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  1. Well, the first episode I saw was actually "Griffon the brush off". I found that episode over YouTube (in german btw.) afetr I watched a MLP fan video. And after I watched that episode, I saw what was the first episode and watched then the whole first two seasons in a row.
  2. The Donkey from Shrek Who is this?
  3. No, I am not a fan of piercings at all. Ok, earrings are the most harmless variant of piercings for me personal. It also look good on some people. But on me, it would look really stupid I guess.
  4. Not that I know. Do you own a gemstone?
  5. I live in the Rhineland, one of the warmest regions in germany. Snow is not that common here. We usually have every winter a few snow days, but then, the snow is normally really wet and muddy. It can happen, that we got a really cold winter with a lot of really nice snow, but that is more a rarity. And in the last winters, snow became also more and more a rarity. last winter for example, we had only two days with really snow.