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  1. Batman is my all time favourite, but I do also really like Martian Manhunter.
  2. Hey everypony, Whether you liked episode 100 or not, I'm sure most of you are happy about at least some of the background ponies speaking roles. Do you think (And like the idea) that we should see some of these ponies have minor roles in future episodes? I for one would love to see Derpy have some interaction with characters like Pinkie or Twilight, even if its just a few lines here or there. Anyways what do you all think?
  3. As both her parents are in the Royal Guard, Ion ended up being born in Canterlot, despite her parents both being from Cloudsdale. But hey, being from Canterlot isn't a bad thing in Equestria..
  4. I'd been meaning to listen to the Dio tribute album for a while now, and got round to it last week, and the Metallica song is by far my favourite:
  5. I agree with this. I do however find that its ok to push some aspects of an oc above the normal levels so long as there is a convincing justification for it. If you tone down the character too much it ends up becoming bland and uninteresting. I agree with the alicorn point, but I do think that it is possible for an OC to be friends with a canon character so long as they aren't pushed into a role that another canon character would fill for that pony (For example, a party loving oc, being good friends with Rainbow Dash). As Equestrian culture is all about friendship, it isn't unreasonable for OC's to be friends with a mane character or minor character, just not close friends. Plus the mane six always seem to be everywhere in Equestria these days.
  6. 1 - She trusts the Princesses judgement on the matter. This may be because she wasn't really affected by his shenanigans. 2 - As she was present during the Changeling attack on Canterlot she really doesn't feel comfortable around them (Her brother was also attacked during the attack as he is in the royal guard). She does however have an interest in the science behind their shapeshifting powers (She is a very curious pony). 3 - Twilight Sparkle. This may be because she knew Twilight at Celestia's School in Canterlot when she was still young, and Twilight has a similar love of learning and science. Still Ion has no problems with any Princess and likes them all. 4 - Without knowing the human world existed I would say she wouldn't believe them without real evidence.
  7. I went for colours that are easy on the eyes and won't offend them (Some OC colour schemes i've seen burn your eyes to look at, with very bright, highly opposite colours that just don't work together). A golden yellow colour was what I started with on Ion, and originally I had a mild shade of blue for the mane and tail. I changed it to a magenta shade of red (I do like redheads in real life ) which just worked. I did keep some blue in the mane and tail mostly for story reasons.
  8. A box with mane clips for all kinds of occasions. A journal with all her various scientific data from her many projects. (Well more than one journal) A tail band, which was given to her by her brother before she moved from Canterlot.
  9. I have a few OC's but my main one is Ion (My namesake here): Here she is: The background for her is linked in my sig. And for those who are interested here are my other OC's (All the same family):
  10. I don't. MLP is one of the things I enjoy, but I have other hobbies I am way more active in such as Magic: The Gathering and Warhammer 40k. And those two aren't cheap.
  11. Thanks But why a taco? I'm curious..
  12. When you do please share them. And thanks
  13. Thank you very much. Ion approves