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  1. Woah, r u Tru mlg fAzE klan, cn u rekrut me or somthn, I'm rel mlg

  2. There's a difference between calling someone autistic, and using autistic as a way to describe something. The 4Chan use of the word "autism" isn't meant to offend people. But with 4Chan, it's more of, "You're offended? Well too bad then." It sounds harsh, but in reality, it isn't. It's like the N word. It gets tossed around especially on 4chan as a non racist term. I agree with 4chan on the earlier philosophy. If it offends you, then you should probably stay away from it.
  3. Well, I'm a conservative Brony, so maybe? Not all conservatives are baby hating monsters. Anyways, my mother knows, but its a "Don't Ask Don't Tell" kind of thing. My dad doesn't know. He's 70 so I know he would have a hard time understanding the fandom and everything with it. It more goes along the line that everyone is different and you should only tell people you feel wouldn't take it badly.
  4. 1) Be original. Episode reviews and analysis is an over saturated market, which is less likely to get you noticed. People are turned off when someone has exactly the same content as someone else. I can search, for example, "Sleepless in Ponyville analysis" on YouTube and find a ton of them, and they all are about the same. Something I suggest is moving away from the show and more towards the fandom side. 2) nOC. Having an OC is fine, I have one myself, but be careful when using your OC. Never put it in the thumbnail is my advice, but if you do, don't make it the focal point. I can't count how many different thumbnails I've seen that consist of the same three things, an OC, an Equestrian meadow, and a screen shot of the episode. Also, if you use one, stay away from PonyCreator. They look out of place and cheap. My advice would be to stay away from them in general. 3) EDIT EDIT EDIT: If you only listen to one thing, this should be it. Edit your videos. A lot of people will just take the three objects above, record their thoughts, and just leave it be. DONT DO THIS. Even if you aren't doing anything with the video, your voice will need editing. Edit out things like "Well," Umm," and other things you wouldn't want to hear in the video. Its also extremely helpful to have a script ready for recording. You can fond plenty of tutorials on the web for editing. 4) Invest: I watch a lot of gaming on YouTube, and one mistake people make is they will try to get wine on a beer budget, or they try to make good content and do everything right, but their equipment holds them back and hinders video quality. If you are doing commentaries over a screen, make sure to have a good microphone to do it with. Think a Snowball or something like that. If you are going to blog your thoughts, consider investing in a high quality camera or webcam. Paleo is a good example with quality, for example. Basically, if you want your channel to be successful, it will take some investment on your part. You don't have to have golden microphones and movie quality cameras just yet, but keep in mind you at least need a decent start. 5) Copyright: We know YouTube. We know they are quick with the Copyright button. Here's some tips for keeping that nasty copyright virus away. NEVER use video from the show. Stills from the show shouldn't take up the video. I hope I could help you out. Edit: Also, newer Smart phones have a decent camera for vloging.
  5. I can't see at all with the weight of the world on my shoulders

  6. The Wii U isn't a bad console by any means. It's just I would rather spend $100 extra and get and X1 or PS4. The exclusives aren't enough to cover the third party support and lack of online multiplayer for me. And the controller has some cool features, but if you think it is a good controller if it didn't have the screen, the you are delusional. It's clunky and huge.
  7. I've played the Wii U. Its a nice console, but I would never drop $200+ dollars on it. The controller sucks, hardware sucks, and I feel that the first party games aren't enough to make up for the lesser amount of third party games. Having that said, you seem to want the console regardless. My advice is, make a list of pros and coins for the PS4 and Wii U. Fairly simple, but effective. It just comes down to the fact that you should get the console you feel you will be happy with for a while.
  8. Just bought this bad boy. https://represent.com/dogecrew

    1. SCS


      lol, nice

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      Wind Chaser

      /u/pegasusexpress2010 I have some dogecoin if you want it.


  9. Just bought this bad boy.

  10. That avatar...there are no words that could ever do it justice *_*

    1. FaZe Vinyl

      FaZe Vinyl

      Yeah, that's why I picked it off Derpibooru lol.


      I have no idea who made it.

  11. 1. Screaming/Growling takes no talent. 2. I do drugs and stuff because I like Metallica and the like. 3. I'm Satanist and a dick because I like Punk. 4. (Not really music, but whatever) All punks are jerks. 5. Vinyl is always better than CDs or digital 6. "You can get music for free on the radio, why don't you do that?" 7. All punk bands/artist are tattooed head to toe, pierced to where they have no ears left, and have mohawks (see: August Burns Red)
  12. No license, but I do have a car. 1997 Ford Explorer. Its not flashy, but it's reliable and gets me from point A to point B.
  13. I know there was one here that died out. My PSN is LunarVelocity if anyone wants to play on the PS3.
  14. Sarah Tew/CNET For everyone who felt the Xbox One is too expensive, Microsoft has apparently heard your complaints. Microsoft announced that a new $399 (£350 in UK) Xbox One is coming June 9 that does not include the Kinect peripheral. Additionally, the Xbox One and Xbox 360 will no longer require a Live Gold subscription to access streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube and HBO Go. There will still be some services that are exclusive for Live Gold subscribers, including the Games for Gold program, cloud gave saves and Game DVR. And today's announcement also included the news that Live Gold members will receive an additional free Xbox 360 game in June and that the "Games with Gold" service will be coming Xbox One Live Gold subscribers in June. Along the same lines, "Deals with Gold" will also come to the Xbox One in June, which offers discounts on game purchases to subscribers. The cheaper Xbox One model will allow Microsoft to match the $399 PS4 on price, along with removing the near-required $60 yearly fee that raised the Xbox One's total cost of ownership. The subscription fee was an anomaly among living room devices, with other devices, such as the Google Chromecast, Roku boxes, and, most importantly, the PS4, having no similar charges to access streaming services. This is a breaking story and will be updated shortly. -CNET. --- Well, that solidifies my decision. What are your thoughts?
  15. Unless someone trades up, he probably won't go tonight. Browns want Bridgewater it looks like.