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  1. FadedSkies

    Luna Fan Club

    Ahhhh look at her cute face
  2. FadedSkies


    No. Its about boats.
  3. FadedSkies


    If you didnt know, I'm a huge car enthusiast. I love everything about cars and it is a dream of mine to hopefully own a nice sports car. On July 4th, i attended my first car meet. They would always have one when I'm busy so i was really excited for this one because i got to go! I was not disappointed at all for what i had to see. McLaren 650s Nissan GTR (Left) Ferrari F12 Berlinetta (Right) Lamborghini Aventador Roadster I was really surprised to see the Ferrari because the F12 is really rare here in Ontario. Audi R8 Lamborghini Huracan Ferrari 458 Speciale Lamborghini Murcielago I didnt upload all the cars that came because there were just too many! If i had to pick which one was my favourite from the whole meet, it would have to be the green Aventador Roadster and the F12. This was really a great and amazing experience because this is something you dont see everyday. It also gives me motivation and inspiration to work hard to hopefully afford one of these one day. And a video of a few cars leaving
  4. FadedSkies

    Gaming The Official League of Legends Thread

    Sometimes i have really bad games(and i mean REAL BAD) and sometimes i have really good games. This game was probably my best yet. Tbf their Ashe and Talon fed a lot.
  5. FadedSkies

    Gaming E3 '15 Thread

    Horizon looks so fucking beautiful! I absolutely cannot wait for this game.
  6. FadedSkies

    Automatic vs Manual Transmission?

    I prefer semi-automatic because sometimes i like taking over control of the car. And i also prefer paddle shifters over stick shift.
  7. FadedSkies

    Gaming The Official League of Legends Thread

    Had a great game with the bae Ahri and freaking heimerdinger stole what could of been my first penta
  8. FadedSkies

    Gaming The Official League of Legends Thread

    I cant believe i didnt find this this thread sooner. I started playing LoL 2 months ago and now im addicted to this game. My main is Ahri (she was also the very first champion i bought) and i play mid lane most of the time. Its so much fun playing as Ahri even though shes been nerfed a few times. I just think shes the one that suits me the most. My IGN is: fadedskies9 (N.A region)
  9. I took a shower 10 minutes ago
  10. FadedSkies

    Where Are You From?

    Im from Toronto Ontario, Canada! But I've always wanted to live in British Columbia
  11. FadedSkies

    Luna Fan Club

    This makes me want to snuggle with her
  12. FadedSkies

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    Our fandom works fast! This would of taken me ages
  13. FadedSkies

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    Look how cute those little boots look on her
  14. FadedSkies

    S05:E05 - Tanks for the Memories

    I really love today's episode. We got to see Rainbow Dash's soft/cute side (she's always cute anyways ) and when she cried along with Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie, it really hit me. Seeing Dashie sad makes me sad . Its always hard to say goodbye to someone you love even if its just for a while. And we FINALLY got a Rainbow Dash solo song ("Awesome as i Wanna Be" doesnt count) and it was amazing! The song was so sweet and Ashleigh Ball nailed it. Tanks for the memories is my favourite episode this season so far followed by Castle Sweet Castle. Season 5 is still just getting started and i cannot wait for what else it has to offer.
  15. FadedSkies

    Luna Fan Club

    Sleepy Luna is sleepy and i can surely relate to her every single day. I also like how she has 2 donuts on her horn