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  1. WhimsicalEngineer

    What is your ethnicity(s)

    Mostly Northern European (Celtic to be exact) also some Eastern European (Ukraine/Russia). White af, get burnt very easily.
  2. WhimsicalEngineer

    Name Every MLP Character

    Yeah, and Raindrops and Cherry Berry
  3. WhimsicalEngineer

    Name Every MLP Character

    What about the background background characters Or are they technically not characters because they don't actually have a character?
  4. WhimsicalEngineer

    Hey guys newbie here

    Yeah, I felt that way as well, it being an inspiration. Although I haven't made anything inspired by mlp I've seriously thought about it. I don't know what it is about making mlp inspired things that's really cool haha Anyway, whats on the inspiration agenda for you? Yes, trains are very aesthetically pleasing. But yeah, for so long I've been on it I've never actually participated in forums. Great to be here
  5. WhimsicalEngineer

    Hey guys newbie here

    Hey guys, For all the people, out there who've stuck around in the fandom (2010 -2013), how do you feel about mlp now? Does it affect youre life as it used to? Does it bring the joy of watching as much as it did? Do you think it'll stick around for much longer? As for me (been on the train since 2012), it's not part of my life very much but I can't really let it go. Thoughts?
  6. WhimsicalEngineer

    Is the fandom dead?

    Hope I'm not too late to post this. I think it has quitened down quite a bit since 2012 (when I joined) probably because it was such a new thing. I honestly can't believe I'm still here... haha. But by all means welcome!