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  1. Happy birthday! ^o^ Hope you have a great time~ ^.~ https://derpicdn.net/img/2013/6/7/342406/large.png

    1. Dave247


      Thank you! ^^

  2. Just wanted to give some much needed exposure to this awesome project. Two people here from the land down under one day decided to make trading cards, but entirely of OC original characters from the fandom, however they need some support to get things off the ground. By supporting the project you can even get your own OC on a card! And it isn't limited to just ponies either. All species from the MLP lore and mythology will be accepted, which means no human antro or Equestria Girls characters. With only less then 20 days to go and the target so close to being reached it would be a shame to go up in smoke so donate before it's too late and get a small piece for yourself. http://pozi.be/ponifiedcards?ra=223141
  3. Pfft. Should of done it in person at Ponycon AU. :3
  4. I'm actaulty suspired how well it's worked for me personally. The BF3 launch was a shambles from my expearence and this time things have been rather smooth. of course there's stuill problems but, nothing major like servers constanly crashing or Battlelog and orign playing up. The've had a few years to get that sorted out as that was half the problem as both the website and client were new when the game laucnhed, with Origin being in Beta back then even. Game servers have already been patched 6 times since launch, queus already enabled, and thre's even a client patch on the way. I don't know what or why but... DICE seem to have everything togther this time round, for the most part at least. Ad for how the gameplay is... think of BF3... but vastly improved. That's my opinion at least. It's everything BF3 should have been right from the beginning, but sadily it took so long for it to get to the point it is now. if your looking for what you previously loved in Batlefield games but want something more, then BF4 is the closest your going to get.
  5. Chaos is is the boring one, because of how easy it is. Being Lawful takes effort, and thus the reward is all the more sweeter then any of your silly chocolate rain.
  6. Well, I might be a but late... again. But better late then never I always say. :3 I could never abandon those who I have precisely served, so I willingly join despite knowing the odds are heavily against us. At the end of the day, I don't care about winning, but about taking part in what's important. Justice will always find a way to prevail in the end.
  7. Look very good Nascar. I'm intrigued how you used the effects you used in the wallpaper such as the blur and the different filters. I'm sure Marco will take it a lot.
  8. Looks quite well done Nascar. Even if you may just be starting out everyone did at one point. Sometimes simple is good as too much can just look like a mess if not done properly.
  9. After hearing a few of your works... i think you've defentantly got what it takes to be a singer/musician if you ever want to. :3 Wing... by day known as the Physicist of Equestria... but by night he is the lead singer of a band known as the WingDings! XD
  10. And so the final post is made, and my time in this RP is up. As much as it pains me to leave it's been almost a year that I've been in this RP now and this is something I should have done a long time ago. I sincerely apologise to the rest of you for holding you all up with my lack of posts in the past, and hope that the RP will continue on without me as a burden. I know this may be unusual for one to write themselves out of an RP instead of the DM, but I just wanted to do my character justice with a final sign off of sorts I guess you could say. Regardless, I wish the best for all of you who still remain and look forward to talking with you all as well as even possibly be in another RP.
