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  1. I didn't play games much since I didn't have a console or handheld or anything, so I'm just going to use my first PC game, which and PC games are video games after all. My first game was Pajama Sam in No Need to Hide When it's Dark Outside. Man, that game was fun for a kid!
  2. I'm going on an animated movie watching spree. Borrowing as many animated movies as I can from the library and watching them all. Well, four or five at a time, but still. Not like anyone actually cares.

  3. When I was young I didn't have the TV package that has the Hub. I still don't. I also didn't use the internet as much so I probably wouldn't have known this show had existed, unless it was on a more common channel. If it had been on Cartoon Network or Disney Channel, I might have ended up watching it, but I'm not entirely sure if I would have liked it. When I was younger I didn't like watching shows with to much emotional conflict (why I never liked Arthur), but the bright colors, wackyness and fun in the show could have offset that and perhaps I would have watched it. I enjoyed The PowerPuff Girls when I was little, so maybe I would. I don't think the girlyness of the show would have put me off, though, and I probably would've only been slightly embarrassed of it. All in all, yeah, if I discovered it I probably would have started watching it.
  4. I don't play any instruments, but I've always loved them. My favorite is either the piano or the guitar. Yes, I know, two rather predictable sounding answers (I think), but that's because they're very good instruments! I've played some piano, casually by ear (never taken any classes), but I haven't really ever gotten a real keyboard, much less an actual piano. Which is too bad, but it's the way it is. And I've never even held a guitar like you're supposed to, much less play it. I just like the sound of it!
  5. For about three seconds I was confused, and then I realized this was fake! Not the most amusing joke, really, but whatever.
  6. Onion. You will be an onion and you will smell like an onion and you will have layers.
  7. Tangled. The trailers made it seem like a crazy comedy fairy-tale spoof trying to be the next Shrek. It was nothing like that, t'was actually a genuine fairy tale Disney movie I actually enjoyed!
  8. I watched it awhile back since I was going through the DVDs and the library and it was right there so I checked it out. My mom didn't like it, and I got bored at some of the parts that stretched out a lot, but I liked it because it was symbolic, surreal, and trippy. I was very much confused at the end, and even though I liked it, I Googled it for a better understanding. And that's what I found. I don't remember exactly what it was, but I'd just browse the internet until I understand it if I were you. Also, the end was my favorite part!
  9. I'd hit you with a cone of cotton candy.
  10. You both lose. Trixie is so amazing, she used her GREAT AND POWERFUL magic to create her OWN biggest fan, who is a bigger fan than both Firebolt and Starswirl combined! Unless this is a duel among you two and not every Trixie fan, if so, carry on. Edit: Edits put the "ful" on POWERFUL!
  11. I like Toph. I liked Zuko better. I like My Little Pony. I like Toph as a pony. I like your drawing oh Toph-pony, you drew it very well!
  12. I don't participate in the fandom much, other than reading EQD and posting on these forums every now and then, but I, like you of course, have noticed the craziness (duh). But, as it has been said countless times above, this is a (sadly) normal thing, especially for huge fandoms like this. With such a wide array of people who've put their faith in the show, it's easy for things to get out of hand and for members of the community to, per se, freak out. But rest assured, this is just a phase, and all will return to normal shortly. Or longer than shortly. Whatever. Either way, I am one of the people who isn't freaking out and never really has. I just watch the freaking out and roll my eyes, but in my head, because I barely ever roll my eyes over anything in real life... only in my head. Anyways... ♪♫ Don't let the crazy get you down! Don't let the falling hate turn your smile into a frown. When the tunnel is darkest that's when you need a clown, hey! Don't let the crazy get you down, Harvan! ♫♪ (You get an imaginary digital cookie if you know what I'm referencing, here.) References that I doubt anyone will get aside, keep calm, enjoy the bronies that ain't freakin' out, and remember... Do the thing of which is the opposite of a frown!
  13. I don't remember who I am or why I'm here. Enlighten me if anyone here knows what I am.

  14. Twilight Sparkle. Why? Because Friendship is Magic. And Twilight is more magic. And magic is power. And we're lucky Twilight hasn't gone crazy with power. Because that would be bad. She would take over Ooo. Unless Finn and Jake were in Equestria. Lyra would go crazy if she found out. I'm off-topic. Twilight would win, because magic.
  15. Honestly, it's a miracle this thing hasn't blown up (stopped working) already, and g'night. *Closes tab*