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  1. nickdh

    General Kik exchange Thread!

    vebeba1 Add me I love talking to new people
  2. My skype is vebeba2 I'm real chill but I'm sorry if I ever message you at 3 in the morning drunk or high lol
  3. Please excuse me if I have posted in the wrong sub. I've been busy for quite a while with school trying to build up the requirements to apply for the International Baccleurette program. Just recently, I have been working on a program that will allow you to build your own Pokemon card and save it as an image and/or publish it to an online gallery. My main question is, would anybody be interested in using this sort of thing? Just some images, to give you an idea. This is just what I have so far. I can always add more pokemon card styles, different blanks, more symbols, etc. T
  4. My idea is to make pony.fm a media player for Windows. Open the program and pony.fm loads up immediately and you can listen to music through the program rather than opening up google chrome or firefox or whatever browser you use. Just an idea I had.
  5. I've been fiddling around in Visual Basic 2010 for a while now and had the idea of making a Pony.FM "app" or program, whichever you prefer to call it. Something that simply loads pony.fm up immediately and you can use it as your media player. Curious if anybody would be interested in using something like that. Thanks!
  6. First off: I'm sorry if I posted in the wrong section. You can move or delete as needed (mods). So, I'm creating a simple little media player based on the MLP fandom in VB. I don't have a whole lot right now, just really basic things. Seeking trackbar, play/pause buttons, playlists (media library), etc. But, it seems so bare. I thought about simple things like soundcloud built into this program, or custom themes, etc. So, what would you like to see in a program like this? Pics of what I have so far:
  7. Hi there. I wouldn't continue until you have a reliable game creator. It's the type of thing that if you have absolutely no experience with, it can halt your game progress exponentially. If Unity won't work, and you have the .NET framework (usually comes with windows) and DirectX 8.0 or higher (also usually comes with windows) then you should try 3D Rad. http://3drad.com/ If you change your mind and decide to go 2D, you'll have a larger range of options with less scripting/programming involved. 001 Game Creator, GameMaker, and even Flash. The entire project sounds interesting. Keep us up
  8. Hi there. You can animate with Flash if you're going 2D, but if you're going 3D, I recommend Blender for more advanced users or FragMOTION for beginners. I believe postwhoring is when you're posting just to get your post count raised. But I'm not sure. What are you making this game in?
  9. nickdh

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    Find a Way Remix by Pon-3 (soundcloud)
  10. I was looking for some scripts for ideas on what to make next and I ran across this... http://www.javascriptkit.com/script/cut140.shtml It made me this story: Hahahaha
  11. vebeba1 or you can message me here. Love having new friends!
  12. Hopefully so. I've never tried/needed wine, nor do I have a linux/mac computer to test it on. Steve, Thank you!
  13. That- I'm not sure about.. For it to run, you'd need the appropriate drivers. DirectX8.0+ and the latest Microsoft VC++ runtimes. But hey, it's worth a try! If you try it, definitely lemme know the results!!
  14. It will not be :/ I have not figured out a way to run it on Macs yet. To create a version for mac, I'd have to recreate the entire game from scratch, and that'd be a lot.
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