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  1. Luv the profile pic!  :catface:

  2. I hope I am still sleeping and this is just a nightmare. o.O
  3. Cold (4°C) and cloudy with sometimes rain. Typical november weather.
  4. My favorite color is red, followed by black and blue. But red is my favorite since I can think.
  5. Wow, that is a lot. I wish I could travel so much. At least, I am happy that I can add Austria to this list as number seven. ^^
  6. After I saw so many art works lately on DA, I got really curious. My first thinking was: "I know this art style from somewhere. But where?" And then I found out that it is the creator of this video which I know since 2014. Anyway, i must say that the Pilot was actually really good (what is btw. really rarely that I find a pilot really good). I especially enjoyed Alestor (reminds me a little bit of Discord, just more sadistic and creepy ... in a positive way) and Angel Dust. I also find the art style really interesting. Nice ideas of demon designs and an interesting using of the colors red, black, white and pink. I am definitelly interested how this show will go on.
  7. When there is a spider or an insect in my room, I take some sort of box, catch it, go to the balcony and let it free. When it is to cold outside (like in winter were spiders often are in the house), I also go to the cellar or the attic and let it free there.
  8. I live in the german state of wine and volcanoes, called Rhineland-Palatinate. It is really beautiful here with the lot of mountains, the old towns, the castles and the rhine gorge.
  9. I am a shower person. It is faster and also cheaper to shower than to take a bath.
  10. I usually shower at the evening. On the morning, I often don't have the time to shower (yes, I could stand up earlier but I don't want to), I only wash myself. But when I go to bed, I want to be clean after a long day where I was out of my house. When I have to work where I get dirty, than I shower directly when I am done with my work, and when I don't have to work, I shower at the evening.
  11. This happens for me too. I woke up a few seconds before the earthquake hits my house. Luckily it was just a light one with a magnitude about 4,4 (earthquakes in west germany are really rarely heavy). But I was really shocked at the moment because I never experienced such a thing before. Ok, there was one with the magnitude around 5,9 (one of the heaviest earthquakes in germany), but I was 3 years old at that time and I can not remember if I woke up or not. A few times. There are definitelly nicer ways to wake up. The worst thing is that I sometimes have the feeling that I can not breath anymore when i have a sleep paralyzis. It is really a ugly feeling. Anyway, what me sometimes happen is that I bit on my lips or my tongue in the night. Oh, and once while I was on a vacation trip and had to share a bed with a friend, I kicked him while I sleep. The fun fact is that I woke up from the kick but he not. But besides this, I never had something really strange things in my sleep ... except for some really weird dreams.
  12. For me, it is definitely beer. So many people love to drink beer. But I really don't like the taste of beer. I find it really disgusting. And besides this, I don't drink alcohol generally.
  13. Facts about Rhineland-Palatinate, a state from germany: - Rhineland-Palatinate is besides Hesse the state with the biggest forest area in germany. 42% of the surfsce from Rhineland-Palatinate is wooded. When it is about population, Rhinelad-Palatinate lies in the middle of the german states. - Rhineland-Palatinate is one of the warmest states in germany, especially around the Rhine. While other regions are really famous for their beer, Rhineland-Palatinate is famous for their wine. We have the most wine-growing areas in whole germany. The region Palatinate is also famous for the cultivation of vegetable and is often called Tuscany of germany because of the vineyards and a lot of subtropical plants like Bananas, palm trees, fig trees, stone pines or mediterran cypresses which grows there. - the western and northern parts (where I live), or more correct Westerwald and Eifel, are volcanic mountain ranges. While the Westerwald is not active anymore, the Eifel, especially the lake laach, shows activity and an eruption is a potential hazard for middle europe. When this volcane erupt the last time, magmatic rocks were hurled as far afield as Italy and Sweden. Besides this, the Rhine Area is also an earthquake zone.