibility from my university to visit the Oman, but it is definitelly to expensive for me) or the UAE, but thats it. Ok, Turkey and Egypt would be also interesting, but not for the moment. I also would like to see someday a desert, but then, I would prefer the deserts of the USA, Australia or the Tabernas Desert in Spain. But I also would not live in a desert. To hot and dry.
  3. I will not say that I hate it. But I have big respect about it. I don't believe into ghosts or something like that, but I have respect because it is really dangerous in old buildings at night. On the one side, when it is a lost place, there are a lot of things who can hurt you (like that the ground is unstable or that there are sharp edges for example). The other thing are other humans and maybe some animals. But because of the reason that we don't have that much dangerous animals here in germany, last thing is not the biggest problem. But other humans is for me personal the second biggest risk in old buildings after the building itself.
  4. The creators said that it is for everyone to decide themself if they are together or not. For me personal, no, they are not together. The small Hoof on the head scene can be a hint, but it is not enough for me personal so that I decide for me that they are together. I need stronger hints so that I see a shipping as canon (like the proposal from Lyra and Bon Bon). I guess the reason that the creators don't made it official is that Appledash is a shipping with a lot of fans but also haters and they maybe don't wanted to make the non-appledashers mad. For me personal, I am neither a hater nor a fan of this shipping. I can live with it, but personal, there are AJ and RD shippings which I find more interesting.
  5. I like a lot of different music styles: Metal (mostly Progressive Metal, Melodic Death metal, Heavy metal, Power Metal, etc.), Rock (mostly Prog Rock, Post-Rock, Hard Rock, etc.), EDM (mostly Trance, Progressive House), Folk, Country and even sometimes some Pop music (but mostly 80s Synth Pop). Or short, when I like some music, I listen to it indifferent which genre it is. The time where I called myself a full blood metalhead are over.
  6. Finally, after three days with stormy wind, heavy rain, hail, snow and lightnings, the storm has gone, the sky is really clear and the temperatures are really cool (2°C).
  7. Here a self made vector of Cayenne and Citrus Blush while both making a proposal for each other. The base was a screencap of Lyra and Bon Bon from the episode "The Big Mac Question". Picture on DeviantArt
  8. I did that when I was younger. But nowadays, no, I eat them normal.
  9. My favorite villain is Tirek because he was in my opinion one of the most dangerous villains the mane 6 ever confront. From the antagonists, it is for me the great and powerful trixie (even she is not an antagonist anymore).