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    I like to stare into the sun and feel the pain of going blind as my body slowly decomposes into the ground.

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  1. 10, it's composed out of the two best numbers, 1 and 0.
  2. I mostly stopped using Google in 2015 when I switched to DuckDuckGo, the last thing I Google searched according to my activity report was "Richard Stallman" on September 10th, 2018.
  3. I wear whatever I feel like wearing, most of the time it doesn't match well or it matches too much (all black for example), but I don't care. As long as I got something expensive on paired with it, I feel alright.
  4. There use to be no character limit, so you could just spam single letters for easy posts.
  5. Got a haircut. As you can tell I'm always very thrilled.
  6. So if anyone is interested, Levelcap (just some guy who does mostly Battlefield 3 videos) uploaded a video that analyzes the Battlefield 4 trailer, and he does a pretty good job at it. He points out some things you may have not even noticed.
  7. Your voice in the video is "boring", and the "accent" makes it just slightly difficult to understand exactly what you're saying. Other than that the video is intriguing, but I found it not well layed out and at some parts it sounded as if you weren't too sure with yourself. On the theory itself, I found nothing wrong with it, as you did have, as much as I could figure, viable reasons to back it up. Although I am only 15 so don't except me to be educated even slightly in areas such as quantum mechanics or general relativity. (I will admit, however, I know more about those subjects then most others of my age.) The last thing I want to say is that the theory is wrong, because I am not well enough educated to do much of a debate on this matter, but some other theory's out there seemed more plausible; that may just be how they were presented to me however. You also said that you were going to explain other things that you "didn't have time for" in another video; so quick question, is that video out yet, and if so could you possibly post it? Thanks.
  8. I, an almost true YouTube veteran (I remember the 2008 April fools day joke, haha.... I miss that yellow subscribe button...) know the best channels. First off, Happyhour ( is amazing. Vsauce ( also has good videos. CottageFtw ( has some cool videos. Excl ( has some really nice videos. Psychicpebbles ( is without a doubt one of my favorites. PBS Idea Channel ( is an amazing channel, that I've enjoyed for about a year.
  9. I took like 50 pictures of myself, deciding none of them were good. Then I realized that the problem wasn't the picture, I just think I look bad. Anyways, there's an updated picture of myself hidden in the spoiler. I didn't really try to take a good picture- in fact, I usually purposely take bad photos of myself. All humans are ugly and humanity is overrated.