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  1. I'm honestly surprised nobody has made any of the two jokes yet. Can't one argue that a show about magical ponies that solves friendship problem needn't be 100% biologically accurate? I mean, it's not like feeding on emotions or shapeshifting is biologically possible, yet the changeling race seems to have no problem doing either of those.
  2. TIL that other people being worse than you make everything you do okay.
  3. Here's an interesting write-up of an study on the subject that found that "the differences we find between men's and women's ability to be funny are so small that they can't account for the strength of the belief in the stereotype." It did found some interesting things though, like how captions deemed funny were more often misattributed to men whilst those deemed unfunny were more often misattributed to women. Also, said study also found that men rated other men's comedy higher than women did so it certainly doesn't support the idea that men evolved to be funny to attract women. Of course, the study in question aren't perfect but at least it's better than just looking at what actors/comedians/etc you personally like.
  4. I don't really like that you singled out Islam here. Especially not since according to this data from the Anti-defamation league the vast majority of extremist murder in the US 2018 were committed by right-wing extremists. But then again, terror attacks carried out by Muslims receive on average 357 percent more media coverage than those committed by other groups, so it's not weird that people tend to single them out. Look, I'm not trying to downplay the acts of Muslim terrorists, I just want people to realize that this issue isn't going to be solved until we remove all extremism.
  5. That's not really what it means though. "Misery loves company" just mean that people who are unhappy may get some consolation from knowing that other people are unhappy too.
  6. @Bakugou Is My Man <3 Can you give my spot to Arid, please?
  7. Just wanted to see if anybody would be interested in joining a DnD 5e campaign? I've yet to decide what campaign I'll run, probably Storm King's Thunder or Lost Mines of Phandelver, but we can discuss that if this get enough interest.
  8. I'm gonna go with moon landing conspiracy theorists, mostly because I'm still not entirely sure the whole flat earth thing isn't just an elaborate joke.
  9. Name: Mizuki Hikaru Hero name: N/A Gender: Female Age: 17 Quirk: Quirkless Appearance: Civilian and Hero costume Equipment: Vibro-smashers: A pair of gauntlets built by Mizuki with vibro-shock units that, when activated by a pump-action thumb trigger, can project a concentrated blast of compressed air that vibrates at an intense frequency. These can be used for a variety of things such effectively throwing long range vibrational punches from a distance or throwing shock waves which vibrate the structure of something in order to weaken or destroy it or even making incredible leaps, by directing the air blasts toward the ground in front of her. The vibro-shock units can also add power to her punches via a trip-hammer vibration shock, making her blows significantly more potent than normal. However, the feedback from the gauntlet is incredibly intense, so Mizuki is unable to use them for longer periods of time without some nasty repercussions. These include back pain (as a result of loosened ligaments and damage to vertebrae and discs), bone damage, varicose veins and other heart conditions, stomach and digestive conditions, respiratory changes, impairment of vision and/or balance, Raynaud syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome and lastly organ damage. Her hero costume does lessen the effect somewhat but it doesn't nullify it completely. Extra details: N/A
  10. I'd love to join this. But I've got a couple of questions. When does this rp take place, like is it before the events of the manga or simultaneously? Can I play as a quirkless person trying to become the next #1 hero whilst using support items to make up for her lack of quirk?
  11. Could I get a source on that, please? How does this affect OP's point in any way? The characters doesn't get less shit just because the intentions behind them were good.
  12. Leaving aside my personal feelings about the affordable health act for a moment, what about it ruined healthcare? Furthermore, the healthcare system in America has been god awful since before Obama became president so it feels a bit unfair to blame it solely on him.
  13. How is Obama to blame for the problems with healthcare?
  14. Whoever it is, it's gonna feel a bit lackluster because they are never gonna be able to pose as much of a threat as Thanos. Like, how the fuck do you top erasing half of all sentient life from the universe with a mere snap of your fingers?
  15. Is it just me or is anyone else unable to edit their posts?

  16. Then how is bombing the reviews of the game is "entirely deserved". The reviews of a game should reflect the quality of the game, not the company that owns it.
  17. Why? Have the game, not the store it's sold on, become worse as a result of this? Like, I understand somewhat why people are annoyed by this but I don't get why they have to shit on the game because of it.
  18. Yes, it does. Even if it is "doomed from the start" as you put it, they're still going to make at least some of the money back. If they don't release it, they're gonna lose all 90 million. And I can guarantee you that losing 90 million dollars is going to hurt the careers of those who worked on this movie more than any potential backlash they might get from releasing it. And even ignoring the money and the potential effect on people's livelihoods, there's also the effort that people put into this movie. Expecting people to throw all that effort in the trash because of random people on the internet thinking it's going to be a bad movie is not only stupid, it's downright childish. This is also assuming that it is doomed. Despite the internet's backlash, the emoji movie made over 150 million dollars, who's to say that the same thing won't happen to this movie? Edit: And you're also ignoring that the director simply isn't allowed to flush down the result 90 million dollars (yes, I'm gonna keep harping on about the budget) and 5 years of work down the toilet. The decision of whether or not the movie is going to be released is up to whoever owns the distribution rights of the movie.
  19. Hopefully, this new emperor might do something about Japan's denial of what they did during world war 2.
  20. I don't really see how anyone could argue that either L or Light is a mary sue. Both make mistakes, have flaws and get bested by other characters. Yes, both of them are extremely talented and intelligent people but that doesn't have to mean that they're mary sues.
  21. Personally, I find "Family Unity Tragedy Shatters" to sound a bit off. I think something like "Family Unifies, Tragedy Shatters" would work a lot better.
  22. Don't really see what the issue is. If you want privacy, maybe don't have a public profile on sites like Facebook.
  23. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and then I kind stuck around because I had nothing better to do. The definition of mediocre is literally "neither good nor bad". Gosh, that's a bit harsh. Just because you find something bad or mediocre doesn't mean that you have to think that it was never meant to exist. But that's not true. If I hated to every single piece of material of the show, I wouldn't be on a forum for fans of it.