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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. MatrixChicken


      And a Happy Halloweaster!

      Thank :^)

  2. Happy b-day! You're 10 days younger than me.

    1. MatrixChicken


      Ayy, nice! :D Thanks man, and happy late birthday. :)

    2. Varrack
  3. I see it is the chicken's birthday... So, happy birthday!

    1. MatrixChicken


      So it is! Thanks, man! :D

  4. Very interesting indeed... A bit repetitive, and it takes a while to get anywhere... But I am a fan of the glitchy disco sound. 7.9/10
  5. Hi! ^^

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    2. Felix


      Oh yeah? Well, no worries about that. x3 Nothing particularly eventful story wise has happened since the Premiere and 2nd episode so you're fine for now! Although there has been a new minor character.

    3. MatrixChicken


      Yeah. I'll have to watch it sometime in the future...

    4. Felix


      You should! Been great so far!

  6. Love the banner! Just thought I'd tell ya. :3

    1. Banul


      Thanks, I appreciate that!

  7. What? I didn't hear that... Banned for empty post.
  8. Still haven't watched any S5... >_> I may have become disillusioned with MLP...

  9. Happy super late birthday. :P I wasn't here when it happened. Sorry. x3

    1. MatrixChicken


      Oh hey thanks! No problem... :3

    2. Felix


      Alrighty! :P You're welcome!

  10. Ahaha, love the MLG banner... But only when I'm not signed in can I see it? :L