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  5. As Arcanel lied in the ground, looking at Dawn in her eyes, he couldn't help but feel guilt as he did. He knew that Dawn was confused. He knew, even in the pained state as he was, that she struggling to know what to do. And he felt it was his fault, for not being able to have avoided being struck. The wail of the light blue unicorn had struck him in his very core. It was too much for him. "No... Dawn... don't cry..." he said in pure sadness, a few tears of his starting to scape as well. The sole fact that he was the reason Dawn had started crying was being too much for him to bear. And the worst was, that he couldn't do a single thing to help her. To stop it. But then suddenly, something caught his eye. In his mind he was too distraught to actually think of any possibility of it being real or not, but Arcanel swore he was watching cats recreate from snowflakes. Cats that he knew, somehow, had to do with Dawn. But the event was so odd that not even in his state could he stop looking at it in awe. However, just as he watched more cats materialize into the place they were, a pony suddenly appeared in front of him. One that not only was familiar, but looked rather odd, even if she was familiar. "Am...brosia...?" he asked in wonder, still in veritable amounts of pain. He looked at Ambrosia in slight awe, as the yellow mare had a slightly bright, yellowish color in her eyes. He couldn't help but wonder what was happening to her. He saw her trying to get Dawn's attention, failing at first because of the crying state the poor medic was, something he still could not bear to watch, but then the Dawn finally turned around and looked at the yellow earth pony directly. Ambrosia's voice was, to him, so gentle, yet ominous. As if she was somepony else. And yet, he could see it was definitely her. He could also see Dawn looking very lost, as if she had forgotten were she was, or even who she herself was. *Oh Dawn...* was all he could think off as he watched the mare struggle with herself. Suddenly, when Ambrosia stretched her hoof and Dawn took it, the latter closing her eyes, Arcanel could see a change in Dawn. He saw her focused, concentrated, and then she touched him. What Arcanel felt next was one of the most invigorating feelings he had ever felt in his life. "Woah... this is just..." was all that he could say, considering he had never felt so much pain go away so instantly. After the pain went away he tried standing and he managed to do it without a single ounce of hurt, just checking his hooves so that he didn't lose balance, but he felt as he was completely knew. After Dawn finished talking with Ambrosia, the purple maned mare mentioned that she did nothing more than to touch her hoof. *Heh... Ambrosia... whether you're intending it or not... I'm pretty sure that you know you did a lot more than just that.* He thought with a smile on his face, happy to know that she had helped Dawn, not even caring that she had saved his life by doing so, which reminded him that she should thoroughly thank her as well for that. Such an act would not go without something in return. As he smiled for Dawn, he had forgotten completely about the housecats lying around, and as he heard Dawn's words, after which she hugged him, he was slightly surprised, but quickly returned the hug as strong as he could, rubbing the back of the mare's head. "Don't cry Dawn... I am ok now... thank you so very much for healing me... and probably saving my life... thank you..." he said, another smile on his face spreading quickly as he spoke. "Hehe... I think... this makes us more than even... now I'm the one owing you." The white pegasus chuckled slightly. Suddenly, he saw the cats gathered around them again, and felt just slightly awkward as he saw them, remembering that Dawn had introduced him to her friends, the cats. "Ummmmmm... hi..." he gave a sheepish wave as if saying hello. However, something interrupted his line of sight when he saw something red caught the corner of his eye. He quickly looked around and saw Magicon, again, charging up a spell and releasing it against the silvery coated mare, Scarlet. "Magicon!" he couldn't help but scream, while hugging Dawn even stronger. He saw fury in the crimson unicorn's eyes. And he had the feeling that this time, it wasn't without reason.
