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  1. This meal is going to taste so delicious when it gets older :3
  2. The creators really should lower the difficulty of the game.
  3. *Increased resolution of Rarity seducing Spike for gem scene*
  4. Coming from an untrained, unprofessional, and knowing nothing about how to make, critique, or even encourage drawings guy. (Le me) Looks good.
  5. I'm not sure what's going on... I'm 89% sure that Arylett was a girl prior to this thread...
  6. I agree with what you said, except for the case of where the writers would not have wanted to spoil him. If that were the case, I don't think that was a smart move. Now I'm not a writer in any degree, but I feel the writers may have been able to give some kind of background on him if they were to introduce him then. Now, there's a problem with what I just said. The episode was more centered on Rarity, so adding a new character that had relations to Twilight may not have coped well, as then the episode would have to shift focus to the siblings. But this whole thing doesn't really matter, I'm positive he wasn't thought up until at least after this episode. Nothing they could've done. (Goodness, I spend half this post debunking my own theory.)
  7. Yes, he probably was busy with Guard duties, like everyone else is saying. (After all, we all know how dangerous a time Equestria is in.) I assume he probably at least just sent a card if that song that Twilight sang about him and her was worth jack squat. ("We've never had a single fight."? I call bullshit.)
  8. Of course. But if you can overrate something just enough, it becomes fun to overrate, making it even moreso overrated, which then leads to it being annoying, but if it gets overrated enough at that point, it gets more fun to overrate... And so on and so on.
  9. The beggining beat reminds me of Pinkies cupcakes song until it's tone went alittle deeper. Other than that, nothing that really jumped to me.
  10. I could make giant paragraphs of grand explanation, but instead I'll leave it to this image I found afew seconds ago: You can replace "Want" with "Approval" if it helps make more sense.
  11. I can imagine that the go through normal "Meh" days like I'm guessing all of us here go through as well. The times intresting things happen is what the episodes show. So to answer your question, it can be between one day to over one of our years. And like Twi Rubix said... Yep. Property values would probably be equal to that of a landfill, or New Jersey if these things happened daily.
  12. I'd look into it abit more, basically go "Wow..." and "Wat..." at it all, then continue what I was doing beforehand. Yeah, your not going to see a big boom from me, it's just hard to get a big reaction from me from surprises.
  13. I used to be part of the shipping game (Another fanbas) and here's one of my ideas from my time in it: Shippers tend to take the pair of characters that spend time with each other, (Such as go through an adventure, and not have many clashing whatever(Sometimes the opposite, they are different in every whatever) ) and, if enough of that happens for that romance seaperson's likings, they will see it as a very possible relationship. They will then usually proceed to making fanfics, fanart, and other stuff I don't really know/care about.
  14. Granted. Here's a poisonous fish. I wish my job wasn't so tedious.