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    I mean, it all depends on how the Speed Force works outside of other universes that aren't DC. Even then, it's still in good favor of The Flash.
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    Now me personally, I'd love to see a battle between Shantae and Midna from Twilight Princess. Both are fighters that use their hair for more than looking good and are powerful magic users. I really want to see Shantae fight her than Shovel Knight since they literally share nothing in common other than being highly known in the indie community.
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    Hooooo... Where do I even begin about what's wrong with Bowser vs. Ganon?...
  7. What's up, everypony? The name's Alex Night and I've started to catch the Let's Player bug for a while now, so I decided to try my hand at YouTube and taking just a small break from Twitch. I've already got a few projects started along with some projects already done, but there is one project that I'm really pushing for in terms of involvement from both me and my viewers. It is called the Pokemon Sacred Gold Egglocke challenge. Pokemon Sacred Gold is a ROM hack of Pokemon Heart Gold where the Pokemon have changed in many different ways to create a more challenging experience like buffing some of the weaker Pokemon or how all of the Gym Leaders and the Elite Four have six Pokemon to use against you. For those unfamiliar with Egglockes or Nuzlockes, it's essentially a self-imposed hard mode. There are two (three) basic rules to the Nuzlocke portion that are mandatory. 1. If a Pokemon faints, then it is considered dead and must be either released into the wild or put into a "dead" box for archival purposes. It cannot be revived and used again with the exceptions of HM Slave purposes. 2. You may only catch the first Pokemon that you encounter in each Area/Route. So, if you happen to encounter an Abra which has a habit of Teleporting on its first move and it gets away, then tough luck. You can't have a second chance. 3. You must nickname every Pokemon that you catch/receive as a gift in order to create a more emotional bond with your Pokemon. Now we come to the part of the Egglocke rules which is where the viewer/subscriber comes into play. 1. Every Pokemon that you get, including the Starter Pokemon, serves as a token to swap for a random Egg pulled from the PC box that is provided by the viewers/subscribers. 2. Now because the games as they are now hatch Pokemon at Level 1, I have to enable a one-time pass for creating 999 Rare Candies only for the sole purpose of leveling up the hatched Pokemon to the same level as the Token Pokemon that was swapped for it. Any Rare Candies that I may find out in the game are used immediately for legitimacy purposes. Optional Rules: There will be a duplicate limit for the eggs where I cannot get 3 of the same Pokemon during my run. So, if I were to hatch a fourth Charmander during my run, then I would have to pass over that Charmander for a new egg. I want to be as fair to everybody during my run which is why I put a high enough limit, but given that Gen 4 has plenty of Pokemon to choose from I don't think I'll run into too many duplicates. So obviously I need people to send me eggs to even get this project started. I even created a YouTube layout for the game which I'll be more than happy to show for you guys. The video link here will take to the first episode where I explain all of this in video form and it also explains how to create an egg and send it to me. Since I prefer to be on the mods' good side (particularly Bababa's), all the stuff that you need is provided in the video description. Keep in mind that I'm still working on my commentary and that I may let some curse words out from time to time during my videos. I'm trying to cut it down to a point where I say some silly word in its place, but just giving you a fair warning. Other than that, let me know if you guys have any critiques about the video or about the layout as feedback is greatly appreciated.
  8. Alex Night