  6. After Arcanel had finished speaking, there was a very small silence that had suddenly entered the field, like it was waiting for someone to break. The mailpony was begining fairly nervous, even for somepony who usually spent countless hours thinking on silence. Until suddenly he saw Magicon preparing himself and charging a spell. *Oh no... what is he gonna-* his train of thought was quickly interrupted when he saw Magicon fire a spell, right at Dawn's direction. "DAWN!" was his inmediate scream as he saw the spell fly against the blue unicorn, turning just a bit to look at Magicon in horror, and then turning back to look at the spell again, only now it was a fireball, which made his eyes and nervousness increase in size, before it struck against Dawn's shield, and disappearing into cinders, after which, he released the breath he didn't know he was holding, and quickly turned to look at the crimson unicorn yet again, this time, a frantic look in his face. "Magicon are you insane!? This is not time to-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" the scream had come from a sudden surge of electricity coursing through his body, causing him levels of pain that he had never suffered in his life, and made him fall to the floor, almost completely inmobile from the pain. While it had been only a few seconds, it had felt like endless minutes of hurt that were making stay still as if he was standing on the floor. His fur was charred slightly, gaining a bit of a blackish hue and even releasing some smoke. His mane was completely disheveled, and every single time he tried to move, a huge pain would course through and made him release another small shout in disdain. In his mind, he could only think slowly, still unable to get the shock out of his system. *What... was... that... what... happened...* he wondered, unsure if he would find the answer there, suddenly he heard a scream, one that did not come from him. Once he heard the voice, he quickly recognized it as Dawn's, and saw the mare coming to towards his side. *Dawn... I think... she should get out... of here... but... I can't tell her... what she should do... she must choose... for herself... now... she can do so...* he thought, then went to look at the medical pony, and started speaking, his voice slow. "Dawn... you're not bound anymore... by Bringer... anymore... I know that... you can choose... what you want now... we came here... to save Asteria... Try to help... make that happen... I trust you... to make the right choice... Don't worry about me... I just need... some rest... I think..." he said. He wasn't sure if what he was telling Dawn right now was the right thing to say or not, but he didn't care. He knew Dawn was no enemy, let alone now. And they had come here to save Asteria, a thought that had not left his mind again. Arcanel tried lifting himself but to no avail, he was still in too much pain to try and attempt moving a lot. "Gah... what the Tartarus... just happened to me...?" he asked to himself, unable to contain his thoughts this time. The white pegasus rested his head on the floor and tried to regain some energy, still looking at Dawn. *I hope the others... can make all this not go into chaos...* he pondered.
  7. At the words of the silver pony, which he now knew was named Scarlet, Arcanel wanted to scream. *WHAT?! Kill Dawn!? But she was just cleared as being controlled by Bringer or Wraith or whatever! And, even if it was true, isn't this Bringer being everywhere? And... how would she even know that Bringer can see through Dawn?* he thought, trying to put some answers at the very blunt statements he just heard. At that moment he saw Ambrosia speak. When he heard those words, he smiled. *Looks like Ambrosia thinks the same I do.* He pondered. The white pegasus cringed. *Woah there, did she just threatened Ambrosia AFTER she complimented her? What in the...* This time, Arcanel couldn't help but slightly look at Ambrosia with a look of disbelief. *She faced a DRAGON?! But... how... or more importantly, how can this be a dream? I... I am so confused right now... what the heck is going on...* at this point, the mailpony was completely lost. He didn't know what to think right then, and the more was talked, the more he was lost, even though he knew that Ambrosia was right on the last thing, and she wanted to help Dawn. He couldn't help but voice his thoughts. "Alright, what in Equestria is going on here. We are in dream? How? And... ok, you know what, Ambrosia is right. A fight is not going to help, and me starting to ask questions and rambling on like I always do is not going to help Asteria." He started, now turning his attention at the silver mare. "Scarlet, I don't know how you could even know that Dawn is Bringer's eyes and ears, but even so, we can't just kill her. Even if she was, Bringer seems to be somepony that knows everything, everywhere, so killing someone that MIGHT be a spy seems to be kind of useless. And furthermore, Dawn is a healer. She could greatly help us deal with what is yet to happen, especially since we just freed her from Bringer's control. And I am most defintely NOT going to see Dawn killed in front of my own eyes. You can be certain of that, even if I have to fight you for that." Arcanel continued, determination in his eyes. "So, you also seem to know Bringer enough. And, you seem to know about this place too, as much as you do Ambrosia. So, I'll go straight to the point. Scarlet, what do you know about Bringer that could help us against him? Where do we go? Do you know where Asteria is? And Ambrosia, where are we? Do you know something about this place too?" he finished, rapid firing each of his questions because he knew that time is of the essence, and after his little talk, he knew more time could not be wasted. "Fighting or killing between us, is not going to help anypony."
