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  1. Happy birthday to you =)=)=)=)=)=)=)

  2. *comes here through the Questioner's profile* I love your avatar! She's so cute :3

  3. I. Love. Derpy.

  4. adventure time loves the fart jokes

  5. This has been fixed now, a friend made an account for me and it seems to be working, although they had to make a new email address too ugh. I was using hotmail and gmail, neither worked, but my friend used gmail too and it worked for them >.<
  6. Problem has been fixed, thank you! Does anyone else have trouble making a fimfiction account? I've been trying for six months now, and the verification email won't send to my email accounts, ANY of them, I've tried three and recruited a friend to try to make one for me but the same problem occurs(and yes, I've tried the usual junk folder and such). I'd really like to make an account as people have been using my art for covers and haven't been crediting me, and I'd also just like to dip in and out of the fanfic community. I've searched for an email address I can use to contact the admins but came up with nothing (one email address did pop up for someone named "knightly" but I never got a response) I also tried messaging the site's facebook page, again with no response "£)^%$&$! Does anyone know how I can get past this headache or can someone point me to an email address I can use to contact them? Much appreciated, Dil
  7. Dilarus

    Artist status?

    I dont quite agree that people would see artist status as a cheap and easy alternative to donating, as it takes skill, time, dedication and if your work isnt good people won't commission you. I wanted to drive when I was younger but had to wait until I was old enough for the lessons, what I didn't do was move to a country I was old enough to drive in. Also, is donator status something people would go to the lengths you describe to attain? I asked of this because it would be nice to have a little badge or something neat, I don't see it as a way of lording my position over other members with. I don't use my position as artist to assert authority on any issues that don't pertain to my art. But then I don't assume to understand the dynamics of forums so it could be something people would walk over hot coals to get for all I know.
  8. The yellow pony on this banner seems to be referencing the Godfather scene where Don Corleone puts the orance wedge in his mouth.

  9. Dilarus

    Artist status?

    whilst I see the point, what I'm suggesting doesn't seem like much to ask. Personally I'd use the extra signature space to include a banner that links to my commission shop, which will increase revenue generated for the forum. But there we're having a cyclical argument I suppose.
  10. Dilarus

    Artist status?

    I would like to suggest that resident artists who earn the forum money through commissions get something similar to donator status and access to a larger signature. The reason I say this is that, as an artist for this forum I'm not really happy to pay more from my earned commission money to donate and get access to the benefits when the site already takes a cut from me. I remind you that we do earn money to keep the forum going, and this would be a little acknowledgement that would mean a lot.
  11. Fundraiser successful! thank you everyone!

  12. FUNDRAISER WAS A SUCCESS! We raised $1052.30 in total in under 12 hours! THANK YOU EVERYONE!