    Private Quest for the Forbidden Temple-Take 2-RP

    Alex caught mention of Ice Storm fully awake and giving the plan of today. He looked over at Iron Wing curiously as he continued to eat his apple who was now awake as well. Getting a pot of water would be a trivial thing for Alex to do. He could always use the water in his canteen, but then he would risk having no water to drink and given how he drinks plenty of water during his days as a Pegasus Weather Patrol he'd think that would be a bad idea for him and the others. He was the scout of the group and was certainly the best distraction against creatures that want to hurt them because of his personality and agility. He was about to go fly outside in search of water until he saw that Colt had boiled a chunk of ice turning it into hot water. He turned right back around to focus on Iron Wing, staying ready in case she needed additional assistance. When Colt brought the pot over, Ice Storm took the bandages off and put them into the water in order to sterilize them. As Alex looked on towards Iron Wing, he could immediately see one of the big weaknesses of having to wear heavy armor like that. She was a tank which comes with the benefits of durability and endurance at the cost of mobility. Alex never did like the idea of being weighed down by heavy objects and wanted to maximize his speed. After waiting and watching Ice and Luna tend to Iron Wing while eating his first apple for a few minutes, the wounds on Iron Wing started to look fine and almost as if nothing happened to her. By the time it was all done, Alex was finished with his apple. He needed to throw it away somewhere outside of their little shelter. Given how he can fly, he could just fastball it far away into the expanding trees of the Everfree Forest. *CRACK* Alex winced at the sound of that and knew very well that it was the sound of bones cracking. He looked towards where the sound was and deduced that it was Iron Wing cracking the bones in her injured wing. He knew it had to be her wing for two reasons. One being that he noticed that her left wing was injured when they found her again. The second thing being that he experienced a similar wing injury himself when trying to take care of a rogue Thunder Cloud that was kicking up quite a windy storm, causing him to crash into a house. Alex swiftly flew right next to Iron Wing's side, giving her a pat on the back. "Atta girl, Iron Wing. I knew you'd pull through. You're too tough to go down seeing how you carry a mountain on your back like it's nothing." Alex said to Iron Wing, trying to be optimistic for her. Seeing that she was going to be fine for the most part, he decided to go ahead and take a seat with his finished apple. He looked towards the others. "I think I'm gonna get some fresh air and fastball this apple core deep into the woods. Anypony wanna join?" Alex said casually, although he was just anxious to get outside. Seeing how that they were going to stay for awhile, he wanted to at least get outside or explore the rest of this place. He never like being bored by sitting around thanks to his active lifestyle. He looked towards Daylight who was still sleeping on the ground. He felt a bit of sympathy for the unicorn. He used up a lot of magic and stamina yesterday. It's no wonder why he looks so tired.
  9. Alex Night

    Private Quest for the Forbidden Temple-Take 2-RP

    Alex finished reaching to a max of twenty-five wing-ups and push-ups when Princess Luna explained how she needed more information and actual time to do so. Her reasons weren't unfounded, but it still didn't make him feel a little better at the idea of how even Princess Luna would not have any idea who his parents might be. Maybe he gave her a bit too much power to think that she could do something like that, but again she was right. She wasn't exactly in the best shape to do anything of the sort. Although he thought that he could start with his last name. Maybe he had it passed onto him from his mother or father. By the time he was done with his thoughts and work-out to prevent his muscles from cramping, Princess Luna was already heading back to the group feeling satisfied that there was nothing here to threaten their presence. Alex shrugged it off and headed back with Princess Luna, wondering briefly how the others were doing particularly Ice Storm and Iron Wing. Alex kicked a bit of dust underneath his feet as he listened to Luna's instructions. He wasn't feeling particularly sleepy, but he supposed it was a good idea anyway considering he may need the rest for energy and there's no telling of how much sleep he'll get. As Princess Luna was draping her wing over Ice Storm with a small smile, he was starting to suspect that there was something deep between the two of them. He couldn't tell what it was exactly, but he could sense they were close almost like family. He didn't think to ask as it wasn't wise to do so yet, but he beared it in mind as he thought about where to sleep. He honestly wished that he could sleep up on top of a cloud, but the situation with the winds wasn't gonna make that a pleasing option. He spotted a small adjutant that was big enough for one pony to sleep on top of and took it. He found it to be off the ground and was an acceptable substitute except that it wasn't as soft as a cloud. Alex turned back to the group to see Iron Wing being enveloped by Luna's magic to help sustain her or something like that. He noticed Electrobolt sleeping next to Daylight wearing a little long face. Something in his gut was telling him something was wrong by that sight, but it could be just the fact that they all went through something very strange and almost lost a friend. Either way, he couldn't help it right now and stared towards the ceiling. He glanced a bit at his silver star necklace, wondering if his parents were still out there somewhere. He gave a slightly angry look to the star and gently set it back down on his chest before closing his eyes to try and sleep, finally succumbing to the night's dream fifteen minutes later. The Next Day... Alex woke up to the sound of an apple and turned his head quickly to the right. "Breakfast!" Alex said sharply to himself as he jumped off his perch and flew right for his satchel. He looked inside to see that he only had three apples with his canteen to drink. "Well, I suppose it's better than berry hunting." Alex said to himself as he poured a bit of his water on the apple to make it more pleasing to eat and took a bite out of it. He looked around the group as he wondered what their next move was, tapping his other front hoof impatiently. He never was a fan of staying cooped up in one place for long and was glad to hear Colt wanted to do something right now rather than keep resting.
  10. There you go, senpai. Did I won now? I hope you guys like the post and sorry for the wait, Ice Storm. I was trying to drag the motivation out of the gutter and when I did get it, Bam! It's back within me now. Expect some snarkiness from this Pegasus. :comeatus:
  11. Alex Night