  8. When Arcanel finished speaking, he saw Dawn right next to him and seeming to try and prepare a spell, but before he could ask her to stay behind him, Bringer spoke. At this point, Arcanel was smiling at Dawn. *I was able to help her see who was the bad pony here... er... cat... and now I was able to help her gather confidence in what she's thinking...* he pondered, happy to see the blue mare stand up for herself, especially considering what she had gone through recently, and now that she might have learned what was wrong with her as well. By Bringer's next words, Arcanel found himself frowning again. He also saw that the cat's smile had not weavered a single bit since he saw him. *I don't like that smile... I'm not liking it at all... what is he planning?* the white pegasus thought, trying to see if he could decipher the cat's face, but finding he could not. While now he knew that he had moderately impressed Wraith, he knew better than to trust his words by now. The mailpony was by now, starting to get very worried in his mind about the what the cat's words were meaning, but his face showed as little emotion as he could manage, his seriousness still being its main trait. *A griffon... a pegasus... and... AN ALICORN?! What the... what in the world is he? I knew he had meant me... and I knew he had meant others but... why a griffon and how in Equestria an alicorn? He doesn't seem to be planning to eat a princess... no that would be outrageous... or is it?... Just... what the Tartarus is he planning?* his mind raced, the words of the cat having done a number on his head by trying to figure out what they had meant, or how they were possible. As the cat paced away from them, Arcanel slowly flared his wings in preparation to jump and fly at the black being if he needed to. *I don't like what he's saying... I don't like how he's moving... I better be prepared just in-what the?!* and just as he was planning what to do in case Bringer attacked, he felt a shadow starting to envelope him. "What is this?! How is he doing this?!" he yelled, the surprise shadow catching him completely off guard. "Dawn! Ambrosia! Vim! RU-" he was unable to finish the word as the shadow quickly consumed him. As he was surrounded in darkness, he tried speaking, but he felt like he couldn't speak either. Moving seemed to be slowed down by the shadow which felt like a strange substance, and he also felt like he was falling. However, just as a few seconds that seemed that lasted longer passed, he crashed into something and passed out. When Arcanel opened his eyes again, he felt a headache grow in his mind. "Augh... headaches... the last thing I want to have right now..." he groaned and blinked a few times before opening his eyes fully. *Augh... my he-wait a minute, Bringer... Dawn! And Vim! And Ambrosia!* he is head throught frantically and quickly looked around only to see all 3 ponies in sight range, making him exhale in relief. *Oh thank Celestia they're ok... now... let's see if-* At that moment, another voice interrupted his head thoughts, one that was familiar to him. As he heard the shouts, the white pony quickly recognized the voice as Ambrosia's and tried to look for her direction, only to see her running towards one point, and as he watched where it was, he understood why. He could see a red blur where Ambrosia was headed. He recognized the tone of red as of Vim's. "Oh no... Vim!" he yelled and quickly struggled to lift himself, as he was still a bit groggy before running towards Ambrosia's location, reaching Vim's body fairly fast, and seeing the conductor unconscious. "Oh no..." He looked at Ambrosia in a slightly concerned way, as he saw the poor mare cradle Vim's head. "Ambrosia... what do you-" And yet again his thoughts, this time his voice, was interrupted as he heard another familiar voice. At that moment, he looked around to see if somepony else was there, only to look down and see Vim conscious, his eyes half-open, and with it, Ambrosia dropping his head. *...... Vim... that wasn't nice...* he thought wanting to slap the stallion in his face for making them thought he was dead, but on the outside he let out a smell sigh of relief. *At least he's ok.* he thought. *Uh oh...* was all Arcanel could think as he saw Ambrosia starting to get very angry at Vim's remark, which in his mind was perfectly understandable, but he thought that now was not the time. *I also get the slight feel that this is not exactly uncommon for him to do...* he determined. While he thought that Vim looked to be carefree enough, he would have never expected him to be a prankster. While he understood the last part of concern as he was almost as equally concerned as the lemon colored mare was, he was confused at what Ambrosia was saying. *Her... dreams? But... hwo could that even be possible? Is she saying that this is similar to a dream of hers? Or is she saying that we're in her dream...?