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  5. After the discusion via PM on this character, I am moving this character to the pending second approval section under the clause that this character be monitored during roleplays for a brief while to make sure the character stays within the abilities listed via this character sheet and Via PM. Future edits may be needed based on the roleplay of the character.
  6. My main concern on this character is the fact that the potential for powerplaying is very high. The future in of it very self is completely unpredictable. So while seeing something similar in a dream and reacting to it at a later point would be okay, directly being able to see a pony's future would not be allowed, simply because of the fact that with that, you could literally use that power to get somepony to do whatever you'd like even if it wouldn't be in the nature of that character to do so. An Example: A pony comes up to you and asks for you to tell them your future. You character would be able to see an event coming and you tell them said event will happen. That said event would now have to happen to other character in order for the continuity of your character to remain intact, otherwise it would look like the character is a fraud. So what we end up getting, is a form of set up character control. The only way this could be allowed would be if these readings of the future are imprecise, and as vague as possible so that the user of all characters involved can still be free to act as their characters would and would still have a chance of falling into your character's ability. As far as being able to sense a characters past, I would say that would have to be limited as well, because being able to go up to any pony and instantly tell everything about them, is a bit unnerving. Especially since there are many characters who don't want their pasts known by very many, including my own. That would provide easy grounds for meta-gaming because your character would gain access to information about any character that they wouldn't normally tell them. While it's possible for backstories to come up, and come up often, something like that should be done via roleplay. Now, one way this could work, and would be really the only way that I would consider allowing such an ability, is if when Stardream was using her ability, each "vision" would be a separate RP where the user of said character in vision has a way to explain the character's past in their own fashion. Simply using it to look through a character though and learn everything about them, is not going to pass.
  7. Ice Storm followed Luna over to where Iron Wing was laying, and as if on cue of Luna mentioning her, Iron Wing woke. Ice's heart pinged for a second as Iron immediately made her pain known. She wished so much that she would have been the one that had fallen down into that ravine. At least if it was her, she wouldn't have been missed by many if any at all. Of course there was always Luna that would miss her, but Luna lived forever so she was sure that she'd be able to find somepony that could easily replaced herself. She started to feel a bit down on herself, but then shook her head. No, she couldn't give into those types of thoughts now. Right now the best thing that she could do was to get the bandages off of Iron Wing and be prepared to re-bandage anything that Luna may not be able to heal in this occurrence. Slowly, she began to unravel the bandages. The one she focused on the most was the one around Iron's chest, as she presumed that would be the first injury that Princess Luna would attend to. It would also probably be the most difficult. Colt had the water and everything ready so when she removed the first bandage, she dropped it into the pot and let it boil. She then did the same with the rest of the bandages. It actually appeared that some of the smaller scrapes on her sides were already mostly healed. She was mainly concerned about her wings and leg now as Luna began to work on the stab wound from the shadow beast. "We'll let those boil while the princess is working. It will ensure they are sterile," she added to the dragon. ~~~Princess Luna~~~ As the princess made her way over, she was relieved to see that Iron Wing had in fact made it through the night. Even though she had given her a bit of strength, Luna herself was honest still worried about her. There was no way to be sure how fast her body was using the energy that she had given. That in mind, even if Iron Wing was awake, Luna would have to be swift. She waited as Ice removed the main bandage, and as soon as she had done so, she placed her horn just above the stab wound on Iron Wing and began to channel healing magic into it. The intensity and the severity of the wound was noticed immediately, and the fact that Iron was able to move and fight through the ravine with something like this did wonders to impress the princess. She was definitely a pony worth looking after. She wished that she could be there for more ponies like her. Slowly after a good while, the magic dwindled, and the wound was completely sealed, but Luna looked visibly tired. "The wound on your chest shall cause you no more ill, however I will not be able to heal you wings or leg until I've had a short rest and something to eat to restore my energy. That wound you suffered was mighty gruesome, I must say, I am impressed with your ability to fight through such a condition. Your determination has not gone unnoticed, my little pony," the princess spoke before sitting on her haunches to catch her breath for a bit.
