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    Animating, mainly with the source filmmaker software on steam, I'm skilled in computers currently taking a course on them.

    Japan is a country I just love, not japan's lowlands (The city areas) but the higher lands, barley touched by human hands with the exception of many shrines and temples scattered around the mountains, one thing on the bucket list is to see the 50 shrines in japans mountains, but walking to them all. by bus it takes 2 weeks, on foot. 2 months...

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  1. Finally finding the ponies and pages bookstore, Hyper entered, the bell rigged to the door gave a gentle ring as it opened. I slowly shut the door behind me to make as little noise as possible which after that I walked over to the "History" section of the store, glancing over each book I could not find anything that represented what I was looking for, "A brief outlook of chaos in Equestria" I walked towards the counter and asked if they had this book in stock.