* he tried to think it, by this point, things that were as surprising as this starting to be get a little to common for his own comfort. And at Vim's acknowledgement, he understood that this was not some common dream. As Vim finished speaking, Arcanel gave a small chuckle, still wanting to slap the conductor for what happened before, but restraining to do so, and took what he said with humor. *Well, at least he's calmer than either of us are.... Wait a moment... Dawn...* as he the name suddenly ringed in his head, he looked around, looking for the mare before finding her, seemingly curled up and trembling. *Oh Dawn...* a sad face coming to his face. Before he started walking towards her however, he heard another voice speak up. He instantly recognized the voice as Magicon's, and as he looked around to locate it, he saw the crimson unicorn running towards where they were. *Magicon! I'm so glad that he is ok!* he thought happily as he remembered that he had gone missing along with Asteria as Vim had announced so. But then he realized, that he wasn't with Asteria. Before he could think through more, Magicon spoke again. Arcanel couldn't resist, and gave the stallion a quick and small hug before smiling and speaking. "Magicon! You're ok! I'm so hapy to see you! We were worried as Tartarus when we found out that you were missing!" He spoke, his joy escaping through his voice. "And... to answer your question... well... long story short, we found out who's behind all this. A cat, who's more than just a normal cat named Bringer or Wraith or whatever. He's the one who's planning all of what's happening. We feel that he had something to do with what happened with Trixie, what happened to Springer, and he also manipulated Dawn so he could get in the train to be hidden in plain sight, which explains also why she was so nervous and so unstable, and it also explains how she knew things she should not have known. The cats were that were around were like Bringer's eyes and ears, and while I don't know how, I think he somehow controlled Dawn to help him get in." He continued. "He revealed himself after I was speaking with Dawn with Vim and Ambrosia in the dining car, he confronted us and forced me to play riddle in order to get him to take us where Asteria was, threatening to hurt her if we did not or if we even bothered him at all. When I confronted him back about that, he sent us here." He finished explaining taking a deep breath before speaking again. "I'm glad that you're ok but... how are you here yourself? And..." he took a deep breath before asking the next question. "Vim said that you were with Asteria when you went missing... where is she?" he asked, fearing the worst since the filly was not with anypony that they knew so far. However, when he looked behind Magicon, he also saw a silver mare with red mane behind. *Wait a minute... isn't that...?* he asked in his head, as he recognized the mare as awfully familiar to Luminescence, the silver filly that was with Summer. *She looks so similar but... she can't be the same... she is a grown mare and Luminescence was a filly...* he pondered. "Umm... also... Magicon... who's that mare behind you?" he asked, hoping that the unicorn would be able to answer all of his questions.
  9. After seeing that Dawn seemed to have an epiphany for a few moments, Arcanel waited for her response, which came shortly after. At that moment, Arcanel was slowly starting to smile, but suddenly, a voice interrupted his thoughts. "Huh?" He babbled, unsure where the voice had come from. And after Dawn responded back, he was even more confused. The more the conversation went on, the more confused was Arcanel trying to identify the voice. And if that wasn't enough, he was being accused of being a lier. Dawn's response had made him smile widely. *I'm glad that she thinks I'm a good guy.* Nonetheless, his confusion kept on. And as he was trying to keep searching for the voice's source, Ambrosia's commanding tone broke the silence. And as the unicorn did as the cook told her, something he never expected to ever see happened in front of his eyes. The cat talked. "What the..." was all the white pegasus could speak after witnessing something that in his eyes should not really be happening. *A... talking... cat... what in the ever loving world of Equestria is going on?!* he screamed in his mind. And after a few more words, his shock increased even more as he saw the same, now talking, black cat increase its size until it was the size not unlike a panther. *Whuh...?* his mind was now pure and absolute confusion as he was disbelieving what he was seeing right then. *First, it talked. Now it can grow to the size of a panther?!