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  1. omg I'm watching mlp in japanese >.<

  2. Anyone have any music suggestions? I'm into soft (I guess) screamo like mice and men, stuff like mcr and fob, and Stuff like twenty one pilots
  3. thanks! Iv'e Kinda just got into it the last few months so I could totally use pointers
  4. HOME ALONE 2! nah I like The nightmare before christmas (does that even count?) and christmas carol
  5. Well shit your'e good but I think I have withstood from your insults flung and praises self sung pretty good, for someone barely out of childhood See aggressiveness isn't impressiveness and I think I'm on the precipice of something good here but i'm not that severe you have a silver tongue b***h you ain't speaking and I have a thick skin that you aren't really breaching I'll be in the kitchen roasting people who come up against me Iv'e dealt with the hate of the queen bee Ive' seen nasty rumours set free But I just sat there idly now this has been fun but I think I'm done I"ll go write one of these and then sing that one hell yeah i said sing I can write and play Iv'e blown everyone my age out of the water away Now I'm getting tired of attempting to slay I'll come up with something some other day (you are so good! can you teach me or give advice some time? I'm trying to get into more spoken wordy rap lyrics for songs)
  6. I do't mind being a sinner guns are for people who cant shoot saying amen? well isn't that cute Iv'e never been one for rhyming I think it's kind of a cheat you say you blast fire? I can take the heat. once I collabed got back stabbed she walked away in defeat I mot be the best rapper But I can still take the floor please don't talk slow that would be such a bore. My fingers form chords that move poeple to tears whispering my take on life in the crowds ears melodies tragic, and pleasing, your'e the one who's teasing? My words can sting my lyrics sing just bow down and kiss the ring but hell, your'e pretty amazing (this is fun but I feel like i'm up against poeple who are older ie more experiance) ((oh whale))
  7. 24/7 i'm sleepy but hey that won't keep me from getting in your face i got no more to disgrace yeah I might me depressed but hey you shouldv'e guessed I'll be thinking of you when there's noone left calling your shit calling the shots more where that came from? b**ch I got lots wow that was really bad. yikes.
  8. @@Pripyat Pony Corona smiled wistfully. "your mom sounds like a cool person. I like travelling because it gives me inspiration to paint. To be honest, its a lot more fun than my other job." she said. "What kind of places have you been to? I'm always trying to find new places to travel to."