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  1. I found the guy with the all the missing 10mm sockets! GET HIM!

    1. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      I already caught him lol 

    2. Gearbox10mm


      Finders keepers. ^_^

    3. Lucky Bolt
  2. Hay thanks for the follow back 

  3. *notices a cool user with a cool name*

    *sees he hasn't visited since 2017*

    *cries in a corner* 

    ......*follows him anyway*

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    2. Xe__or


      I suppose you recieved an email which told you about this status update? :P Welcome back

    3. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      HE’S ALIVE?!?

    4. Gearbox10mm


      Yep email. Lol 

  4. The writing was so ham-fisted it hurt and most of the jokes were cringe worthy. For once It actually felt like I was watching a dumbed down cartoon made for little kids. I'd have to write out an entire review in order to list everything bad about this episode.
  5. I didn't think they could do it, but they did. They finally managed to make an episode that I HATE! Spike episodes are already at the bottom of my likability scale, but this...THIS steaming pile of dragon excrement marks an all new low for the series. I mean what even was that? Because it sure wasn't the same MLP that I've come to know and love.
  6. Now that I've been watching the show for over a year, and the fact that bronies themselves have been around for going on 6 years, the whole thing just feels kinda like old news to me. At this point, really who cares? The shock factor wore off long ago. I've never told anybody that I'm a brony, but that's mostly because nobody has ever asked.
  7. I'm pretty sure that baby is a demon reincarnated from gen3. "shudders"
  8. I only drink tap water. I keep at least a half dozen juice bottles filled with tap water in the fridge at all times. Most store bought bottled water tastes weird to me, and some of it is down right awful.
  9. Best Pony is finally getting some banner love. Bout time.

    1. Riganthor


      oh that background pony :P

    2. Kyoshi


      She should have a joy-tremble face now. :3

  10. How about a Sega Genesis? It seemed like the only way to get them to work was to blow air into the bottom of the game cartridge.
  11. I actually do watch the news, it's about the only thing I routinely watch on television these days. I often keep it on in the background for it's white noise value.
  12. I carry a single AA Bushnell flashlight, a large folding Kershaw knife, a small fixed blade Kershaw knife and a bandanna at all times. If I'm staying at home, I'll also have a Glock 19 or 20 and sometimes a spare magazine. If I'm going to town, I'll nix the gun and add my wallet. I do really need to get my carry license. My wallet contains my trusty Swiss Card multi-tool and also has a medium sized folding Buck knife clipped to the outside of it. I really want to get a Fisher Space Pen and a small Write in the Rain note pad to carry in a back pocket.
  13. Nope, don't have one and never did. I'm being dead serious when I say I've not had a single face to face conversation with someone near my own age since the day I graduated from high school. That's been 10 years now. My only real contact with the outside world, besides some family members, is through internet forums like this one. That's the main reason I joined this site in the first place, I found this great new thing call MLP and didn't have anyone to discus it with. Admittedly, It's not a great lifestyle to live, but I'm used to it by now.
  14. It is a little condescending to suggest being athletic or a hard worker are inherently non-feminine traits.
  15. My fantasy dream job would be to design and build luxury log & timber frame homes. Extra emphasis on "fantasy" because I'm no where near smart enough to be an architect. Never the less, their design and architecture has always fascinated me. Not to mention that they are simply gorgeous.