* he mentally pointed. *Vim seems awfully calm for seeing what the same thing I did... though I'd guess, from what Ambrosia told me, that probably likes to move around and and go everywhere with trains. And he's older than I am so... I'd guess he had seen a lot more than I have.* He determined. At the same time, he was starting to get a very eerie and evil feeling from the black cat, and a bit of sadness due to Dawn. *Oh Dawn...* he oouldn't help but feel that Dawn was just an innocent pony in something much bigger. The moment the cat spoke those words, he felt the tiniest bit of anger towards the cat. *Grrrr.... how dare he do that to her...* Arcanel was a non-aggressive pony by all means, however, when it came to the ponies he befriended and love, he could become protective, and with that, bolder, and aggressive. Arcanel gave a small smile as Ambrosia interrupted the cat, now named either Bringer or Wraith. *I'll call him Bringer for the sake of everything... but... she's right... he seems to have a.... er... paw in all this... but... why?* he wondered. The more the cat though, the more he felt anger towards it. As the cat pointed at him, Arcanel felt both nervous, yet determined. *I have the impression that he's not lying about Asteria being somehwere we don't even know exists... if he wants me to play this game, fine, I will.* He thought, saving Asteria now being his main priority. By this point, the mailpony was slightly gritting his teeth, and the moment he saw himself doing so, he relaxed, and kept a serious face. *I have to keep my calm right now... I know better than to do something foolish now... even more with a life at stake.* he thought. As Vim asked for Bringer to hurry up and give the riddles, the cat answered back. While he thought that the cat was slightly weird, Arcanel kept those thoughts away and focused on the important things. He had had enough of this cat, and if he needed to think to get it right, then he was damn sure he could. And if it expected him to not do anything and stand there like a foal, it would be completely mistaken. *Let's see if all those times that I started thinking way too much for my own good, do good for others.* he pondered, and started speaking out loud, a determined and serious expression in his face. However, he first moved in front of Dawn and whispered to her "Stay behind me.", just in case something would happen. He realized that this cat or whatever it was, it could probably play unfair. Very unfair. And he was not going to risk anything now. "Very well... you want me to answer your questions for the riddle, correct? I can do that... I'll play the game you're proposing..." he started, but then let out a small smile. "But not with the rules you're telling me to." He suddenly changed his tone of voice to a more questioning one. "I mean... what assurance can you give us that you will take us to Asteria? Or that in the process, you will not harm us? I am no fool, my dear Bringer." Arcanel said, saying the "dear" in a sarcastic way. "You said you're the cat. Well... you're a cat now, aren't you?" He asked innocently, with a silly smile on his face. "I remember back at the orphanage reading in a story book about somepony in a place called Wonderland. I remember a creature called the Chesire Cat, who spoke in riddles and had an everlasting smile. You remind me of him, only you're evil. Far eviler." He continued. "I am the bird, am I not? Whatever was wrong with Dawn, now I understand. It was you. And I helped her deal with you. And also... I am not the only bird you're chasing, am I? You're doing this as a distraction. You have a plan, in which what you're doing now is involved. Like a proper cat, you have searched... you have hunted... looking for the birds that rested in its nests... and you, hiding in plain sight. You used Dawn to get in here and do whatever you pleased without no one suspecting it." He explained, taking a small apologetic look at Dawn before returning his gaze towards the panther. "And now... you want your prize. You want to get what you hunted for... to consume it. So now... tell me... there's also not just one of you is there?" he asked, and now considering his next words, which he would have never believed, but after seeing what he saw, he could now. "You're threatening to hurt Asteria... yet, I see no means to communicate with anypony... you're not just one simple being are you? You're more than just a cat." Arcanel continued. "Now... will you tell me if I'm right? Or will you lie to our faces and simply end all this distraction? Or wait... you wouldn't, would you? You're enjoying riddling us, confusing us, using the life of a filly as threat. Will you actually keep to your word?" he asked once more. He had now spoken as he thought he should speak, and he had shown his cards. He hoped they would be the correct ones, for everypony's sake.
