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  1. EVO is live!

  2. “Im in your debt majesty” the dragon said looking up to the alicorn of the night as she moved away from Iron after healing her. During all the healing process the drake held Iron’s head and her hoof at his paws for some reason the dragon showed true and honest concern for the former member of the Night’s Guard. It was until the healing process was finished and that both dragon and knight paid their gratitude to princess Luna that the dark scaled dragon let the knight tend her injuries. "Ok now try to rest and recover" the drake said laying down with care the body and head of the pegasus. When
  3. As he said this words the moments between the answer from the moon alicorn and her protegee felt long and heavy even the two breaths he take during those seconds felt more heavy and even hurtful, the golden eyes of the dragon stayed over the equestrian governor looking at her for real ever since she came to the group. During those seconds it all came down to him, memories meaning importance of this being he almost lost the strength in his legs. "Im sorry highness" he said as she passed in front of him making a slight bow. A sigh of relief came straight from the mouth of
  4. The day was starting the meek rays from the sun were starting to light up the place but they were barely able to warm up the forest, even less the dark and somber interior of the temple which thanks of the fire and the bodies of those in the room proved to be a fair shelter better than no thing that was for sure. For the dragon who passed the night in such a place the last hours were a hard time, almost every single hour he woke up to check on the mare-knight who was covered by his body she had her good and bad times during this hours some times showing she was In pain some other times her bod
  5. Something was different, something didnt made much sense, why was he feeling so right? "Did he really did this? why would he..." the drake thought as he thought about the sunshine unicorn who he guessed to be down, while this happened the fire he lit was burning and it showed a very injured and damaged Iron Wing. "Ill help with her armor" he replied getting away from his thoughts and focusing on the most important thing right now, to save the azure pegasus. With his claws it was a lot easier to remove them and the help from Ice Storm worked wonders soon the locks were free and the pieces away
  6. A song for my OC's hmmmmm well to start here they are Well Now that you ask I think this two depending the mood. And the posible performers
  7. RIght now im rocking with AJ on the telepone if anypony wishes to join the fray
  8. 1. Poop - As far as i know and under a twitt made by GODDES HERSELF lauren faust there are no toilets on equestira and here is that proof. 2 - Taxes. There is something really interesting to think about and there are two main sides of this coin the one an simple is MAGIC there are no taxes. And then there is the second side the more real one. As you say every economy in the history of this world (as far as I know) has shown something like taxes, tributes or something similar. Taking this into fact would be considered that ponies should have also some sort of tax system, yet! taki
  9. I am co founder and partner of an IT service and development company at Mexico City. Right now we have a team of 15 gurls and doods and since last week we are rocking on our brand new office... with garden furniture and dust all over the place. Over all i love my job, the team we have build is smart efficent good and answer for its work and little by little we keeb making this a more strong company and a great place to work =D. Working on IT gives you the chance to learn and apply whay you know on almost any field, from Health to Sports, from chopper construction to environmental stuf
  10. Little Boxes or crates... i dont know why I just can leave them open and enjoy how to find their content... even if it is empty. Ok now I need to open this ones
  11. Colt

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    15294 I cant believe how far this has get
  12. Kind of hard for a saturay but in the end everything ended up quite well. Thanks for asking =D
  13. 45% AJ combo +1 magic no bar used dominated.

  14. Dont want to be a jerk here but its pretty easy, I got my AJ basic combo going on now and landing in constantly after an overhead C hop. Remember you guys need to tech if you are getting comboed, I hope i can face the forum but i have to work on making that run
  15. Yes that is right just be sure your character has an special move with that input i would recommend to configure your keyboard like this Up down left right --- The arrows A Button ---- Z B Button ---- X C Button ---- C D Button ---- A E Button ---- S F Button ---- D Keep trying I know it can be frustrating to start but with some tries you will be doing them with ease. Yes you can, I have use my PS2 controler PC adapter, my PS3 controller with a X360 adapter and a normal pad a friend used to play, so I would say any PC compatible controller must work. Im now
  16. Is there a way to contact the dev team I found a glitch while training with Fluttershy. It would be nice if some one can corroborate If you combo the Zoo Supper (Stryder Hiryu ) right after THE STARE when the bear hits it will freeze the screen. Special moves are activated by inputs you "mix" ( arrows and attack buttons) For example with Twi basically you have to "type" fast down, down+forward, forward and right when you are finishing the button A, B or C . This will activate her "firehorn" and she will shoot it. All fighting games have some kind of this inputs this moves are calle
  17. I would say its you, on the options menu you can configure you keeyboard or gamepad arcade stick or whatever you want to play with. I can guarantee it works since ive been playing with my good old ps2 pad + usb adapter.The move list is on the paused menu and if you guys are worried about someone taking down the game i may be able to store it on my personal server if needed. That happened to me too. I think its because the folder or the drive you are storing it. I downloaded on a diferent partition on my HDD and didnt work as soon as i move it to my OS Drive (that would be C:) everythin
  18. This game is the one reason i got into Ponies watching it running alive and bucking in my PC just droves me close to tears, i will be seeing all of you guys in the game, as an FG veteran I will be enjoying my life out of playing AJ with the years of KOF in my fingers. If anypony happens to know who is responsible for this amazing gift please tell him that you made a fan very happy and that those hours of effort and dedication mean a whole hell of a lot out of me. Let the fight begin!
  19. Welcome to the forums hope you find a good time here and somepony to talk too, but most of all have fun
  20. Dale Dale Dale No Pierdas el Tino!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Great I feel a challenge here and let me tell you I just love them. Im going to accept this challenge because among my OC designs there is one Alicorn. First of all let me tell you a little from Princes Ancora comes from. 700 years before the show start, a time of confusion fear and the lost of balance, without Luna Celestia was losing the control over the realm, land and heavens Ancora was there to help her and in a way to fill the void Luna left inside Celestia's heart. Ancora was one of the few reasons that kept Celestia smiling after the banishment of Nightmare Moon. Sh
  22. The questions here for @, and everypony else are: Is there any chance to create a fair and well thought alicorn? What kind of character it should be? How could it fit into the cannon world if posible? would you analize an alicorn OC without prejudices or just because it has both wings and horn it will be hated?
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