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  1. Galen Selanno

    Crushes: Share Them HERE! Don't be Shy!

    Forum Crush: Nobody yet. I haven't devoted my time here to searching! Show Crush: Ah, if I had to pick, I'd say Twilight. Her mannerism and intellectualism, as well as her idiosyncrasies, make her very appealing to me. IRL Crush: I'm still in school. There's a girl in my English class. Her name is Gwynyth Rodriguez (yes, with two Y's). Got this long black hair, voice to die for, and extremely intelligent when she speaks out. She's perfect, and I'll probably never have her.
  2. Galen Selanno

    Rate song, then post another!

    6/10 Not bad with all the acrobatics, but it was a bit boring...
  3. Galen Selanno

    Kill the User Above with the item to your left.

    'Tis your time, empty soda can. DO MY BIDDING!
  4. Galen Selanno

    Ponify the World!

    quote name="MAIKUN" post="4243696" timestamp="1448911908"]I can't even think of India yet...Anybody can come up with an Ponify name for India perchance? Coltkata! (Kolkata) How about Ilindia? Ilia is an equine breed.
  5. Galen Selanno

    What "element" does the avatar above represent?

    Element of Smiling Incessantly.
  6. Galen Selanno

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

  7. Galen Selanno

    Say something romantic to the user above you

    Uhh... Ummm... *brain locks up* "See ya round!" *runs away quickly*
  8. Galen Selanno

    Rate the above posters Username!

  9. Galen Selanno

    Rate song, then post another!

    Brutal honesty: That sucked. 2/10.
  10. Galen Selanno

    Respond with a picture

  11. Galen Selanno

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Fire. Lots of fire. Same.
  12. Galen Selanno

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    And when I finally end my quest to rule the Galaxy... indeed, the Universe, this is the smile I shall wear.
  13. Galen Selanno

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned because I'M HUNGRY!!!
  14. Galen Selanno

    Wake up in Bed with the avatar above you, Your reaction?

    I always wanted to have a vampire-dog!