  10. Ambrosia had started talking before he had answered the filly, but even though she interrupted herself, Arcanel was already feeling himself blushing due to her words. *Wow... let me do a small recount. I somehow impressed the conductor AND the cook of the train, the assistant conductor considers me a friend, I helped a pony try to deal with her own demons, and now I'm part of a group to figure out what in the world is going on... how did I even do or become all this...?* he thought to himself, the smallest bit of shock gaining in his eyes each time he thought of what had done or become so far. Before he could try answering Ambrosia back, she had already headed to talk to the filly he had responded to before. *Heh, looks like she too was a bit mesmerized the whole shiny thing, haha!* he ponderedf, suppressing a giggle. Right at that moment, the filly went spoke herself. *Ouch... it wasn't my intention to sound pointless... I just thought that maybe I could help rule out the other rooms that are not the passenger cars...* he pondered, cringing a little at the words of the filly, who now he knew was called Luminescence, a name he found very poetic. *She sounds like she knows far more than she looks like... but-* his own thoughts as he saw Vim enter the room. The white pegasus watched as Vim calmly opened the kitchen's door, and then closed it again. And as he looked directly at his eyes, he could see that something was wrong. *He looks awfully concerned about something... but... what could it be...?* Arcanel wondered, right, Vim spoke in a rather serious tone. At those words, Ambrosia quickly answered to do exactly that. *Wait... Asteria and Magicon are missing? Is that it?* he pondered, unsure of how a couple of ponies could get lost in a train. *Vim doesn't look like he missed any single space to look for... and I find it slightly hard to believe that Magicon had just agreed to play a game of hide and seek with Asteria... well... she seems a bit too smart to play those games anyway, I think...* he try to think of ideas to help find both ponies. He now remembered and was now worried, that Asteria was Lapis' assistant, which now he thought, the greyish-blue pony would now be tremendously worried if he already knew. At that moment, Luminescence spoke out again, replying no to Vim for some reason. *Huh? Why is she saying that?* At that point, the mailpony felt that something was going to happen between Vim and Luminescence, and now that she pointed who she was with, the mare that was with her. Vim looked clearly confused, as is his head was completely elsewhere. Right when the silver filly was waiting for an answer, Vim spoke. Arcanel had to blink. Several times. *W... Wha... What..? What did he just say?* he babbled in his mind, completely confused by Vim's words. And rethinking those words, he now became worried. *Wait a moment... he just implied that the mare Luminescence is with was just a random mare he just met and... uh... oh...* was all he could finish saying at the moment as he realized that Vim might have accidentally insulted the mare, and not in a light way. The mare herself went to spoke out, and she clearly looked like she was holding back anger. *Phew...* he sighed, letting out some air himself. *Mr. Vim... you may not have an idea how much you have just been saved. Tartarus hath no fury like an angry mare, as they say.* Arcanel thought, now hoping that this time Vim would choose the correct words this time. He looked towards the filly who seemed fairly agreeing with everything the mare was saying, and he was not surprised, he also kind of hoped that Vim would let the filly stay, which while he was almost certain he would, he didn't want to say it would be a given. Finally, after a few moments of still looking confused, he coughed and spoke as he took the bag of bits the mare had offered. As he heard those words, the mailpony couldn't help but smile. *Well, at least that's the first good step.* He thought, hoping now that the mare would accept the apologies. At that moment, the same pony was speaking. Arcanel sighed and smiled as he heard that the mare, now he realized called Summer, accepted the apologies. *Well, that's one thing less to worry about, luckily.* He thought, relief filling his mind as thought. Right then, Ambrosia spoke towards the conductor. Were the simple words of Ambrosia, who had spoken with a firm, concerning voice, and Vim had looked just as concerned as she spoke. At that moment he could feel someone behind him, to which he quickly tried to look behind him, and saw Dawn being, as he though, a bit behind him, looking as if she was concerned about something else with a fairly neutral face. *I wonder if something's wrong... I hope I get the chance to ask her.* He pondered. At that moment, Ambrosia spoke yet again. *An announcement? Does she mean about Vim telling what's wrong?