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  1. Im currently seeking a new anime to watch but I just finished watching watamote about 2 and a half hours ago (anyone wanna reccomend an anime simular to it, but less deppressing?)
  2. I hate my school and despise/don't care about all my classes (excluding band) math- teacher just expects us to know everything socials-everyone in that class is annoying and loud and the teacher lets them get away with it p.e.-I am shit at sports. the teachers lets us decide the groups which leads to me having to go with whoever doesn't have a partner or whatever group the teacher randomly assigns me in. teacher expects all students to be able to do chin ups, is extremely preachy, marks you based on the average of the class and a million more things. band- I guess I like it.., k
  3. I'd say the nuclear bomb, it's by far the most deadly weapon. while most other weapons could kill a few people and some buildings if they worked together, as long as there isn't any anti-missile structures nearby, just fire a single nuke and boom city gone. (thank god those things can't be used in war though)
  4. because that sweet, sweet dopamine tells my brain that I want to survive.
  5. that moment you see an long inactive MEMEBER who's name you wants T_T

  6. watamote, sorry...

  7. yes, yes they are. (they rack a disisprine) As many people pointed out it's retarded that parents are giving their kids iPhones for throwing temper tantrums, right that will teach them that not everything's served on a silver platter. I personally believe that kids should only get non-essentials twice a year (on their birthday and whatever big religious holiday they celebrate).
  8. I'm personally not attracted to anyone so NOPE. but if I had to chose I'd say it would depend on who they were. Just because a girl is modest does not mean she isn't the worst person ever and just because they overdress that does not mean their human filth. so yeah...
  9. I just watched all episodes of wakamote in one night, I'm so depressed now.

  10. good news I have gotten rid of it, I simply scanned a code to get a greninja on top of where the egg was PROBLEM SOLVED. lesson of the day? don't trust 4chan
  11. I'd rather not risk unleashes whatever demon lies inside that egg (it most likely will corrupt my game data)
  12. I was scanning codes on 4chan for the free pokemon exploit when I ended up with this beauty. I've quarentined it and it hasn't done anything, I was just wondering what I should do with this thing, thanks.
  13. wowowowo

    General Media Most Annoying Fandom

    deffientley the hetalia fandom, I love the show (in fact it's by far my favourite show ever) but oh god I can't stand the fandom. It's FULL of crazy weeaboos who will physically assault you for not liking a ship or liking a certain character (because france senpai is their husbando, liking Britain-kun means your a baka).
  14. 3am, school night and theres a test tommorow... perfect time to go on the forums.

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