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    Animating, mainly with the source filmmaker software on steam, I'm skilled in computers currently taking a course on them.

    Japan is a country I just love, not japan's lowlands (The city areas) but the higher lands, barley touched by human hands with the exception of many shrines and temples scattered around the mountains, one thing on the bucket list is to see the 50 shrines in japans mountains, but walking to them all. by bus it takes 2 weeks, on foot. 2 months...

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  1. its been a while. Forum has thatcharm which keeps me coming back :)

  2. merry Christmas from your local samurai pony in England! have a great day! you are the best ponies around!

  3. had a little incident with my dog, in terms of which I accidentally stepped on one of her paws so she went for my arms, nothing serious, just light stinging pain every so often.

  4. Time to sleep, lots of work tomorrow

  5. good morning, and goodbye :P got to head off to school so there will be a lack of chat for a few hours from me, cya soon

  6. I kept on getting this one error in my code I had no idea how to fix, after an hour of trying I flipped out and threw my keyboard halfway across the room, now I'm using a replacement.

  7. spending most of my sunday night punching out some business work, although I have an hour and a half to do it tomorrow, which is more than enough time, I just want to tire myself out so I can fall asleep easier tonight :D

    1. Malinter


      sleep after a hard days work is best sleep

    2. Bastion


      that it is my friend, besides, it gives me more time to work on other projects tomorrow, such as the Christmas game I was putting together for the forums, although it looks like it may be late at this rate, got to step up my game!

  8. Yes thats right, you have the chance to win me! (just kidding, but Bastion is a pretty darn good game in my opinion) Now where is my wallet.
  9. oh great rainbow dash has licked me, Now I will horribly wait for the 4chan thread to start making jokes about me, and the artwork, oh god no!
  10. Not a option *Blocks out a couple of shadow bolts with his sword, getting his in the leg with one other bolt* *Begins to strike at StromGiggle with his katana, which is still on fire*
  11. 220717 No idea if he is still here, guess we'll have to wait and see
  12. Sorry, I summoned him here, Speaking of which I appear to be in the wrong house, and the wrong world, I best head back to Equestria. Cya, oh, and best of luck dealing with StormGiggle, gotta go!