    Private Quest for the Forbidden Temple-Take 2-RP

    Alex listened on as the Princess gave him an answer that he was really not hoping for. Given how she was one of the Royal Sisters who constantly watch over Equestria from Canterlot, he thought that she or Princess Celestia may have seen his parents somewhere disappearing after he ended up at the Sunnyside Orphanage in Fillydelphia. He only looked away from Princess Luna as he continued walking with her, not saying a word after that. To be honest with himself, he wasn't sure how ready he was to see his parents again. The only thing that they left him was the silver star necklace that was around his neck, bearing his name on the front as well as the inscription, To our shining star, on the back of the star. He made a certain connection to his necklace with his Cutie Mark seeing how the red shield also bore a silver star on the center, but that was all he could gather from his Cutie Mark. Even to this day, he could not fully understand the reason why he got this Cutie Mark. It just happened to pop up when he helped give back a filly's doll back at the orphanage when it was taken by a group of bullies. "Ah well... I guess I was hoping too much..." Alex finally said to Princess Luna, trying to not sound disappointed with the answer. Alex decided to try and hide his emotions by doing some exercises to keep his muscles warmed up. He had to keep a mindset like this all the time. He wanted to perform at his absolute best since he secretly did have hopes of joining the Wonderbolts one day. If he and the others made it through this, then he may be a likely candidate for the Wonderbolts Academy. He knew that he couldn't stay down as a Weather Patrol pony forever, especially with his affinity for speed. He proceeded to doing a small amount of wing-ups to make sure they don't cramp up as well as keeping them warmed up as he waited in the other room with Princess Luna, counting to himself as he went through his little regimen.
  12. No it's okay, Summer. I'll make a post tonight for Sonic and hopefully it will help get things in motion even further. As for Cranium, I'll try to get in contact with him. If he doesn't give me anything in 72 hours, then... I'll just have to take some action.
  13. Hmmmm, I've just been aware of this. I'm not sure of what this will entail, but I'm sure we'll get this RP done just before the Bronycon of this year. Anyways, I think I better do something with Sonic or Rainbow Dash right now. There's some lack of inspiration right now. Either that or people are not getting notifications.
  14. Well, Sonic is one of my favorite video game characters if not my favorite. Sonic virtually has no equal in speed. Not Shadow, not Rainbow Dash, and not even Goku. It's one of the reasons why I like him even if he's kind of a %$#@ at times.
  15. @, Oh my god, Felix. I love her, I love her, I want to squeeze her to death. xD Except for the death part. I'd be very sad about that. @@Cranium Tyranus, Also... Craniuuuuuuuuuuum? The fans demand your audience!