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    I like texting music I dnt rlly listen Pony musik tht coulf change i guess, I like people pony art I think mine cool looking... ahaha. I love the summer, I like ice cream, My fav Pony Is Pinkie Pie, I feel kinda like her :)
  1. Too a Pony so Heartless Pony East

  2. Well Im tryin make friend n I need help onw hat do here, and what can yu do/.

    1. Chigens and Kay

      Chigens and Kay

      Hover over my name and hit the little add friend icon :)

  3. new pony here!

    1. Chigens and Kay
    2. MrL0LZ


      Greetings Organic.

  4. I found the show on the tv Hub, and Skar my bro already like show, I just wanted make a thingy so I can show yall my Poney, I'm Kaylan Mayes Got facebook please dont be over 18 too fine me and im 16
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