  11. Daylight watched and waited for Colt to reply, and noticed that his eyes were not on him. He waited patiently for Colt, who did not say anything until the noise of Alex’s hoofsteps sounded further away. Day just nodded without saying anything, as he didn’t want to risk being overheard by anypony. He had already known what Colt had just told him, and the only reason he came over here was an excuse to remove himself from the awkwardness that had been going on between Ice and Luna earlier. Day looked over to see the two stallions ready to go, as well the two mares who were thankfully only nuzzling each other. To his surprise though, Luna then stood up and without waiting for a response, insisted that she herself to go off ahead having knowledge of the ruins. Looking around, Day noticed that he didn’t seem to be the only one with a shocked expression either, except for Ice who seemed as if she was about to fall asleep. Not wanting to leave Ice by herself in her current state now that Luna had left, he walked over to where she was lying and lay beside her, their coats touching for support, but she seemed not to have noticed though as she had already fallen asleep with her head resting on her knee. Not wanting his light to wake her up, he extinguished his horn as Luna who seemed to be back in a good condition again have rested, had lighted hers meaning that Alex would no longer need the torch. He looked over to where Alex was, who he noticed was not only shocked, but also slightly annoyed for some reason. Day got the feeling that there was no way he was going to stay here with the rest of the group, and sure enough, he was right. Alex quickly passed over the torch and canteen to a confused looked Electro before running off to catch up to Luna. He continued to watch as Electro walked off, shaking his head and looking rather lost with what to do and was thinking about doing something to console the colt before he heard his name being spoken. Day quickly turned his head to see that Colt was speaking to him again. The heartfelt words of the dragon touched him deeply. He knew what he had to do, and quickly, confident this time it was the right thing. However, a sudden loud and metallic distracted him, which seemed to be coming from the top of the staircase. Daylight immediately stood up, and took a few steps forward with a rather stern expression in preparation to defend ice if need be, as the closer it got, the more it sounded like a fight of some sorts. Due to the extent of both his light and the torch not being able to reach that far, he was not able to see what it was exactly making that noise until it crashed into the ground at the bottom of the stairs. His stern expression quickly turned into one of shock when he realised… was that Iron? And… some kind of wolf made of wood… Before he was able to get a close enough look at it though, the beast quickly disappeared back the way it came into the darkness. It took awhile for Day to recover though, as he just stood there with a dumbfounded look for a few moments, before shaking his head quickly to clear his thoughts. He watched as he saw Colt stagger over to Iron, before collapsing next to her. despite him being tired, weak and injured, it would not stop his love for what he cared most. As Daylight watched the two of them, Colt’s previous words echoed through his head again, and the weight of what he must do fell on him again. he knew that it was going to require a lot of energy having to heal both Ice and Colt, and didn’t know if he could test fate for him to survive through it a third time… but he had no other choice. Day’s expression changed to one of determination. He turned around and knelt down in front of Ice who amazingly still seemed to be asleep after all that ruckus. Unfortunately though, the knee she was resting her head on was also her injured one, which would pose a problem for the stallion as he wasn’t able to get a clear area of the wound to touch with his horn. he considered for a while, how he could get ice to move without waking her up, and was worried what the effect of trying to nudge her slightly would do… until he got an idea. Day hoped no pony was watching but he didn’t want to worry himself by checking, so he immediately just moved his head inwads and kissed ice on the lips. It was short and passionate, despite being a little strange as the mare was asleep. When he opened his eyes and pulled back, Ice stirred a little, shifting her head slightly with a small whimper. She was clearly still in pain from the wound, but at least now enough of was uncovered for him to touch his horn to it. “Shh… it will be over soon…” Day whispered to her, fully aware that she probably wouldn’t hear him but he didn’t care. Very carefully, Daylight tilted his head downwards and touched the very tip of his horn to the wound and closed his eyes to concentrate. he could feel the energy pass through his horn as a warmth, as he pictured the wound in his mind. This was a little more complicated than a simple cut though, as the thorn has passed right through her knee, piercing a vital nerve that would be need to be repaired as well. It took longer than he expected, and required more energy too, but when he finished he had repaired the nerve as it was the most crucial, and as much as everything else surrounding that as possible. Lifting his head up and opening his eyes to examine his work, Day was disappointed that he had unable to completely heal the wound as there was a still a small scar that remained. He had to cut the spell off where he did though, otherwise he feared he wouldn’t have enough energy left for Colt. Standing