* he wondered, at which point he looked towards Vim who seemed he was gathering his thoughts before looking up again and speaking. Vim laughed, but Arcanel knew better than to think that was laughter from joy. *Oh Vim...* he couldn't help but feel sorry for the conductor, who he figured was just trying to solve the whole thing out and was probably failing at tyring to protect the train and passengers he cares for. *Cats...? Wait... does he think Dawn has anything to do with all this?* he pondered yet again as he saw Vim look towards the medic pony, breifly doing so himself but quickly looking towards Vim again. The moment Dawn answered, Arcanel felt himself a little lost. *Wait, wha...?* was all he could think of. *So there is the chance that maybe the invisible ink part of what we were looking for was actually done by Dawn? But... why?* Arcanel wondered, trying to catch his own thoughts, at which point, Vim continued talking. At the words Vim spoke, now Arcanel felt himself even more lost. *Wha? But I brought Dawn myself... how could she even have got a cat, and a big one at that into it, without both him or me noticing?* he thought yet again, confusion filling his mind little by little. As he continued thinking of answer, now Dawn answered. "Huh?" the white pony said out loud, unable to contain his confusion to himself this time. Right at that moment, he saw a big black cat with yellow eyes enter the dining car, who as he made his way to Dawn he slightly took just a few step backs so as to not interrupt its way as was scooped up by Dawn. *She wasn't kidding when she said she liked cats...* he thought, remembering when he saw Dawn mention her like for the furred animals. When Dawn said those words, he quickly shifted his gaze from the blue mare towards Vim, who looked slightly shocked at seeing the cat just appearing out of nowhere and now the medic pony just simply offering to go with him, both her and the cat. After a few moments, Vim seemed to have calmed down slightly and responded to Dawn. At Vim's first words, Arcanel felt that the conductor was trying to avoid any confrontation with Dawn just in case something went badly, to which he had let out a small sigh. But when Dawn answered back, he looked towards her and she looked fairly determined in trying to clear her name, an action he smiled slightly. At her last words, Arcanel was now visibly smiling, now knowing that what he had told her before had actually helped her in how to deal right now with was being proposed to her. *Now I can't help but feel so glad I talked to her before.* He happily thought. He took the small silence to watch his surroundings. He saw the table that had Key and the rest had far less tenants now, as in fact, only the blue mare who had similar colors to ice Storm was left. *I wonder where did they go...* he pondered. Looking towards Electrobolt, who he had seen whispering with Ambrosia, he saw him leave as well, as if he was looking for somepony. *Is something else that I don't know of going on?* The pegasus wondered yet again. He then looked towards Vim and Ambrosia who looked slightly speechless, and as he looked to Summer and Luminescence, he saw that the filly seemed slightly nervous. At that point, the green mare spoke out. With that said, Summer took Luminescence and exited the dining car. *She probably sensed Luminescence nervousness and took her away just in case.* He thought, smiling slightly at the action and hoping the filly would be ok. *But now, I have my own matters to watch... Dawn wants to clear her name... and I'm certain that helping Vim would help that thoroughly... but... I can't help but feel... wait.* Arcanel interrupted his own thoughts and continued thinking. *Didn't Dawn say something about having something she wanted to check out but then she dismissed it? Wasn't that around the time that Asteria and Magicon might have left?* he wondered, trying to recall his memories. He hadn't really been paying attention to the two ponies before when he was talking with Dawn, but trying to rethink seeing something out of the corner of his eyes, he could recall a purple and reddish blob when he was talking with the medical unicorn. Thinking a few more things, he finally managed to come up with something. *Ok... if what I'm thinking is true... then maybe we can help Dawn clear her name AND help Vim find Magicon and Asteria... but first, I would need to confirm this with Dawn.* And having thought that, he directed himself to her and spoke just loud enough that only she would hear. "Ummm... Dawn?... I just remembered that while we were talking, you said that you wanted me to help you, but then you dismissed it... I recall that at the time, Magicon and Asteria were already gone from the dining car... is it possible that what you felt has something to do with them? And if possible, do you think we can help Vim find them both as they might be in trouble, and at the same time, help clear your name?" he asked the unicorn, in hopes that she would agree and that everything would turn out to be ok for all ponies involved.