  8. Due to the nature of this thread and how threads like this have fared in the past, we're locking this before it has the chance to get out of hand. Clop Threads like this have existed before and have dwindled into nothing but flaming by the time that they were locked. Plus, we actively discourage discussions that attacks other groups or fandoms. We don't like it when the attack us on their sites, so please don't do it on ours.
  9. This is definitely something that I would be able to get behind. Besides, Dawn Guard is Awesome.
  10. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Sleep came rather quickly for Ice Storm, and by quickly, more like instantly. She barely felt something wrap around her body and pull her close, but what it was, she didn't have the energy to attempt to see. With her completing her trip into the dreamworld, many of the visions that she had seen from the night before were starting to show themselves once again. It was almost as if that they were trying to clearly tell her something, and each time more and more of the vision was seen. Of course, there was always the fact that these were dreams, and that they were completely unpredictable. They were almost always, a very unreliable source of information, and if somepony walked up to her and told her that her dream told her to step in this exact spot at this exact time, she would normally say that they were crazy. That being said, if her body had any energy, she would be shifting about from as realistic as these dreams were. ~The next morning~ Starting to feel a majority of her strength returning to her body from the night's rest. She could still feel that she wasn't quite at full strength, but after what they had gone through the previous day, she didn't think that she would be at full strength for a while. Slowly, her eyes began to flutter open at the sound of movement around her. When her eyes opened, Luna was still wrapped tightly around her, which made Ice blush profusely knowing her issue and what's already happened once on this trip. However, when she noticed that she felt dry, and there was no puddle around them, she was relieved. She didn't know, of course, that Luna had cast a spell on her the night before, but she knew that she was dry all the same. Slowly her blush faded away as she realized this. A few moments later, she barely managed to catch the dragon ask about their next move. With that she gave Luna a gentle nuzzle to wake her up as well causing the royal blue alicorn to stir. "The fir..." she started as a long yawn cut her off as her body was still waking up. "First thing we need to do is tend to Iron. We'll need another pot of water to sterilize the bandages once again just in case we should still need them. With that in mind, the princess is the only one here with any sort of healing magic at this point," she said looking to a stretching Luna as she seemed to be waking herself up as well. ~~~Luna~~~ the night for Luna was probably one of the most uneventful nights that she'd had in a while. Not only was she completely drained for energy, but even her sleep was completely dreamless. This was exceptionally odd giving her abilities to dreamwalk. Usually if she's not dreaming herself, then she is usually in somepony else's dream. Tonight though, nothing. It was extremely eery, and lead her to believe that these winds were affecting more and more by the day. A fact that made her somewhat ashamed of leaving Canterlot unprotected, but at this particular point in time, she had no other choice. Using the hallway of visions she say that Equestria's only real hope of getting through this was in danger of failing at the hands of some unworldly creature that not even her had seen the likes of before. Not even as her time as Nightmare Moon had she seen anything like that and it made her wonder where in Tartartus that thing came from. Whatever it was though, she did learn one thing about it if they ever faced anything like it again. Light was it's weakness, which meant it's strength was darkness. Of course, this meant that if they ever had to fight anything like that again on this mission, she'd have to be careful. Using the wrong magic on something like that could accidentally make it stronger. She made a mental note of that for herself at a later point. For the moment though, there was only rest. The sound of others snoring, and the comfort of Ice being next to her. It did pain her a bit when she was watching earlier and she heard Icy questioning the legitimacy of how much she actually cared for the mare. Luna could personally attest that she did not just take Ice Storm in to make her image look better in the eyes of ponies, and even had that been the only goal, it had been rather inessential in many of the opinions of others so it wouldn't have been practical to keep caring for her as long as Luna had if she was only doing it for her image. She couldn't really say that she wasn't taking care of Ice Storm for personal gain though, as she personally gained a very loving companion that she enjoyed being around when she could be. That was possibly the largest personal gain that somepony could ask for, and it certainly wasn't a loss. On more than one occasion she tugged the mare a bit closer, and by morning, Luna was wrapped almost completely around her. When she felt a nuzzle on her neck though, her body stirred, still a bit achy from the night before. She would definitely be feeling the after effects of this mission, but it was worth it completely. She then heard Ice Storm, who had been the one to wake her apparently mention that the first thing they needed to do was take care of Iron. She instructed Colt to get a fire ready to sterilize the bandages once more in case they needed them again and stated that Luna was the only one with healing magic. At this point Luna started to stand up and began to stretch a bit to try to get her muscles to stop aching. This revealed the very slight magical aura around Icy's hind quarters that Luna quickly did away with discretely. "Indeed taking care of the wounded is always the first priority," Luna said as she began to move over to injured pegasi. The cast that was on her leg had melted as expected, and the bandages looked like they held pretty well. They were greatly discolored though, especially the one over Iron's chest which made Luna worried. She only hoped that the wound had healed up at least a small bit on it's own overnight. Otherwise, Luna knew that it could be quite taxing, and travel would be slow to get started for the day if that were the case. "I am ready to begin the healing once she's awake, and you both are ready to remove the bandages. I don't want to start working on her wounds while she's asleep," Luna explained.
