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  1. Hello! I do remember and all I can is that I was heavily surprised. I really didn't expect the show to be that enjoyable for me. Let's just say that I was struck with a pleasant surprise at the time.
  2. Concord

    Which pony cheers you up the most?

    Hello! Obviously in most people cases it will be their favourite ponies. I'm no exception. The ponies that cheer me up the most are Spitfire and Celestia. Why? I don't know. They just do. Though I must add that almost any pony can be successful in cheering me up.
  3. Concord

    Do You Believe in Paranormal Activities

    Haha! Exactly! When it comes to movies I had similar experiences after watching Mirrors. Couldn't stare at a Mirror for a week or two.
  4. Concord

    Motivation Quote Thread Of Hope

    Hello! I like to recall to these words whenever I'm think about taking on a new Hobby or new Life style habits. "You don't have to be great to start, you need to start to become great!" - Zig Ziglar
  5. Concord

    Do You Believe in Paranormal Activities

    Hello! Haha! As with all my posts in the past, I'll try to be quick to the point. (Awesome new emoticons Forum gods!) I tend to not believe in paranormal activities. I believe in spirits and all sorts of energies but ghosts? Nah. Though, the funny thing is and I think most people here will agree with me, we all tend to magically become believers when we suddenly apear in a situation where we are all alone in a dark and cold place like a forest. G'aaah! Gives me chills even thinking about it!
  6. Concord

    Ask Princess Trollestia

    Hello your highness. I quite missed this place How's it been going for you?
  7. Hello! Most of the bronies never watched the earlier gens. I think some of us remember those times when little girls or sisters used to harass us with their G1 ponies (Mostly directed towards the male audience). Most of us would tend to run and hide from those pinkish Frankenhorses. Personally, I too only like the new generation.
  8. Concord

    Would you date the user above you?

    Hello! And since that question has been brought up... Goodbye!
  9. Concord

    Super famous forum memebers

    Hello! Hmm, well... I believe the famous people here are known for being either extremely nice and funny, taking up staff duties or being an artist. Ohh! Huge avatars and signatures are also a must... Don't forget all those gifs and a huge profile page to keep them viewers coming. Either way, popularity shouldn't be a priority in these forums. If you pay attention to the quality of your posts you'll get noticed soon enough. It's always better to have a few amazing friends than have hundreds of people stalking your profile. But then again, all that power does sound tempting...
  10. Concord

    What does your last name mean

    Hello! I'm not going to reveal my last name. The internet can be a dangerous place to reveal personal information. Basically, my last name means that I'm a person who can fly. It's somewhat ironic as I'm a little bit afraid of heights, though I'm not too sure how our family got that name... (People's last names were chosen by what they were known for back here.)
  11. Concord

    Mega Thread Ever meet any other Bronies in RL?

    Hello! Haha! Well, I personally never met another brony in real life. Though, I always wonder what it would be like... Perhaps someday I'll bump into "somepony".
  12. Concord

    I love you because

    I love you because your a nice and funny guy.