  11. At seeing Ambrosia laughing, Arcanel felt slightly surprised again, but joined in with a small chuckle, and smiled, albeit a bit embarrassed at the mare apologizing to him. As Ambrosia spoke, Arcanel felt himself smile at Vim's attitude. *Haha, seems like something I think he would do.* He thought, recalling how Vim acted when he first met him. *And I'd think that he would want to do nothing else but to avoid anything related to accounting* he added, chuckling to himself. As she finished, he figured he would talk about all she talked about before so nothing stays unanswered. "First off, no need to apologize Ambrosia. I will do whatever is more comfortable for you. But please, let's not make this an apologizing barrage shall we?" He started while chuckling a bit. "As for Vim, I can't say I'm not surprised, though I have to say he can be intimidating if he needs to be..." the white pegasus admitted. "Regardless, I'd think he'd want nothing to do with accounting, after all, his passion are trains aren't they?" He laughed as he mentioned the accounting part. "And yes, what you do and how yo judge ponies is perfectly ok and fair. " He said while smiling. "And as for what brought me here... well... actually, I'm not a long distance flyer. This is my first travel outside Vanhoover. I had to deliver a letter to Ponyville, and now I have to deliver one to Los Pegasus. But... since I left the night before, I think that's what might have made me go wrong with how many supplies I carried, and I kind of fell short after I reached Ponyville. And doing long distance trips without enougb supplies or energy is a bad idea. The train happened to be in Ponyville, and Vim happened to be the pony I asked on where the conductor was, so... you can imagine how embarrassed I was." He explained as he put a hoof behind his head yet again, before continuing. "After I introduced and explained myself, Vim was kind enough to let me ride the train until we got to Las Pegasus. I still owe him for what he did." He said firmly, determined to help the conductor on whatever he needed trouble as he had done before. "And... after some events I'm here!" He said loudly, knowing that he wanted to release some tension of his shoulders. As he waited for an answer from Ambrosia, he heard a voice speaking into the room. At the words being spoken, he looked to the entrance of the train, and saw a pale green colored mare with white and copper striped mane, and a filly who was a glowing silver and had a red mane. *Wow...that filly lookes like she's glowing... er... don't stare Arcanel, that's bad.* He mentally chastised himself. *Anyway, she wants to know where Vim is... well... I don't know if he is... er... "finished" with Springer and Lapis... but I'd guess enough time has passed, and it would be rude not to tell her when I know.* He decided. "Um..." He started turning to the mare. "I think Vim, the conductor, is somewhere along the passenger cars." He answered, and hoped it would be a satisfying answer.
  12. As Arcanel heard the stallion speak, he smiled a gave a small sigh of relief. *Well, it's nice to know that he's ok and that Dawn was able to heal him completely. She'll be happy to know that.* He thought in happiness. *And now I understand why Dawn was so happy too. Total coincidence that he's named Dawn Rider.* He determined. Just as he was about to adress him back however, Ambrosia spoke to Arcanel first. At the words of the lemon mare saying that Vim called him a good friend, Arcanel felt visibly surprised. *Vim considers me a good friend of his...? Did... Did I leave that good an impression on him...?* he thought, slightly shocked by the revelation brought to him. However, he put his thoughts aside and responded to Ambrosia. "Oh erm, no problem Ambrosia. Sorry for being formal. I prefer to have offended someone by being too formal, than for being too informal." The white pegasus explained to the mare while lightly putting his hoof behind. "As for questions, no problem at all! Although, I have to admit that I am bit... surprised by him calling me a good friend... I met him just earlier this morning after all... and it was about what I could do to be on the train to deliver the letter after I hadmade some miscalculations on my part when I left Vanhoover and reached Ponyville..." He said, slightly trailing off as he remembered his meeting with Vim once more. He felt tempted to ask Ambrosia if Vim had really call him like that, but he chose to stay silent, and await Ambrosia's response.
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    No, I don't believe it was a very recent discovery. I believe I know it since I was at least 10 years old maybe a bit less (I'm 19 now). Nah, if the sun DID have enough mass for that, the solar system would have probably not have existed as big as it is now because it's gravity force would pretty much consume it entirely.
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    Technically, the sun won't go into a supernova. It will just get bigger and bigger until it consumes Venus and Mercury, but it will be so big and so close to the Earth it will pretty much burn it to cinders. After it runs out of hydrogen to transform into helium, the sun will take the form of a brown, very little in comparison to its orginal state, star.