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  5. “Im in your debt majesty” the dragon said looking up to the alicorn of the night as she moved away from Iron after healing her. During all the healing process the drake held Iron’s head and her hoof at his paws for some reason the dragon showed true and honest concern for the former member of the Night’s Guard. It was until the healing process was finished and that both dragon and knight paid their gratitude to princess Luna that the dark scaled dragon let the knight tend her injuries. "Ok now try to rest and recover" the drake said laying down with care the body and head of the pegasus. When she was in a comfortable position his eyes started to look the room turning around, ideas and thoughts about the situation of the group started to pass by, this was interrupted by the sound of bones going back to their place. The cracking noice of her wing almost wounded the drake and he even decided to look away from her “there is no use of talking her out of this she is just too stubborn…” the dragon sighed but in a way was relaxed when he saw her back into her normal self. “Well just the wing” were his thoughts as he started to consider the situation, “He has a point we are running low on our supplies and both the leader and the princess don’t look like making a move out of this” the drake said and moved to the “stairs” from where they came from the scent of the outside was close and the light of the day outside showed that the entrance wasn’t very far away. “I thought we were deeper into the castle but we are barely inside” he understood. He walked to the sleeping body of daylight while the others were still around Iron, placed him on the corner close to the stairs from where the came in a safe and natural position, the dragon emptied Daylight’s saddles and took a couple of items with the saddles and then moved up alone “Ill be back in short, before noon for sure, you all rest and recover ” he said and walked to the exit. He had a good idea of what he was doing and none of it had to do with fighting or leaving the group they just needed more resources.
  6. As he said this words the moments between the answer from the moon alicorn and her protegee felt long and heavy even the two breaths he take during those seconds felt more heavy and even hurtful, the golden eyes of the dragon stayed over the equestrian governor looking at her for real ever since she came to the group. During those seconds it all came down to him, memories meaning importance of this being he almost lost the strength in his legs. "Im sorry highness" he said as she passed in front of him making a slight bow. A sigh of relief came straight from the mouth of the drake it looked like his thoughts were not needed, at least not for now. With this reassured by the princess of the night the drake moved away from the princess path to see Iron Wing still his eyes over her trying to stay on the ground but fell to see the avatar of night itself. He felt so nervous so unease to be in her presence as if he wanted to say something and at the same time nothing and he may have done something stupid but before that could happen the only possible thing that could break this state in the scaled one happened. Iron Wing woke up. The pointy ears fliked in response of that sound he turned his head instantly to see her opening her eyes and for a moment their eyes crossed a heavy weight was lifted from him and he felt as if the air was less rough. "Wait Iron lay down" he said and moved quicky towards the mare passing luna by her side to hold Iron's head with his paws so she was able to rest down with her head a little up. "Hey there no need for you to stand up we are resting and you are at ease soldier" were the words that accompany a nice caress over her face, it was half of a joke to rise her mood as he knew a lot the martial pride she got in her. "The princess is ready to start healing you with her magic, just endure a little more ok, your little sister and I will be here to help just wait a moment" Colt said and moved to get the pot of water with a very strange looking care from a dragon he held the mare's head on the exact same height with his tail as he hot the pot. "I have recovered some magic ice and fire should be so hard now" he thought, moments later a flame started to but and in the pot a piece of solid ice formed "there is enough water in the air" his mind concluded a moment later the metal was being heated to melt the ice and boil the water. "Everything is going to be ok, just hold a little more" the drake said expecting the bandage removal to be painful for the azure pegasus. Colt moved his paws over the fire making sure that the flames would touch his claw tips and palms the flames ran across his scales and some weird scent shot out, he was not burning but whatever that he had at his paws did he was "cleaning" so that his paws woundt infect the wounds from the injured knight. Removing from the fire he turned to see the regal alicorn and the hoarfrost unicorn "im ready when you are"
  7. The day was starting the meek rays from the sun were starting to light up the place but they were barely able to warm up the forest, even less the dark and somber interior of the temple which thanks of the fire and the bodies of those in the room proved to be a fair shelter better than no thing that was for sure. For the dragon who passed the night in such a place the last hours were a hard time, almost every single hour he woke up to check on the mare-knight who was covered by his body she had her good and bad times during this hours some times showing she was In pain some other times her body relaxed and it looked she was able to rest. The mind of the dragon was unease and worried for the safety and wellbeing of the group. Those ponies were much more than a set of chosen stewards among them now the princess of the moon resided and this caused grave worries for Colt. The princess of the moon was far to important for the realm her presence in the face of danger was placing Equestria into jeopardy. The drake had experienced in this kind of situations, if there was something like that, and he had good reasons to believe the treats ahead would become more powerful and hard to overcome Colt knew they were in no condition to face them. “We need to recover… we need more time” his mind got to those two conclusions and the more he thought about it the more it looked like the possible idea and the right action to take. After what felt like a couple of hours from the daybreak having some remorse for leaving the side of the azure knight Colt moved away from her being perfectly careful to not disturb her slumber. His body felt heavy a little stiff it still had some spikes of pain around his back and the base of his wings but he really felt better compared to the day before. Walking towards the princess and her closest one being nervous about what he was going to say. “Miss Ice…your majesty” he called for the leathers of the mission not knowing if they were awake or still into their slumber. “I think we need to plan our next move” by the sound of his voice the dragon meant business this was crucial and not just to them but to all of equestria.
