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  1. For a day? Why not. It would be interesting to know how it is as a woman.
  2. IronM17

    Name Every MLP Character

    Fiery Fricket
  3. IronM17

    Your favourite...

    I don't play in a casino. Favorite american city?
  4. IronM17

    Know them or don't know them?

    Nope David Gilmour
  5. IronM17

    Do you own the above thing or not?

    Nope Do you own a snow globe?
  6. IronM17

    Word Association

  7. IronM17

    Change One Letter of a Four-Letter Word

  8. IronM17

    Tea or Coffee

    I love tea (I currently drink a tea while I write this). I am not so a coffee fan. I like coffee mostly with a lot of milk. But when I have to choose between a tea or a coffee, I take tea.
  9. IronM17

    Know them or don't know them?

    Yes Lionel Messi
  10. My favorite Instrument are the guitar (and mostly the electric guitar) and Synthesizer. Guitar because I love the sound of them and especially great guitar soli and Synthesizer ebcause you can make so many interesting things with it. I also like pedal-steel-guitars and Uilleann Pipes because of their sounds. Saddly, i can not paly any of them and also don't have currently the time to learn these instruments.
  11. IronM17

    Where is your dream location to live?

    I am actually quiet happy to live here in the Rhineland, West Germany. I live on the country side which have in my opinion some advantages (like a quieter and darker night or that it is not so hot in summer than in a city) but also not to far away from the next bigger City (Bonn). But when I would leave Germany, I would mostly like to move to New Zealand, Canada or Scandinavia.
  12. IronM17

    Something That You Can't Go To Sleep With/Without?

    I am surprised that so many here need a fan when they sleep. For me, it must be really quiet (I even turn my fan off in summer when I go to sleep) and also dark (I even cover up the LEDs in my room or turning them off). Moreover, I can not sleep with an open door, a closed window and clothes. I also need at minimum one thin blanket and two pillows.
  13. IronM17

    Know them or don't know them?

    Nope, never heard that name before. Christoph Waltz
  14. IronM17

    Do you own the above thing or not?

    Nope Do you own a model aeroplane?