back to his hooves rather shakily, Daylight immediately began felt a little light headed, and had to pause a little with a hoof raised to his head while he waited for it to subside before walking over to where Colt and Iron were. He tried to look as natural while trying to hiding the true state he was in as much as possible, but he had never been good at lying. He hoped that because his horn was no longer lit and only the edge of torchlight reached this far he would be able to at least partially conceal himself in the darkness. Once having reached the couple, he silently examined them hoping they wouldn’t notice his presence. iron didn’t look in a good condition from what he could tell… but from what he could see they were only cuts and bruises to various degrees. Plus she was already pulling out what looked to be medical supplies from her saddlebag, so his attention was still required on Colt. Day walked around to the back of the of him as he was still hunched over Iron, trying to make as little noise as possible hoping that the pair of them would continue to be unaware of his presence there. Although the dark scales of the dragon blended into the darkness, he could still clearly make out the mangled wings, and as their was no direct wound, he could just touch his horn to anywhere on the wing. Although Daylight was feeling rather tired and weak again, he didn’t have any time to waste until he was discovered. “Hold still Colt.” Was the last thing he said before lowering his head again touching a outer part of one of his wings with his horn, then closing his eyes to concentrate while he felt the same warmth pass through his horn. Just like with Ice, Day was surprised at the complexity of the injury. He had never healed a dragon before, let alone even the wing of a Pegasus so navigating the mental image of the wing was a bit of a challenge. He wasn’t sure what he needed to focus on being unfamiliar with dragon anatomy, so he just tried to fix as much as he could until… it became too much. As the spell required a deep level of concentration, he was unaware the strain it was putting on his body until it was too late, and he was forced to hastily break it, staggering a few steps back towards ice, before falling over unable to keep his balance. His energy fully spent, Daylight felt tired… extremely tired… a lot more than he’s ever felt before for some reason… he also began to feel quite cold too for some reason, as if there was a strong wind blowing over him… yet he knew there shouldn’t be where they were, otherwise he would have felt it a lot earlier... That’s when the realisation hit him. The spell Celestia had put on the group must have worn on off him. As he had come directly from Manehatten when he heard the news, the spell must not have had enough time or strength to properly set with him… or something like that. It wasn’t important as it was too late to do anything about it now. Daylight’s eye’s were getting very heavy, and he had to fight just to try and keep them open. He thought he could make out the shadowy silhouettes of something standing over him… as well as hear their shouts but… it was all just white noise to him now, as the light was quickly getting replaced with darkness. He had drained himself from healing Colt, a lot more then he probably should have but he couldn’t change that fact now. He just hoped that he had done as a good enough job though as had been unable to inspect his handywork, which was what made it worth all the effort. As he could feel himself slowly drifting away, Day kept cycling the memories everything that had happened since they started the Quest. Alex… the somewhat hard and mysterious pegasus that could never stay still for long… Iron… the guardian with the biggest heart and heaviest armour to weigh it down, as well as Colt… The dragon that no one expected but everyone accepted… he would always think of dragons in a different light from now on thanks to him. Electro… the still growing colt with still much to learn… how it pained him to have to just leave the earth pony to his own endeavours... but he was confidant in his abilities to always be able to dodge any trouble he runs into with his lighting fast reflexes. And finally Ice Storm. How of all things he expected to find on this quest the last of which was love. The last kiss they shared resonated with him deeply, and he made sure it was the thing he focused the most on. The idea of leaving her too felt extremely heavy as it was if he was abandoning her… but he knew that her quick wit and warm heart will melt anything that tries to freeze her over. Besides… she now how both Luna, her Mother, and Iron, her sister to take care of her now. Daylight could feel himself sucumbing to the tirdness, so with his final breath he managed to say to anypony that was around, “Take care… of Ice… only she…” Before he closed his eyes and fully sucumbed to the darkness it brought. While he slept, the same final memories kept playing over and over in his mind, and it was that what gave him hope while he waited for what felt like an eternity… until he woke up.
  12. I'm glad to see you finally ut your hoof down Marco and decided enough was enough. Having been in contact with you on a regular basis following this... it was clear that it was causing you more grief then enjoyment which is not how it's supposed to be. The time has come to finally move onto other pursuits where you will hopefully draw happiness and enjoyment from whatever they may be. I wish you the best of luck with whatever future endeavors you make encounter, and continue to look forward to seeing you being the same old Attorney as always.