  11. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice tried to work as quickly as she could to get the Iron clad pegasus patched up so that she wouldn't bleed out during the night. Colt and Electrobolt both came over to help her with the process. Colt helped her stabilize Iron's leg as she wrapped it. She could see that dragon was really close to this mare. One could argue about as close as she herself was with the princesses, if not more so. The amount of tenderness that the dragon showed the pegasi was one that she had only ever personally had seen from the princess. She found it odd how a dragon of all creatures, the ones that everypony makes out to be the monsters, were more capable of compassion than many of the ponies she's actually dealt with face to face. It was actually kind of sad but funny at the same time. At the very least, she didn't have to worry about the dragon backstabbing her at any point in time. She couldn't always he certain about that with ponies that live in Canterlot. With that in mind though, once she was finished wrapping the leg, and sealing in an ice cast so that Iron couldn't accidentally move it during the night and cause further injury to it, she turned to her chest as she saw Electrobolt already trying to wrap the bandages around her chest, but hadn't made it very far with them yet. she, as gently as she could with her magic, lifted iron up. She didn't have a lot of magic left in her at this point, as she was started to feel the effects of the entire day bearing down upon her once again, but this had to be done. She wasn't going to let herself succumb to sleep or exhaustion when there was a pony in dire danger of dieing if proper action wasn't taken immediately. Once Iron was raised up a bit, she used her magic to carefully wrap the bandage around her chest, focusing a majority of it around the stab wound, while placing some of the outer strands of the wrap around some of the lesser scrapes and bruises. She wanted to keep as many of them protected until morning as possible. By then she had hoped that the princess would have recovered enough strength to heal these injuries. She finished wrapping the bandages around her chest and quickly wrapped her right wing while she was still somewhat sitting up as to not have to keep her up any longer than she had to. Once her right wing was adequately wrapped to her liking, she lowered Iron back into a more comfortable position so that she could finish the left wing, as that was the last of the bandages that she would be able to apply tonight. She couldn't help but over hear how Colt was talking to Iron and it only further confirmed her impression of how close they were. She placed the final clip on the wing bandage and let it rest against Iron. "It is done. Unfortunately I won't be able to do anymore until morning myself. What bit of strength I've gain from the adrenaline that was pumped through me when Iron first arrived is leaving my system. With that in mind, I think it's best that we all rest up for the night," she said as the Princess came back into the room, agreeing with her, and stating that the rest of the level was clear of hostility. "Finally, some rest without having to worry about somepony walking in on us...." Ice muttered to herself as her legs gave out from under her where she was, leaving her as a tired, sleeping, blue coated mound. ~~~Princess Luna~~~ The princess could sense that perhaps her answer wasn't the answer that he had hoped to of received, but unfortunately, even she was at a limit to what her powers could do. Yes, she could dream walk, but she didn't know the names of every single pony's dream she entered. She also didn't remember any specific dreams that had him in them. "Well, like I said, perhaps you can swing by the castle once this mess is all cleaned up and we can see where our investigation goes from there. I'm just not really in a position to do anything about this situation at this point in time," she stated as she looked a bit further into the room, making sure that there were no other hazards or anything that could pose a threat to them. "Come, we should get back with the others. Everything appears to be safe for now," she said turning to head back into the room where the group was. When the princess re-entered the room where everypony else was at. She saw that Iron was now bandaged up, and Colt, Ice, and Electrobolt where all standing around her visibly drained. She managed to overhear Ice speaking about the wounds being sealed for now and that she herself could heal them as long as she had