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  1. How is that relevant? Besides, it was fairly justified. Japan did some pretty fucked up things in Korea so I can understand why Korea might want to limit Japan's cultural influence.
  2. That probably wasn't alternative history, Japan DID actually conquer Korea in world war 2.
  3. Gonna stop you there, Starlight created her village long after Nightmare Moon got banished so that isn't the reason. They also specifically says that the reason Starlight created her village was to create a community without cutie marks. The whole "You can't have a nightmare If you never dream" line is just a metaphor. But according to the comics, she couldn't enter other's dreams until after she was banished to the moon.
  4. Revenge of the nerds. Some of the "jokes" haven't exactly aged very well.
  5. Black Sabbath

    Animation Disney creeps

    Yeah, and your point is? I still have my right to say that's an overreaction. I get that you like Disney, but going "I'm gonna avoid you from now" because someone made a joke that's about as old as the movies themselves is still silly.
  6. Black Sabbath

    Animation Disney creeps

    That's a bit of an overreaction, don't you think? It's just a bit of fun. And it's not like this is a revolutionizing take on Disney films, the joke "haha, it'd be kind of creepy to do the same thing in real life" isn't exactly new.
  7. Black Sabbath

    Books H.P. Lovecraft hated writing?

    That's most likely false, the only relevant search result you get when you google "Did H.P Lovecraft hate writing" is this thread.
  8. Black Sabbath

    What do you score on the love calculator with the above user?

    Love Calculator results These are the results of the calculations by Dr. Love: Black Sabbath Treeglow Flicker 12 %
  9. Black Sabbath

    General Would you rather die by fire or water?

    Water. Drowning may not be the best way to die but it's a hell of a lot better than burning alive.
  10. Black Sabbath

    Would you stop watching if they referenced Onision?

    You're comparing apples and orangutans. Twilight being turned into an alicorn is something that has had an actual effect on the show whilst a mere reference doesn't.
  11. Black Sabbath

    Do we expect to much from FiM now?

    I'm gonna say no to this one, mostly because to this fandom "expecting too much from the show" is at this point pretty much synonymous with "not ignoring all the show's flaws". I'm not saying that there aren't people with too high of an expectation of what FIM can do, but those have always been around and they have always been a pretty low number.
  12. Black Sabbath

    Scoring Each Season of Friendship is Magic (Season 8)

    Worst season yet. Sure, it had a few decent episodes here and there but not enough to make up for everything it did wrong. Did you mean to name this thread "praise season 8" or something?
  13. Black Sabbath

    Unpopular Opinions Regarding the Show

    Yes, but again she's a child. And as previously mentioned, most justice systems in the real world tends to treat kids who have committed crimes differently from adults who have done the same for a reason. So it's a bit annoying that the show is implying that a child is more responsible for their actions than adults are if the latter says they're sorry. Don't get me wrong, I don't really want the episode to have ended with her having to apologize and everything immediately being fine and dandy, but I'd rather she had received a punishment that implies that they're at least trying to reform her rather than just throwing her in jail. But even if her unwillingness to immediately apologize means that she's unable to be redeemed, that wouldn't really make her being thrown into jail less annoying. After all, the script didn't magically include her. No, the writers made the decision to make a child irredeemable whilst making the adult villains sympathetic and apologetic. The fact that Cozy had friends is pretty much irrelevant. You could easily make the argument that she never truly grasped what friendship means or some bullshit. This wouldn't even be that much of reach as it seems to be a very common opinion people have. Heck, even the fan wiki claims that "[Cozy Glow] thinks little of the true virtues of friendship, believing she can easily make more friends without them, and cares for no-one but herself, seeing friendship solely as a means to gain power.".
  14. Black Sabbath

    Unpopular Opinions Regarding the Show

    I'll give you that. There weren't really much or Twilight to "grab onto", but does that really mean Cozy couldn't have been redeemed? I mean, Discord didn't really have much for anyone to "grab onto" either before he got redeemed. Heck, the only reason he was able to form a friendship with Fluttershy in the first place was because he lived there with her whilst being redeemed. I'm not saying that the writers should have had her apologize and immediately been forgiven but it would have been nice if there had been some kind of punishment that at least implied they were trying to redeem her. Like, force her to attend extra friendships lesson or something like that. But nope, it's straight to jail for her.
  15. Black Sabbath

    Unpopular Opinions Regarding the Show

    Oh shit, didn't realize not having friends gave you a pass to try and take over the world on three separate occasions. Speaking of Discord trying to take over the world, you are aware of the last time he did so was after he had made a friend, right? Oh, but he gave Celestia some flowers so live and let live I guess. Fuck that child though, how dare she try and take over the world once? Off to jail with her. Sarcasm aside, the problem is that Cozy is a child and there's a reason that most countries have an age of criminal responsibility. But Starlight should have known better. Yeah, so she didn't really know what friendship was but neither did Twilight and she didn't create a cult which did everything from crippling people against their will to utilizing brainwashing to keep people from leaving.