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  1. Ice Storm


    After the discusion via PM on this character, I am moving this character to the pending second approval section under the clause that this character be monitored during roleplays for a brief while to make sure the character stays within the abilities listed via this character sheet and Via PM. Future edits may be needed based on the roleplay of the character.
  2. Ice Storm


    My main concern on this character is the fact that the potential for powerplaying is very high. The future in of it very self is completely unpredictable. So while seeing something similar in a dream and reacting to it at a later point would be okay, directly being able to see a pony's future would not be allowed, simply because of the fact that with that, you could literally use that power to get somepony to do whatever you'd like even if it wouldn't be in the nature of that character to do so. An Example: A pony comes up to you and asks for you to tell them your future. You character would be able to see an event coming and you tell them said event will happen. That said event would now have to happen to other character in order for the continuity of your character to remain intact, otherwise it would look like the character is a fraud. So what we end up getting, is a form of set up character control. The only way this could be allowed would be if these readings of the future are imprecise, and as vague as possible so that the user of all characters involved can still be free to act as their characters would and would still have a chance of falling into your character's ability. As far as being able to sense a characters past, I would say that would have to be limited as well, because being able to go up to any pony and instantly tell everything about them, is a bit unnerving. Especially since there are many characters who don't want their pasts known by very many, including my own. That would provide easy grounds for meta-gaming because your character would gain access to information about any character that they wouldn't normally tell them. While it's possible for backstories to come up, and come up often, something like that should be done via roleplay. Now, one way this could work, and would be really the only way that I would consider allowing such an ability, is if when Stardream was using her ability, each "vision" would be a separate RP where the user of said character in vision has a way to explain the character's past in their own fashion. Simply using it to look through a character though and learn everything about them, is not going to pass.
  3. Ice Storm

    [Ponyville] Trixie's Lunch Date (Ended)

    Twilight followed everypony else in to Sugar Cube Corner, and as she did, Rarity started walking over to her and Spike. Spike, meanwhile brought up that they should do something to try to get to know Trixie. Twilight nodded to him, as that would be a good starting point as to try to become on friendly terms, or at least mutual ones. Then Rarity closed the gap and began to whisper in a very concerned voice of how she didn't like the idea and how Trixie could just be trying to trick them, stating that they all knew what Trixie was capable of. "Actually, we don't, and that's the problem. The only side that Trixie has shown us, is a side that I honestly feel we deserved to be shown from her. After all, all she was trying to do was entertain ponies, and we've ruined her show twice, and when she came here the last time, that was the amulet controlling her, not Trixie. Like I said at the show, you wouldn't like somepony very much if they came in and said they were completely disgusted with your work before you even had a chance to show it to them," she whispered back to Rarity. Without too much of a delay, Twilight turned to Trixie, "So, Trixie, why don't you tell us a bit about yourself, specifically, what made you want to be a traveling show pony? That doesn't seem like that's a very easy job to do," she stated judging from the past couple experiences here and wondered if she had similar ones in other places. She actually started to feel bad for the mare, even more so if she had actually been traveling alone this entire time. It would be no wonder she's as agitative as she was, and it was honestly a feeling that Twilight knew from experience. Granted it wasn't something she felt at the time, but when she looked back on her own life, she imagined it could have been so much better if she had the types of friends she had now. She only hoped that they could get off on the right hoof here.
  4. Ice Storm

    [Ponyville] Magical Perspectives (Private)

    Twilight smiled at the griffon when he told her that she was being too kind. When he continued on though stating that he might be persuaded in performing for this little town, if she did something in return for him. The way he phrased it made it sound as it this really wasn't a suitable venue point for such an act, and to be honest given the instances with Trixie in the past, she wondered if maybe there wasn't some validity to that feeling. That being said, she wasn't really sure what she would be able to do for him that would be beneficial. "It would depend on what I would have to do honestly," she told him noticing that he still had the same smile on his beak so he wasn't trying to do anything, or at least not that she could tell. "What would be the favor that you ask?"
  5. Yes, I've just been a bit busier than normal the past week. Plan to post tonight.
  6. Ice Storm

