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  1. This avatar, I approve of such a thing.

  2. Background Ponies Appreciation Club

    I overworked my Viva Las Pegasus night version because I wasn't so happy with the old one. Here is the result. Picture on DeviantArt
  3. Background Ponies Appreciation Club

    Not really. Daisy, Lily and Rose for example have jobs as florists. Octavia is cellist. There are also other backgroundponys where have a job. Btw.: I also made once a vector of her. Picture on DeviantArt
  4. Background Ponies Appreciation Club

    I would say so. The german voice actors even know the fandom. That is why the german Twilight said in one episode "Twilightiös" in translation to Twilightlicious. There is a german fan dub of the Twilightlicious video and the german voice actor of Twilight voiced Twily in this smal video. They are also often guests on the biggest german MLP convention Galacon. Even the Backgroundpoyns have usually different Voice Actors, but saddly, the names of the Actors are not foten listed in the credits. I am glad that the Voice Actors of the Canterlot Girls are listed.
  5. Background Ponies Appreciation Club

    first: WTF? Female main Characters with male voices? Are they drunk? One thing is sure. When one of the Trendsetters (or more than one) get another speaking role, I will shout loud "yes". When they also get an official name, I will scream like a girl who sees the Backstreet boys. And when the name is the fandom name ... you can open a thread with the titel "In remembrance for IronM17". I like the german version. Some things are not so good as in the original (like Spikes song ... it was a torture x.x), but other are really good in my opinion. But a lot of german bronies don't like the german dubs. I don't know why. A lot. In contrast to the english version, the germans has so many different voice actors. For example, Rarity, Granny Smith, Luna, Photo Finish or Mrs. Cake has in the english all the same voice actor (Tabitha St. germain), in the german version, they have different voice actors for each character. Also Pinkie and Fluttershy or Aj and Rainbow have different Voice actors. Sometimes, but really rarely. Tree Hugger for example was translated with a totally stupid name. She was called Baumlibchen (Treedear in english). I know it was because of the Nicknames from Discord, but really? It sounds so stupid. I mean that they tried to avoid the german words for war in the first two seasons, but I am not sure anymore. In later Seasons, the word war was used. Derpy also don't have her name in the german version. But this is because germany got the transcript where her name was already censored in the USA. Oh and funny, while Fluttershy was in the english version only peeved, in the german version, she used a little bit harder words.
  6. Background Ponies Appreciation Club

    That could be the reason. I hope we will see a lot of them in S8. I mean, in S7, the most of my favorites was shown really short in one or two episodes (usually in a crowd) or they wasn't in S7. Ok, a few of them got nice roles like Strawberry Sunrise or Raspberry Vinaigrette. Oh, btw.: Fun fact: Raspberry, who is obviously a female character, has a male voice in the german version. I mean, srsly, I can understand when they give Rumble a female voice because of his female muzzle, but a mare with a male voice is just wrong.
  7. Background Ponies Appreciation Club

    My big problem with the background ponies from the movie is that they only use a few models and recolour them. Most of them are repainted old background ponies from the older seasons. For example, the first is a coloring of Apple Fritter with the colors of Octavia. They also used some clones. For a unique background pony fan like me a bit disappointing. None of my favorite background ponies was used (is not like that it plays in Canterlot), but a lot of recolors. Btw.: In the last picture Seafoam is in the background with Apple Fritters design. I mean, the show has so many great awesome pony designs and the movie has such an awesome background (I mean, look at Canterlot, a dream). I don't get it why they use only recolors and also clones (the worst for me).
  8. Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Nope, I don't have a waifu. Do you have a waifu?
  9. The Geography Game

  10. Change One Letter of a Four-Letter Word