  8. Something was different, something didnt made much sense, why was he feeling so right? "Did he really did this? why would he..." the drake thought as he thought about the sunshine unicorn who he guessed to be down, while this happened the fire he lit was burning and it showed a very injured and damaged Iron Wing. "Ill help with her armor" he replied getting away from his thoughts and focusing on the most important thing right now, to save the azure pegasus. With his claws it was a lot easier to remove them and the help from Ice Storm worked wonders soon the locks were free and the pieces away from her damaged frame, "Im sorry to do this here" the drake whispered to the ears of iron as he worked as fast as possible to take the armor pieces off. He knew she would have stomp over him for this, the mission was no over and her pride would not let them take off that armor, but this was way off the question. The drake listened to every single remark made by Ice storm, suddenly it all injured him deep inside, as he held the hooves of Iron to help Ice with the injuries. He squeezed the hooves from time to time his face showed a sincere and terrible concern he even caressed her cheek with the tip of his tail from time to time, there was no way Ice or Electro would have known that he was holding the a pony that meant so much for him, they count even imagine what was happening inside is mind and even worse in his heart. Watching her like this with his chest bleeding and open not able to do anything for her felt like a life in tartarus itself. He looked unable to do more holding his tears inside Iron Wing would have never forgive him if he ever cried for her, he once promised to believe in her and in her strength he had to hold that promise but right now it was harder than anything else. "Why did you had to heal me why not her?" the mind of the dragon spelled and even some grudge brew in him towards the golden stallion, that was quickly forgotten when the now stripped knight showed signs of pain. "You can do this, come on endure it Im here" whispers like this echoed in the ears of Iron from a voice that was breaking at this situation, a situation that suddenly got a little brighter again because of iron wing. A simle was drawn at Iron's face, he almost let his emotions overflow at that moment but he took a deep breath and kept in control he talked to her said many things faking that everything was allright that this was just another regular day in a way he knew that she was unable to understand what was happening but he kept doing it. "Hey there, stay awake there are a lot of things i have to tell you I saw this knight, fighting terrible foes, winning against them" he said squeezing her hoof even tighter and cursing himself for not being able to do something about her situation knowing that she maybe would go away at his own paws for him being useless. "You heard the leader right Iron?" he said again talking to her as if she was alright. "We have to stay together we cant just break the group, you cant break an order right? you are not allowed to break the group Iron thats the order from your commander officer " while saying this he smiled to her as if this were teases or jokes his face tried to stay happy but it was obvious that her condition was breaking him apart. As soon as Ice finished the drake released her with care and placed the knight to a more nature and comfortable position to rest "Thank you Miss Storm" He said with his deep breaking voice and a moment after he curled around her to protect the injured mare from the cold, it was the only thing he could do for her right now.
  9. A song for my OC's hmmmmm well to start here they are Well Now that you ask I think this two depending the mood. And the posible performers
  10. RIght now im rocking with AJ on the telepone if anypony wishes to join the fray
  11. 1. Poop - As far as i know and under a twitt made by GODDES HERSELF lauren faust there are no toilets on equestira and here is that proof. 2 - Taxes. There is something really interesting to think about and there are two main sides of this coin the one an simple is MAGIC there are no taxes. And then there is the second side the more real one. As you say every economy in the history of this world (as far as I know) has shown something like taxes, tributes or something similar. Taking this into fact would be considered that ponies should have also some sort of tax system, yet! taking this as a simple fact would be not quite right and that is because there is a figure which does not exist in our world and that is Celestia. Take this in consideration, before the Sun and Moon sisters there was a constant cooperation with the tribes to make the world "go round", earthponies, pegasi and unicorns had to work as a unit to get the sustain, weather, earth sun and moon were "managed" by the tribes to survive then everything changed (not because the fire nation attack) two main figures took the place of the Unicorns, Sun and Moon were controled by two and then one sole being. It wont be crazy to consider that all tree tribes would pay some kind of tribute for the ones who control the sun itself, also this could explain why unicorns, or at least those on canterlot are so uptight, after all their "place among the tribes" was taken by the princesses leaving them to just enjoy life most refined hobbies. 4. Reproduction. Well... it is "sugested" foals come from a pregnant mare and also referenced that this foals are to carry the "heritance" of each one of their parents family. The "nerves" and "anxiety" from Mr and Ms Cake on their twins episodes could be considered as a direct reference to "sexual reproduction", some could say that there is no a straight reference and that there could be other "magical means" to achieve this BUT there is more reasons to think the other way. The main reason is the couple we were talking about, this are Earthponies, there is no "evidence" they can use magic out of their bodies (because is a fact every being of the Equestrian world has magic in it) we have to take that there is some degree of "fisical" contact to reproduce.. 5. Technology is something interesting in the pony world taking that there are multiple examples of it but not real "infrastructure" for it to work like in our world. I would say that their technology level is close to that found in 1890 according, to transportation, communication and information. YET there is an amazing leap about their technology about energy sources. Given that there are no power lines or "lightning" on the streets we can suppose that there is not control over electricity or its use on technology, yet! we can see autonomous instruments, speakers, machines and "computers" used in the show how does that work? My money is on MAGIC, this because the propeller of RD's pet turtle Tank, that thing is clearly powered by magic so that would be my take.
  12. I am co founder and partner of an IT service and development company at Mexico City. Right now we have a team of 15 gurls and doods and since last week we are rocking on our brand new office... with garden furniture and dust all over the place. Over all i love my job, the team we have build is smart efficent good and answer for its work and little by little we keeb making this a more strong company and a great place to work =D. Working on IT gives you the chance to learn and apply whay you know on almost any field, from Health to Sports, from chopper construction to environmental stuff so in general one keeps learning of all kind of things. Its really nice
  13. Little Boxes or crates... i dont know why I just can leave them open and enjoy how to find their content... even if it is empty. Ok now I need to open this ones