    [Ponyville] A Night With The Night Mare (Ended)

    As the princess spoke about how it wasn't as easy as it seemed, Twilight listened. She said that the biggest issue was the fact that what was considered acceptable then is considered an insult now. A thousand years ago, it was acceptable to use a pony's title in greeting, but now, titles like Serf or Peon were considered insulting. She ultimately just reverted to citizens as it was the least offensive term she could use. She also agreed with Spike about the Nobility's sense of humor, or in this case, the lack there of. Twilight had to agree as well, even if she was one of those snooty types for a while. "There are a lot pf ponies like that unfortunately," she said in response to somepony only wanting her attention for personal gain. "And they start a lot younger than you would imagine," she replied. The princess then spoke of how she understood how attached she was to the library. That it held all of her memories, similar to how she held the Castle of the Two Sisters. Of course though she perked up when Spike mentioned a nightlife and she became instantly curious about it. Spike suggest maybe going to Manehatten, stating that the night life there would be much more lively than the nightlife anywhere else. "Ahehe, yeah... the only problem with that is that Manehatten is quite a distance away, and by the time we got there, it wouldn't be night time anymore," she informed the dragon hoping to not disappoint him too much. She couldn't help but stifle a laugh though as he went into the back and got the cape, hat, and mustache that she originally caught him in when he was trying to frame Owilicious a while back. He put on a small act for the princess before asking her if she thought he would be good enough for the theater. Twilight remained silent to see what the princess would have to say on it.
  7. Ice Storm

    [Ponyville] Trixie's Lunch Date (Ended)

    Once everything in the mane square was wrapped up and Trixie had her stage put away Twilight followed her, and everypony else as they made their way to Sugarcube Corner. Twilight did have to admit that she was still kinda surprised that Trixie of all ponies apologized. She can't say that she really expected it, and in Twilight's opinion, they didn't deserve an apology as much as Trixie did from them. To maintain the peace though she didn't say much on the issue. As long as everypony else behaved, there shouldn't be any reason for Trixie to get upset again. The last thing Twilight wanted was to give Trixie a reason to lash out again, as that would only cause everypony else to do the same. This was a delicate balance, and it was made all the more difficult by the fact that none of them really knew each other. They've met Trixie, and she's met them a few times, but they'd never actually spoke in regards to anything other than what's been said during her performances. It would be difficult do know what would or wouldn't agitate her. It wasn't too long before they had made it to their destination, and Trixie came to a sudden stop as her face met Pinkie's tail. The mare was probably just as deep in thought as Twilight was. After all, she had just as much to concern herself with as they did. After all, this was a two way road they were walking and neither of them had really given the other a chance before. "Well, looks like we made it here okay. Let's head on in and grab a table. It will be easier for us to converse once we're off our hooves for a bit," she smiled.
  8. working on a post now. For some reason I didn't get the notification that I had been mentioned either here or in the RP.
  9. Ice Storm

