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  1. Here a vector of my personal Canterlot mane 6 while they make a polonaise. Picture on DeviantArt
  2. One of the best guitar compositions ever.
  3. Love
  4. Mega Thread

    Cummolonimbus Do You Like thunderstorms?
  5. straight?
  6. Mega Thread

    The dispersion of the blue light is bigger than the dispersion of the red light in our atmosphere. Are you good in physics?
  7. Changeling Nope, they are not known as sisters ... that would be also a little bit strange because I ship both.
  8. Mega Thread

    I am not the biggest fan of the Live-action remakes to be honestly. WHat do you like more, traditional animation or CGI?
  9. Mega Thread

    Both Favorite pony race and why?
  10. Mega Thread

    I don't have one. PC or Laptop?
  11. I made an apprenticeship as a gardener.
  12. Mega Thread

    Yes, it makes fun. Can you play tennis?