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  1. Skar

    How would ponies use weapons?

    My theory would be short blades along a pony's leg. There would be a strap-like object attached to the leg as well keeping the blade in place. There would be a mechanism on it that works similar to a modern pocket knife. (By quickly moving the leg, the blade would spin outward, snapping into place. Then the pony would press down on a button to sheath the blade)
  2. Skar

    Gaming The Legend of Zelda Challenge!

    -Legend of Zelda -Zelda II: The adventure of Link - A Link to the Past - Link's Awakening - Ocarina of Time - Majora's Mask -Oracle of Ages - I don't care for the toon link games at all. I've played them, just didn't tick with me. -Oracle of Seasons -Four Swords (GBA Version) -Wind Waker -Minish Cap -Twilight Princess -Phantom Hourglass -Spirit Tracks -Skyward Sword - This is killing me, I REALLY NEED TO PLAY IT. My Wii broke, and I'm saving up for the Wii U.
  3. I've actually ran into 2 random bronies in my area! 1 in Wal-mart and another at Dollar General. It was pretty awesome, we talked a bit and brohoofed. Both noticed my Pony shirt I was wearing.
  4. Skar

    Gaming What game are you most excited for the release of?

    World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. Monks man, MONKS! Starbound (The so called predecessor of Terraria) BioShock: Infinite - Really loved the first two. Little bummed there won't be Little Sisters and Big Daddies though.
  5. Skar

    Favourite MLP:FiM Quotes!

    "If I can't find a friendship problem, I'll make a friendship problem!" --Insane Twilight "I'm the world champ y'know, I bet you can't beat me!" *Squee* --Fluttershy "Well, DUH!" --Pinkie Pie
  6. Name: Skar Partner Name: Dave247 Minecraft Usernames: DaltonX5 and Dave_247 Skype?: Yes Minecraft: Legit Other Games: TERA, Terraria, Portal 2, DC Universe Online, World of Warcraft (All Legit)
  7. I throw my MineCraft in the air sometimes, saying OOH NO, THAT CREEPERS GONNA BLOW!
  8. Skar

    New Pony Shirts!

    I got all the shirts from didn't say emo, said emo-ish. It's the way she's positioned. Yeah, it's a shame I haven't been active. Been delving back into the world of MMORPGs.
  9. Skar

    How many of you watch Anime?

    It's 3rd place in most important things in my life. 2nd is video games. 1st of course, is ponies. yay.
  10. Skar

    New Pony Shirts!

    First off, Pinkie Pi Then we have Vinyl Scratch, who's being clumsy and dropping the bass. Then the emo-ish Octavia. And of course FLUTTERSHY! yay. I've never felt more manly in my entire life.
  11. Skar

    Video In This Legacy PMV

    Sorry about the video being removed! Re-uploaded. Was switching YouTube accounts and deleted all the videos from my old account.
  12. Skar

    Return of the Nico

    Hello! I remember you from when I was first starting out on the forums. Good to see you come back! Oh did I mention you were a god to me?
  13. Skar

    Season 3 Having 13 Episodes

    What if the episodes are an hour long! I doubt it, but that would make it as long as the other seasons. Also, really hope it doesn't fall under that "65 Episode Rule"
  14. Skar

    The Trixie Army

  15. Skar

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for being post #19404