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  1. Vox

    Favorite musical instrument.

    My personal favorites are drums and bass guitar/double bass, but I suppose that's my player's bias. I have the most experience on bass guitar and have played primarily in jazz/blues ensembles going on 3 years now. I have a want (and need) to get better at guitar, but I consider it a bit more of a "specialist" instrument for the kind of stuff I fancy. Truthfully I only want to improve as a blues/jazz soloist on guitar a la Eric Clapton's early work or Henry Vestine/John Lee Hooker. I've only played a few gigs where we didn't have a Hammond B-3 on hand. They're fantastic little keyboards with a huge and swirling sound. Leslie speakers also make great guitar amps for semi-wah-wah type effect. Always have preferred hammonds to pianos or other electronic keyboards. They add R&B and psychedelic flavor to any arrangement and are fantastic for anything from soul to progressive rock.
  2. Buy some Alembics and stare at what's left.
  3. Vox

    General Do You Have An Accent?

    I have a South County (Rhode Island) New England accent, it pops up quite a bit when i'm tired.
  4. I'm a huge anglophile. quite a few of my family members formerly lived in the UK so the slang and spelling has rubbed off. Admittedly I willingly picked it up. I'll go with British English.
  5. Foodfight. I watched it because Christopher Lloyd was in it, who was great in Taxi and Back to the Future, but Jesus Christ....
  6. Vox

    Mega Thread What are your computer specs?

    It's decent nowadays, if not a bit outdated. No matter, runs stuff just fine. AMD FX6300 NVIDIA GTX 770 14GB Patriot RAM 1TB Hard Drive Corsair 750W Power Supply I don't play many demanding/new games at the moment, and I spend most of my money on musical equipment anyhow.
  7. Vox

    How Do You Sneeze?

    I usually hold it in, I sneeze a lot for some reason. Allergies maybe.
  8. Vox

    Have you ever stolen anything?

    Some little figurines from the board game Risk from my elementary school when i was 6. I returned em later, but when i was a youngster i was obsessed with tiny models like that.
  9. Vox

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Woah, It's certainly been a while
  10. Vox

    General Bisexual Support Thread

    I don't get anything negative about it, but i don't really tell either. I suppose living in the land of fruits nuts would imply that i'd be pretty well received.
  11. Vox

    mega thread What is your sexuality ?

    Straight, realized i'd never actually do anything with another guy. So much for that.
  12. Guitar soloing, otherwise it's a rhythm life for me.
  13. Vox

    Bi, Straight, Gay, or Lesbian