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  1. I have spent this whole week playing video games and escaping from boredom, so pretty gud I guess :3
  2. die


    1. 1943


      [racism 1]


  3. Merry Christmas! It's been decided so by Discord's fanclub! Enjoy!

  4. Happy 4th of july :)

    1. Alpharius


      Happy fourth to you

  5. Okay, think about the name "Neon Flash"... Whelp. I guess everybody's gonna go blind
  6. Wolfenstine 3D. Why you may ask? Well I was busy judging the game by its name. I eventually got the game cuz I was bored and realized that the game was more fun and challenging than I thought it would be. I mean how can tearing Nazis to pieces with a minigun not be fun?
  7. I sold a good half of my cs:go skins, only to buy moar tf2 hats. My friends hate me XD

  8. That bloody feeling when you are trying to do something, but you fail so many times that you realize you haven't made progress at all XD

  9. I really don't know, I feel like he could be "cute", but it would depend on certain factors. I just don't know :|
  10. I have issues every time I see a button, buttons will be the death of me :3

  11. The halo series (excluding halo 5, halo 5 was horrible) Tf2 Fallout And Titanfall I can't choose between them ;-;
  12. Oi m8's! ... Gud nite m8's!