    Private Quest for the Forbidden Temple-Take 2-RP

    Ice Storm followed Luna over to where Iron Wing was laying, and as if on cue of Luna mentioning her, Iron Wing woke. Ice's heart pinged for a second as Iron immediately made her pain known. She wished so much that she would have been the one that had fallen down into that ravine. At least if it was her, she wouldn't have been missed by many if any at all. Of course there was always Luna that would miss her, but Luna lived forever so she was sure that she'd be able to find somepony that could easily replaced herself. She started to feel a bit down on herself, but then shook her head. No, she couldn't give into those types of thoughts now. Right now the best thing that she could do was to get the bandages off of Iron Wing and be prepared to re-bandage anything that Luna may not be able to heal in this occurrence. Slowly, she began to unravel the bandages. The one she focused on the most was the one around Iron's chest, as she presumed that would be the first injury that Princess Luna would attend to. It would also probably be the most difficult. Colt had the water and everything ready so when she removed the first bandage, she dropped it into the pot and let it boil. She then did the same with the rest of the bandages. It actually appeared that some of the smaller scrapes on her sides were already mostly healed. She was mainly concerned about her wings and leg now as Luna began to work on the stab wound from the shadow beast. "We'll let those boil while the princess is working. It will ensure they are sterile," she added to the dragon. ~~~Princess Luna~~~ As the princess made her way over, she was relieved to see that Iron Wing had in fact made it through the night. Even though she had given her a bit of strength, Luna herself was honest still worried about her. There was no way to be sure how fast her body was using the energy that she had given. That in mind, even if Iron Wing was awake, Luna would have to be swift. She waited as Ice removed the main bandage, and as soon as she had done so, she placed her horn just above the stab wound on Iron Wing and began to channel healing magic into it. The intensity and the severity of the wound was noticed immediately, and the fact that Iron was able to move and fight through the ravine with something like this did wonders to impress the princess. She was definitely a pony worth looking after. She wished that she could be there for more ponies like her. Slowly after a good while, the magic dwindled, and the wound was completely sealed, but Luna looked visibly tired. "The wound on your chest shall cause you no more ill, however I will not be able to heal you wings or leg until I've had a short rest and something to eat to restore my energy. That wound you suffered was mighty gruesome, I must say, I am impressed with your ability to fight through such a condition. Your determination has not gone unnoticed, my little pony," the princess spoke before sitting on her haunches to catch her breath for a bit.
  10. Ice Storm

    [Ponyville] A Night With The Night Mare (Ended)

    Twilight nodded when the princess said that the hardest adjustment for her to make was the Canterlot Castle. She was more used to the castle of the two sisters. Twilight could understand this. After all, that was where she spent almost all of her time before that dreadful evening. She also mentioned that it was secluded for a reason because they didn't want visitors during her darkest of times. Spike joined in and said that she shouldn't really worry about what happened a thousand years ago. Simply put, all she had to do was be nice to ponies now and everything would work itself out in the end. Twilight wanted to believe that this was true, but after the reaction that Luna initially got when she came to Ponyville on Nightmare Night, Twilight wasn't sure how true that statement actually was. Granted, there were a lot of factors involved that had since changed, but she felt that many ponies still had an underlying fear of her that wasn't really well deserved anymore. Spike then spoke about the nightlife in Ponyville. "I didn't even know that there was a nightlife here. I mean, sure this little town has seen more than it's fair share of unique occurrences, but not really sure what we'd find," she responded before turning to Luna. "I'm certain that letting go of the Canterlot Voice wasn't that easy, but believe me when I say that in the long run, you'll be happy that you did. Simply put, I don't think anypony can handle that sort of volume, at least from a personal perspective. I can also understand how the change of venue can make things a bit more difficult as well. I can't tell you how confused I'd be if something happened to the library and I'd have to move somewhere else," she replied to the princess.
  11. Ice Storm

    [Ponyville] Princess Cadence's Visit "To be completely honest, no I haven't. This place is so much larger than the library was that it's too easy for me to get lost in. I've gotten lost on the way to my own room five times already..." Twilight stated when Cadence asked about the castle. "Spike on the other hoof, seems to be picking it up a lot better. He's at least memorized his way to the kitchen and back to the main rooms. Always have to have a snack now and then right?" she said with a small laugh as Spike came into the room. "Yeah, we have a few things we wanna do, but we figured we'd swing by and see if you had fixed breakfast yet or not. If you hadn't we figured we'd eat here with you. If you had, well we probably would have just went to the Café," Twilight explained to her assistant.
  12. Ice Storm