recovered her strength by morning. Luna started to speak up, as she wasn't sure if she would even have enough strength by morning to heal wounds of that magnitude, but she stayed quiet. There was no reason to give the group any more negative news at this point. When she heard Ice mention resting, Luna nodded. "I agree. Resting would be the best course of action for everypony right now. The other room is clear so we won't have to worry about anything coming after us while we sleep." she stated as she saw Ice collapse from exhaustion and fall asleep where she was. With a soft smile she made her way over to Ice and laid next to her, draping a wing over her back. She tested her horn to see if she could us it yet, and it seemed that the little bit of rest she had while she was conversing with Alex was enough to get a small amount of strength back. With this, she made a small magic aura around Ice to keep both of them dry while she slept. She gave Ice a gentle nuzzle before looking over to Iron Wing. She was genuinely happy to see the mare again. After what had happened at the ravine... she wasn't sure if she was even still alive. Here she was now, barely alive, but alive still, and she had many powerful ponies watching over her. With a small light from her horn, and a short burst towards her, Luna transferred some of her remaining energy into the pegasi. "That should guarantee that she'll make it to morning. Once morning comes. I'll do what I can," Luna smiled before her own tiredness got the best of her as she lay her head next to Ice's and fell asleep as well.
  12. Because it's not our place to do so. If someone asks for your opinion that's one thing, but just because someone makes a character or a story, and just has it out there, doesn't mean they want your opinion on it. And the fact that he told you to GTFO, was because he didn't want your opinion, and he's entitled to that. You're entitled to your opinion as well, but as soon as someone tells you to stop, and you yourself don't, then you're crossing over into borderline harassment. And you're missing the point entirely about Fallout Equestria. It wasn't about how big, or how famous it is. It's about the fact that it was never meant to be canon. The character that you spoke of, was never meant to be canon. Have you ever heard of Parody characters that make fun of canon? The point is pure and simple. You can't judge something based on canon material if it was never meant to be canon. That automatically leads to an biased judgement. Also, please stop the name calling. Regardless of your opinion of the character, you have no right to bash it's creator like that. If the character really bothers you that badly, ignore it. If this person really bothers you that badly, ignore them, but don't do behind their backs calling them names on a forum they aren't even on.
  13. Yes, you could, and it's no one else's business if you do. I understand why you feel like that, but it's just not anyone's place to judge something that they weren't asked to judge. So yes, you could make a super alicorn that had 100 horns of you wanted and was the birth lord of all of equestria including the princesses, and no one could say anything because it's your character. It's no one else's business if it's good or not until they are actually in a roleplay setting that they are running.
  14. I don't care if your opinion is alone or not. No one has a right to be talked down upon, especially if they aren't here to defend their own name. You have your opinion, and I'm not going to say you can't "not like" a character, but ranting about it like this solves nothing. It's a lot easier to ignore the characters you want don't want to deal with than it is to try to fix them. If I tried to go through and assess every character in the normal database, I'd never have time to do anything else. There are a lot of characters there that aren't even made for Roleplay. But the bottom line is, unless they are breaking a rule of the site, they are none of my business. Now if someone asks for a critique of a character, that's one thing. If you're just randomly going from OC to OC and judging it, that's not cool. You can have an opinion, your friends can have an opinion, and I'm not disagreeing with your opinion. However, the bottom line stands, if it's not your character, and you weren't asked to review it by the owner of that character, then don't because that's just as disrespectful. In other words, if you can't say anything nice about it, keep your opinions to yourself, and don't use them to disrespect others.