    [Ponyville] Trixie's Traveling Show

    The fact that Trixie seemed to upset to acknowledge the fact that Twilight had come up onto her states was kinda disheartening for the mare. Had Twilight and her friends really hurt this mare that badly? She listed to Trixie as she started talking, saying that she was sorry, and that she felt that she had hurt Twilight the most but that she was also sorry for removing Applejack and Fluttershy from the audience. She also added that while Pinkie was an amazing assistant, she shouldn't have forced her to go along with her act. Apparently Trixie had changed, and the fact that they had just ruined another one of her shows made Twilight feel awful. Everything about how the day had gone so far had made he feel awful and when Trixie offered to take all six of them and Spike to lunch, and if they would let her, even let her perform another show tomorrow. The Crystal Unicorn from the Everfree Forest seemed to be up for another show tomorrow, and Pinkie was Pinkie. If there was any form of entertainment possible, she was ready for it. Spike even offered to help get her set up tomorrow which made Twilight smile. "Trixie, I think it would be a pleasure to have you perform for us again tomorrow, and to be completely honest, after ruining your show twice, I think it should be us treating you to lunch instead. With that said, did yo have any place in mind?" she asked as Fluttershy easily forgave Trixie for volunteering her as she had, and said that she would be present at the snow tomorrow as well, though would not be volunteering again with Applejack making the same notion. She smiled and awaited Trixie's response.
  13. "Well, to be completely honest, I don't really feel that much different. I am entirely grateful to have such amazing friends who helped me get here, but at the same time, I'm still me. I still have the same exact routine that I do every morning, and I still walk around and do all of the same things I did from before I was a princess. Really the only thing that's changes is that I now have a pair of wings. I'm still the same Twilight that everypony saw walking down the street a few years ago, if anything with a bit more sense than when I first came to Ponyville," Twilight answered the initial question as to how she felt about being a recently crowned princess. "As far as the castle goes, I'm still kinda getting used to it. I don't even know everything that's in here yet it's so big. Though, it does look really nice, and I accredit that to Spike, my assistant. He is the one that helps me keep everything organized and on task," she smiled.
  14. Ice Storm

    [Ponyville] A Night With The Night Mare (Ended)

    A large smile appeared on Twilight's face when Spike seemed to get caught up in a trance. He looked positively hungry now, and she could only assume that he was visualizing the cake that she had described. Her smile softened when the princess offered to have him come help organize the library at the castle. While it would definitely be a lot of work for him, Twilight was proud that Luna thought Spike talented enough to be able to handle such a daunting task. When Spike smiled and said that he would be there whenever the princess needed him she nodded. "Just say the word and I'll make sure he gets there alright," Twilight responded to the the princess. The princess further commented that she would enjoy receiving letters from her, but only if Twilight wanted to send them. She didn't want to make it felt as if the sending of the letters was a task. Twilight had learned the feeling and the meaning of this all too well herself when she had her little want-it-need-it fiasco. She simply smiled to the princess. "I can assure that any letters that I write would be most definitely because I wish to write them. I am to presume that you would send a response? I would be very much interested in learning how you've been adapting to the new Equestria, and further helping or visiting whenever you'd like. I'm often never too busy for a visit," she said with a smile.
  15. Ice Storm

    [Ponyville] Princess Cadence's Visit

    ~~~Twilight Sparkle~~~ Twilight couldn't help but agree when Cadence said that she could only hope that Discord remained busy with whatever it was he was doing. She also nodded as the princess suggested they head back to her place and see if Spike had already prepared breakfast, and if he had, then they could always then go to the café or something of the like. "Sounds like a good idea to me," she said making her way towards the castle. They were getting a few looks gestured at them, but it was to be expected, as it wasn't every day Cadence was here. She just hoped that everypony didn't go overboard with them like they would when Celestia was here. If there was anything that she understood from being a princess now, it was that feeling. A little while longer and they were in the castle. "Spike, Spiiike!"